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IrresponsibleScience t1_isje0eu wrote

Every single comment share the same core hatred for basic human accommodations and lacks any substance to the character, values, or intelligence of the person.

John Fetterman worked in an actual impoverished Pennsylvania town with actual struggling Pennsylvanians. He has actual awareness of the problems of the average Pennsylvanian and is far more capable of true representation than the guy that’s so disconnected from politics and people that he’s running in a state he visits on occasion to feel “authentic” before going back to telling moms how to “burn that belly fat” by eating yams or some bull shit.


snuffy_tentpeg t1_isjen9z wrote

A letter to the editor published in today's NY post addresses your points pretty well.

Fretting over Fett
This issue with the competency of John Fetterman in Pennsylvania highlights what is wrong in American government (“Struggle to speak and understand,” Oct. 12).
Medical or mental deficiencies are sad and tragic in everyday life, but in a situation where you are involved in decisions that can effect the entire nation, and sometimes the world, sympathy can have no bearing.
Governing requires the brightest and strongest individuals we can find — not just anyone who runs for whatever reason. As current events show, when we elect individuals based on feelings and emotion and their mental and physical competence comes into question, we invite chaos.
Term limits, age restrictions and transparency regarding physical and mental acuity should be bedrock requirements when dealing with political candidates. Americans deserve no less.
Dain Huber
West Islip


IrresponsibleScience t1_isjy90v wrote

I’ve actually thought about this well before the Fetterman situation. Because we have some very old and questionable people in political power. The questions come down to: How do we accurately and fairly test cognitive ability of the individual to ensure they are capable of good decision making? And how do ensure we don’t take away fair representation of citizens in the process?

They are hard questions to answer IMO. On the one had, most of not all the senators and house members over 65 would not fair well with a cognitive test, but removing all of them would have a huge impact on fair representation. On the other hand my generation (25-40) doesn’t have much representation at all.


snuffy_tentpeg t1_islbsaq wrote

Despite our political differences we share a common goal. We must demand competent, honest, persons of all types, religions, orientations representing OUR best interests.

These political jobs were never intended to be lifetime occupations. Chuck Schumer and Mitch McConnell have both been in government since 1974.


Strong_Ad4053 t1_isjwe4e wrote

No one is discounting his past but the man is mentally impaired. He had a stroke. You can not tell me you are 100% confident in his mental faculties. He can't even verbally comprehend what is being said to him.


Friendly_Kangaroo871 t1_isjnf67 wrote

This time the only issue that matters is keeping and strengthening our democracy. No republican can be trusted to preserve and defend the constitution. There is no republican party any more. Thats what Trumps son has said publicly multiple times. If you want a republivcan party to reform and become principled then the current occupants must be punished.


Friendly_Kangaroo871 t1_isk59a4 wrote

and red states like Louisiana and Mississippi are known for poverty and failed education. The republicans are not even trying to solve problems but they are working hard to subvert our elections and deliver an autocracy that is beholden to only the wealthiest and their corporations.


Strong_Ad4053 t1_isjwlcp wrote

Funny I was actually thinking the same thing about democrats.


mcs0301 t1_iskht8h wrote

I get so used to seeing the same usernames commenting the same anti Fetterman stuff on every single article on this Sub. At 1st glance, you'd think based on the number of childish and hateful comments that no one is going to vote for him. Upon a closer look, it's the same 8-10 people that seem to feel the need to flood the comment section with the same tiresome drival.

Just like in real life, the minority throws the biggest tantrums like petulant children and then pats themselves on the backs in their echo chambers about they "told them commie libs a thing or two".


RabbleLowder t1_isjtiiz wrote

He needs a computer to understand and to form sentences, that's not a normal conversation.


aust_b t1_isk8lr3 wrote

I guess we have to take away Greg abbott’s wheelchair then.


RabbleLowder t1_isklhqi wrote

The man cannot understand small talk with a reporter, how do you expect him to debate the likes of the men in the US Senate?


aust_b t1_ism0bsr wrote

Reasonable accommodations for a disability? He is still in recovery, but still has the capacity to have discussions with assistive technology. It’s not like he is brain dead lol


RabbleLowder t1_ism2g2v wrote

When a person has brain damage, such as Fetterman does, he should be disqualified for thar position. 100 people out of 270,000,000 get to sit as a senator and make choices that effect the nation. If he can't understand small talk, what do you think Cruz or Hawley will do to him on the floor.

Do you understand tue job of a Senator?


aust_b t1_ism2pgf wrote

LOL, you act like he is like Helen Keller. Dude can 100% comprehend and understand everything using closed captioning. I bet you’d rather have a snake oil salesman from NJ based on your arguements, good luck with your life lol


RabbleLowder t1_ism30n1 wrote

Fetterman hunted down a black man and held him at the end of a shotgun, Oz has saved thousands, possibly millions of lives with his inventions for Heart surgery. Great choice on your part.


aust_b t1_ism3fgm wrote

So, let me get this straight. You are supporting a candidate for PA, that doesn’t even live in PA? Lol this is literally the copy/paste response for uneducated republicans. Hear that on Fox News I bet?


RabbleLowder t1_ism3tfz wrote

Is that all you got? He doesn't live in PA?

Fetterman should have been locked up for holding that jogger captive at the end of his shotgun. Are you OK with that?


aust_b t1_ism4ofi wrote

Lol I just think it’s hilarious that’s the main talking point from republicans. No one really understands the true story from either sides, fetterman said his side, Chris, the victim said his side, but never even filed a formal complaint. Once incident obviously is not a trouble point for the vast majority of voters.


RabbleLowder t1_ism6bif wrote

Also, this is not a talking point of Republicans. It is not in one add or flier. Do you know why, it might help him amongst a certain group of voters to know that story...


flow3rpowr t1_iugj6na wrote

Its pretty clear you have no idea what senators actually do in the senate.


RabbleLowder t1_iugm5gq wrote

This guy couldn't manage a drive thru, yet you think he cab be a US Senator? I pray that you are just a robot.


Poconosmax t1_isjq5gk wrote

"Have a normal conversation" only if he has his laptop in front of him....


flow3rpowr t1_iugjb66 wrote

Damn I guess Stephen Hawking was actually stupid and incompetent then! What a very coherent comment! /s


[deleted] t1_isjn5op wrote



delco_trash t1_isjrfn7 wrote

They def give Addams family vibes. Which is good for Pennsylvania


discogeek t1_isjscx0 wrote

Not sure if you posted this as a positive or negative. But it's a perfect fit for Pennsylvania, which is why he's winning.


billfriedman9987 t1_isjml0e wrote

Yes, living at home until midlife and not being able to string a sentence together. Compared to the life time snake oil salesman/crook, it’s not a great set of options. I choose meteor


StassiMae75 t1_isjgy8d wrote

Wolf hasnt even endorsed Fetterman, to me that speaks VOLUMES


discogeek t1_isjssec wrote

Toomey, Corbett nor Ridge haven't endorsed Mastriano, does that speak VOLUMES?


pocketbookashtray t1_isjrczn wrote

So a left-wing extremist endorsed another left-wing extremist. This isn’t news it’s propaganda for the brainless.


FarmersHusband t1_iskfzll wrote

Could you imagine someone believing this?


pocketbookashtray t1_isl240w wrote

Can you imagine being so brain dead you don’t? Are you Fetterman?


FarmersHusband t1_iss8f3q wrote

It’s just extremely funny that you or anyone else thinks either of these two are extreme leftists.

Fidel Castro is an extreme leftist Che Guevara is an extreme leftist.

Fetterman thinks people should have healthcare.

That’s not extreme. That’s basic human decency.


mcs0301 t1_iskic2z wrote

If Jesus was alive today you'd call him an extreme libtard and then deport his ass.


crazypants9 t1_isjvewr wrote

Hello Fascist.


pocketbookashtray t1_isl5p4b wrote

Nope. But hello Communist.


crazypants9 t1_isllhsy wrote

You wouldn’t know a Communist if you fell over one. You sound like you buy whatever is put in front of you. Gleefully.I can imagine your sources. Trump is your hero. Add it up if you can count.


pocketbookashtray t1_islzbl1 wrote

My grandmother was raped and tortured by the communists. My grandfather was tortured and killed by them. Yes I know communism.


flow3rpowr t1_iugjc9f wrote

Imagine thinking basic healthcare and dignity is extremist omg.


PM_ME_MURPHY_HATE t1_isjbpjp wrote

My definition of a "normal conversation" is one where I speak to a person, their ears hear my words, and then they understand those words.

Fetterman plainly fails that test and anyone that says his stroke is no big deal is lying to themselves.


flow3rpowr t1_iugjkge wrote

By this logic Stephen Hawking is incompetent and incapable. Are you actually hearing yourself right now?


PM_ME_MURPHY_HATE t1_iuhd3q1 wrote

Fetterman could not just not understand, he couldn't articulate. That's not just a processing issue on the way in, it's an issue on the way out. The man's brain is fried and you know it.


StassiMae75 t1_isjgo17 wrote

Fetterman knows how America lives??? He's never had a job, lived of his parents until WELL into adulthood, and has contributed nothing to society 🤔🤔

Not sure which American people are living like this, but God bless them! 🤣🤣


tyrael459 t1_isjkl7q wrote

Are you trying to not be taken seriously? He was a mayor and then lieutenant governor of our commonwealth. Have you done those things?

I’m looking for reasons to vote for Oz over Fetterman, to be honest. But you and the looney tunes brigade yelling hyperbolic shit like “has contributed nothing to society” actually turns me away.

Would love to know what the hell you do for a living that makes you feel so high and mighty to say stuff like that.


Terrible_Use7872 t1_isjl7r2 wrote

Plus his years at Americorps, and as a GED teacher. Just because a job doesn't have pay doesn't mean it's not a job.


StassiMae75 t1_iskiwkf wrote

I honestly couldnt care less what u think about me. And never have I said Oz was a good candidate. I merely commented on what I thought about Obama's comments. Carry on 🙂


tyrael459 t1_iskr675 wrote

Wow, pathetic. Can’t back up your bullshit whatsoever.


StassiMae75 t1_iskzmcn wrote

R u referring to me? 🤷🏼‍♀️


tyrael459 t1_islaob1 wrote

I’m saying that your response to me is pathetic.

You spout really negative crap about a guy’s character, but then shy away when someone calls you on it under the guise of “not caring.”

Doesn’t say much about you as a person, or at the bare minimum it doesn’t say much about how you act online.

If you’re gonna say something as consequential as Fetterman not having any contribution toward society, I had hoped you had actualreasons to believe such a thing. But apparently you’re just another person who doesn’t feel the least bit obligated to support what you say.


flow3rpowr t1_iugjgsh wrote

You just invented lies about Fetterman since you dont have actual criticisms. Sad af lol.


JoshuaIan t1_isjldk4 wrote

Why on earth would you look for reasons to justify voting for a carpet bagger, you sound like you know better


tyrael459 t1_isjm3eh wrote

I do have legitimate concerns about Fetterman’s health.


JoshuaIan t1_isjmcfq wrote

Oh, ok,a healthy carpet bagger is better then?


tyrael459 t1_isjoi9e wrote

I’m not sure.

Oz is a smart guy. You can’t argue that. And frankly, I don’t think he’s truly a conservative. I can see him being closer to the center, which is something I do want.

Although there is one massive thing I agree with Fetterman: Universal healthcare.


JoshuaIan t1_isjou5a wrote

Yes, con men usually seem smart to marks, but that doesn't make them a good choice for anything


tyrael459 t1_isjx0j4 wrote

Listen, if you can’t admit Oz is a smart guy, I think you have some problems.


JoshuaIan t1_isk90oh wrote

Lol yeah like I said, con men always seem smart to marks, you're just telling everybody you're a mark.


tyrael459 t1_isk9oot wrote

He was a surgeon. Holy shit, can you act more partisan? Give the guy credit for what he did. He’s an absolute scumbag now, but he’s smart, and you look small for not being able to admit that.


JoshuaIan t1_islft2j wrote

He's one of the most famous and well known snake oil salesmen in the country. You're just telling on yourself that you fell for it by even advocating giving such a massive clown the benefit of doubt.

For example, people thought Donald Trump was smart too, because he conned them. Do you think Donald Trump is smart as well? The guy that stared into an eclipse? No, he's just really good at scamming dumb people. And a surgeon? Big fucking deal, Ben Carson was a surgeon and he's one of the dumbest assholes in public life. And meanwhile, as an engineer who spent about a decade supporting doctors, let me tell you, if you think somebody is smart just because they're a doctor??? Lmao. Bless your heart.


tyrael459 t1_islllet wrote

Yes, I do think people are smart if they become doctors. Yes, Ben Carson is a smart man, too.

But being smart doesn’t mean you’re not dumb. Or cruel. Or corrupt.

I know this is the internet, but I would recommend you put more effort into viewing the world and its people with nuance.

People aren’t the cardboard cutouts you make of them (me included). Oz was and is a smart man, smarter than you or me, I would wager. But that doesn’t preclude him from other negative characteristics.

I worry for our future when people only see in absolutes.


JoshuaIan t1_islq449 wrote

Tell somebody that has seen doctors do some of the dumbest shit imaginable that doctors are automatically smart just because they're a doctor, and then tell them they have no nuance

Surprisingly enough for somebody that thinks Oz is smart - without any sort of irony or self reflection!


tyrael459 t1_islt536 wrote

You’re either not reading my posts or you’re intentionally being dense.

Of course doctors make mistakes. They make mistakes because they’re people, and people make mistakes and do “dumb shit,” as you put it. I’ve been dealing with doctors my entire life due to certain health issues. They are people just like all of us, but they are damn smart people when it comes to their fields of study, and they have my utmost respect.

Unless they turn to making insane money off vulnerable people with treatments they know don’t work, like Oz. That doesn’t make them any less smart, but it does make them cruel.


delco_trash t1_isjs2vr wrote

I honestly don't know if I would place Oz's medical acumen that high given that he used his show to push bogus cures that didn't work.

Fetterman's stroke only affects his auditory processing.

The question you might have to ask yourself is, would you vote for a deaf man who needs help hearing. As a blind person, I would.


tyrael459 t1_isjwx40 wrote

I’m not strictly talking Oz’s medical history. He’s just a smart guy. I’m not saying Fetterman isn’t.


flow3rpowr t1_iugjewv wrote

Dear god is this the intellect of the average voter?


300blakeout t1_isj8hey wrote

Obama probably thought Biden was articulate also. Folks, watch Fetterman attempt at speaking and come up with your own conclusions instead of being mislead by these politicians who could t care less about you. Having said that, having to choose between Fetterman and Oz is like choosing wether you want diarrhea or throw up.


kikicrazed t1_isjbeyc wrote

Biden has a well-known speech impediment. (And sure, it’s not getting better with age, but Biden was younger as the VP.) Fetterman’s speech will recover—that’s the nature of having a stroke. A lot of people understand that.

The substance of their conversation, not how seamlessly they express it, is what matters


300blakeout t1_isjr1j2 wrote

I hate to be the burden of bad news for you, but there’s plenty of record out there for you to view, as Biden has been in politics for a very long time- Your ignorance stating “he has a well known speech impediment” is only partially true. He hasn’t always had this issue. So, it’s only well known as of late. Get on your phone and do some research. You people are the absolute worse trying to make excuses and spread false information. He’s in steep decline and you can’t get over your cognitive dissonance to admit it. Again, plenty of evidence to back this claim up- none to back yours.

Fetterman is a lost cause, should have never been in the position he is in. The “mastermind” behind this all is his wife, which she is very proud to announce. And always remember “the eagles are better than… THE EAGLES.” (this is where you clap and sing his praise)

Does he stutter here? Or is the message clear?


noonehomenow t1_isigs70 wrote

Obama thought a conversation with Joe was normal too. C'mon man!!!


DavidLieberMintz t1_isjdj6d wrote

You mad? Don't let those feelings control your life.


ListerineAndVodka t1_isjsjwo wrote

Look man, that’s all he’s got. You take away his media-induced political rage and he’s just a husk of a man. Don’t do that to him.


DavidLieberMintz t1_isjtegn wrote

Hahaha you right, you right. We should let it live out its fantasy, owning libs on the internet in the name of his king.


stahleo t1_isi6h1u wrote

The rest of America does not live off of their wealthy parents until their 50's. Obama is wrong.


[deleted] t1_isj2h05 wrote



SuggestAPhotoProject t1_isj2vmx wrote

Why do you always leave out the part where the “innocent black man” is still voting for Fetterman?

You’ve posted this same half truth at least fifty times, why not be honest?

EDIT: I should know better than to engage with /r/conspiracy posters.


snuffy_tentpeg t1_isjfjhb wrote

How many people of any color or political affiliation currently running for office in Pennsylvania have pursued and held another human at gunpoint ?


[deleted] t1_isj3wsr wrote



SuggestAPhotoProject t1_isj49kf wrote

Nobody committed a felony, why are you still lying?


SeaPoem717 t1_isj4ut4 wrote

Pointing a gun in public at an innocent person is most definitely a felony. Multiple felonies to be exact.


SuggestAPhotoProject t1_isj5474 wrote

Literally every single person involved in this says you’re wrong. The cops disagree with you, the DA disagrees with you, the “victim” disagrees with you.

Yet here you are, lying and pretending you know better.


SeaPoem717 t1_isj5ag0 wrote

Nope. I just enjoy watching liberals play mental gymnastics on why it’s okay to hold innocent people at gunpoint


Mijbr090490 t1_isjcgp1 wrote

Say mental gymnastics again.


SeaPoem717 t1_isjlc87 wrote

Joe Biden is pedophile


Mijbr090490 t1_isjlnqm wrote

You're like a broken record of right wing talking points. If I smack you hard enough will you change tracks?


DavidLieberMintz t1_isjrkny wrote

Please report bot accounts. This sub is being attacked by Russian bots and spammers. Just like every election cycle 🙄


SeaPoem717 t1_isjxk0y wrote

спасибо товарищ


DavidLieberMintz t1_isjyohm wrote

Please report bot accounts. This sub is being attacked by Russian bots and spammers.


Diarygirl t1_isjry4e wrote

Nobody cares about your feelings, snowflake.


DavidLieberMintz t1_isjdpug wrote

THIS IS A SPAM ACCOUNT. It's a bot that just posts the same link over and over. Please report the bots taking over this sub.

Edit: grammar


AxeMaster237 t1_isjjdqj wrote

I'm afraid it's worse than a bot. It's an actual person who believes these things. Comment history is depressing.


joefred111 t1_isjpxvw wrote

SeaPoem717 posts the same used, worn-out link and shoves the jogger incident into every post on this sub. While they're not a bot, they are certainly a spammer.

And is is just me, or do spammers like this always seem to follow conspiracy, conservative, timpool, timdillon, mattwalsh, and a bunch of gun subs?


SeaPoem717 t1_isjlgif wrote

Lmao libs are triggered ✅


DavidLieberMintz t1_isjrfo6 wrote

If reporting spam makes me a liberal then I'm happily liberal. Just like most normal people.


Diarygirl t1_isjrsce wrote

Your life is so sad and I almost feel sorry for you.


enn_sixty_four t1_isjef5y wrote

whoa! Well, by all means, based on this comment and article with no other significant details or context, I guess now I'm gonna vote for that famous tv guy from NJ who sold magic beans to rubes! Dr Phil or whatever.

Thanks for the info. WHERE WE GO ONE WE GO ALL MY BROTHER!


jelloshooter1027 t1_isjbfp2 wrote

Since the population of Braddock is well over 65% the chances of a black person passing you by is much higher than a white person. Fetterman stopped the first person to run by. Who also happened to be the first black person.

Was it stand your ground? Was that wrong? If you stooges would lift your head up and look around you might see the world is a lot more nuanced then you're led to believe.


snuffy_tentpeg t1_isjgtwo wrote

According to the article in the Philadelphia Inquirer, Fetterman never left his truck. Pursuing a person in a motor vehicle is clearly not "standing your ground".


jelloshooter1027 t1_isuvzuk wrote

Can't find your original post. I believe it was about racist John Fetterman. I was pointing out that the odds were that the first man to run by happened to be black. If Fetterman had let white men run by and then stopped a man who was black I would say that was racist.

As far as stand your ground laws I was just pointing out how nuanced the world is. A young black man gets stalked by a man who followed him on foot and by vehicle after the police told him to stop. The victim stood his ground and confronted Zimmerman. Zimmerman shot Martin and got off on self defense. Why wasn't Martin seen as someone who was standing his ground?