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TankVet t1_isjompy wrote

I think candidates should be fined for every one of these that is on public property more than a week past Election Day.


discogeek t1_isju0ng wrote


KFCConspiracy t1_ismmjfp wrote

There are still like a dozen barletta signs attached to utility poles near me (Which they're not allowed to use). High enough that you'd need a ladder to get them down.


deputy_commish t1_isjrrdc wrote

Not a bad idea in theory but then I think you’d see candidates and staff collecting their opponents’ signs and dumping/posting them so they would get fined.


TankVet t1_isjs3ce wrote

Yeah, you’re right, that would definitely happen


Doug4Prison t1_isjuyen wrote

Id do it for free if it actually personally hurt their bank account.


ausb781 t1_isk0g3j wrote

They do exactly this in Denmark and other countries. The fines are extremely high, but significantly reduces this type of behavior


DannyLameJokes t1_islk4j2 wrote

Then those stolen signs would magically reappear after Election Day


excoriator t1_isll79g wrote

Think about who would have to vote to make this happen and how understaffed their campaigns are. That should make it clear why every place doesn’t have it and why more local government officials don’t enforce it.


Alternative-Flan2869 t1_isjp31j wrote

The signs should only be on paper - never plastic - and only on private property.


randomnighmare t1_islbhw7 wrote

In 2020 someone stole my Biden/Harris sign. Obviously I wasn't happy but I was also not surprised.


penguinchem13 t1_iso1zym wrote

I had someone drive past and yell "Trump Motherfucker" at 6 AM on a Saturday because I had a Biden flag.


rndljfry t1_iso7rz7 wrote

One time a guy honked to get my attention and flashed a paper sign at me on I-76 that said, "Hail to the THIEF".

I had a VOTE sticker and a Liz Warren sticker on my car since the primaries lol. I think it still says WARR


randomnighmare t1_isp0zy9 wrote

This is why I don't do bumper stickers, shirts, flags, etc ... Signs are all that I would do but I do sometimes collect things but that's it.


rndljfry t1_isp3hso wrote

My car is a piece of shit so I don't mind lol. Usually I try to go with something more general. It doesn't help that Trumpers go on and on about how many Trump shrines they've seen so he must have the most support. I'm not scared of people.


anung_un_rana t1_isjvqw7 wrote

Wait until an anonymous campaign staffer drives by and puts one on your property without permission.

Edit: I meant that it’s bullshit this happens without penalization. Please continue to dunk on me, enjoy your karma.


delusions- t1_isjwlkk wrote

What does this have to do with literally anything?


katyvo t1_isk96rg wrote

You can remove it though? A campaign staffer isn't going to back a cement truck up to your yard and install a permanent campaign sign. And if they are, they obviously have free concrete and time to spare and I'd like my sidewalk redone - send them my way please.


airplane001 t1_isjxxn1 wrote

Then I can take it down, and they get charged with trespassing


Expert__Witness t1_isl81g9 wrote

They won't get charged with trespassing.


KWilt t1_islq6t6 wrote

Why wouldn't you press charges for trespassing? Hell, you could probably tack on littering on private property for the sign as well.


Expert__Witness t1_islt2c4 wrote

Trespassing them requires they stay there and wait. They won't.


KWilt t1_isltdlw wrote

Not necessarily. All you need is evidence of them placing the sign. Any basic security camera would be sufficient for that.


dippin20s t1_isnkqrr wrote

if you think the police will take you serious if you try to press charges for this hypothetical situation i have news for you lol


KWilt t1_iso6nv3 wrote

Good thing there's a private criminal complaint system in PA, so the police can go fuck themselves if they decide they don't want to investigate.

And sure, the commonwealth attorney can dismiss the filing, but there's a little subsection the have to fill out in doing so, so it has to go on the docket that they were given evidentiary proof that a crime was committed on private property and they decided not to pursue an investigation, which I'm sure would be great fodder for their opponents come the next election cycle.

But hey, I guess I'm the fool for actually knowing the legal system in our state. :)


dippin20s t1_iso8di4 wrote

actually wrote out a comment but decided to delete it because you clearly are one of ‘those’ people who needs the dopamine hit of being right Online to get through the day. so you win. but regardless no one would care and you could try and press charges all you want. it would be fruitless



KWilt t1_iso8udo wrote

Bro, what part of 'private criminal complaint system' and 'commonwealth attorney' didn't you understand? You do realize you file that at a court house, not a police station, right?

You wanna tell me anywhere on this document where it says anything about the police at all?


dippin20s t1_isoajsj wrote

okay great fill the form out. nothing will happen. cops or ‘private criminal complain system’.


KWilt t1_isobfmh wrote

In most cases? Probably not. But then I return back to 'looks bad for a commonwealth attorney's election bid'. That form has to go on file and has to have a docket number, so it's not going to magically disappear into a shredder. And if a mirth of dropped prosecutions into trespassing suddenly gets handed to the incumbent attorney's opponent, that's great fodder for saying the incumbent doesn't mind complete strangers stalking around the houses of the citizens of the Commonwealth and committing crimes. That attack ad is practically writing itself.


delusions- t1_isol3rq wrote

>because you clearly are one of ‘those’ people who needs the dopamine hit of being right Online to get through the day. so you win

Lol, And you seem to be the type that gets off by " being better than that" but still typing instead of just not replying and actually "being better than that" lol


hbgbees t1_isma323 wrote

Lol I totally understood what you meant and I don’t know why everybody’s picking on you so bad


anung_un_rana t1_isn0d2b wrote

Yooooo, when I made that edit it was at -7 or so. Now it's up (down?) to -81. This is hilarious; ask for downvotes and ye shall receive.

I think I meant to reply to a different comment that made more contextual sense but made a mistake. I'm glad someone got it though!


cathie2284 t1_isn16x8 wrote

Removed my downvote because I believe I understand what you meant. Sorry for all the downvotes.


anung_un_rana t1_ispbact wrote

Thank you. who cares, right? Unless you’re a whale who sells accounts Karma is pretty meaningless. Some subs require a certain threshold, but that’s mainly to stop spamming and boting.

E: wording


Electr_O_Purist t1_isjua0f wrote

Republicans know their only effective weapon is cheating.


Lostscribe007 t1_isk2h2o wrote

I think it's funny they think signs are an effective campaign tactic in 2022. Sure they probably still work on older residents but the majority of them that can be swayed in that way are likely voting Republican anyway.


MildlyInfuria8ing t1_iskfisa wrote

It does still matter though, something I think Dems made a mistake on in past cycles, but seem to have right this cycle.


Top_File_8547 t1_iskosbn wrote

In many neighborhoods I think they’re pointless. In my neighborhood for instance I see many signs for Fetterman and Shapiro and the local Congressional candidate but I’m sure our neighborhood will vote 90% Democratic anyway so why bother. Pretty much nobody comes to our neighborhood unless they live here or have business.


saintofhate t1_isl0hak wrote

They're useful in my neighborhood because I know who the hell to stay away from. Certain signs let me know that I would be in danger from that person if they knew that I was queer


Top_File_8547 t1_isl0ytc wrote

Yes I realize there are mixed political neighborhoods. I was just saying many are pretty homogeneous. There were only a few Trump signs in my neighborhood and one flag whose moved not long after the election probably a coincidence.


MildlyInfuria8ing t1_iskrk88 wrote

I suppose, but I'm in a purple neighborhood and I see many Dem candidates. Along rural highways it lean Republican, but more Dem than in previous years for sure. And in high traffic areas, people can get a general impression, and unfortunately we are a 'pack' social species and we tend to get impressions from what we see subconsciously.

It may not matter in your neighborhood, but there are thousands of neighborhoods and areas it does matter :)


JennItalia269 t1_islfgkd wrote

I live in a similar neighborhood as you and feel the same. That said…I rarely see any republican signs for similar reasons.


dojijosu t1_isk8gjm wrote

Don’t you see, they have to cheat? Otherwise the other side might win. And they’re cheaters.


Desperate-Role9199 t1_isn8grl wrote

You've got to be fucking kidding right? Holy cognitive dissonance. You're lost forever.


MrBroBotBrian t1_isk1rsi wrote

Wake up man, both sides cheat. You’re only lying to yourself


MathewMurdock2 t1_isk6uov wrote

Yes we get it "BOTH SIDES BAD" but one side cheats way more and is the focus the right now. Do try to keep up.


[deleted] t1_isjzixc wrote



Or0b0ur0s t1_isk1o22 wrote

I'll be the first to say that Democrats, especially the politicians thereof, don't have all the answers, aren't right about everything, etc.

But you don't see them doing this shit, or if you do it's an outlier. You don't see them resorting to the pervasive incivility, rule-breaking, law-breaking, lying & cheating at the direct campaign level. And it's entirely ubiquitous at all levels of Republican politics.

That alone ought to tell you who to vote for, at least until we can break the 2-party system via Ranked Choice voting, hopefully someday. In the meantime, you still might find yourself yelling angrily at your TV at some boneheaded policy or new law. But at least you have some reasonable hope of either changing their mind or at least voting them out. Republicans clearly have absolutely no interest in anything but plutocracy and fearmongering, and will stoop to any level of malfeasance to get there.


Lostscribe007 t1_isk33hq wrote

Totally agree, I'm an Independent who has voted for both parties at different times but the "Trumpublicans" are forcing me to vote more Democrat than I normally do. Starting to feel an even stronger need for a third and fourth option that can actually win.


tabascodinosaur t1_iskd64l wrote

You can't have a 3rd or 4th option without changing the voting system, which isn't going to happen via the GOP or old power Dems. Grassroots organizing within the Dem party is the only way to get this done right now.


TMax01 t1_iskl294 wrote

I'm not trying to be fatalist or defeatist, but honestly, all you can do with that is change which parties the top 2 contenders are in, you can't prevent there being a top 2 contenders, or it being in every individuals (whether candidate or voter) self-interest to align themselves with one of those two. Even the most diverse party systems in other countries always come down the faction in power against the opposition faction.

There are only two ways of changing this, and neither of them is ranked voting, instant runoffs, open primaries, or any other alternate electoral mechanics. The first way is to change reality so that laws do not either exist or not exist, and bills do not either pass or fail, requiring legislators to vote either yea or nay. That is not possible physically, but philosophically we can still consider it as if it weren't a necessary, logical, and metaphysical certainty.

The second way is to change our understanding of reality, without needing to change the electoral process at all. The truth is that it doesn't matter how government representatives are selected, some of the people being governed are going to have wanted a different representative. It is inherent in the duties of a government official to serve everyone, including people who voted against them (or didn't vote at all). If an official got 12% of the vote (while running against a dozen others who each got less) or 88% of the vote, it shouldn't matter, and the responsibility of a citizen in a democracy is to consider the official legitimate regardless. This is difficult to do, I realize, given that we must judge the validity of a government (particularly a democratic republic) by the results as much as the system itself. Most people want everything to be simple, and it isn't surprising that many don't believe that an office holder who only got a plurality rather than the majority of the votes deserves to be in office. And so it isn't surprising that office holders (regardless of party, but more often authoritarians) consider their selection as a mandate to serve their Party's unified goals rather than their constituent's diverse interests. Logic makes the first easy and the second impossible, so why would anyone bother not doing the first or even attempting the second?

Even an official who got 88% of the vote must be fair, and adequately represent (not faithfully parrot, but decently serve) the other 12%, and anyone who abstained or was disenfranchised. We rightfully have no tolerance (though we are not everyone in this case) for using government power once secured to punish those who didn't help secure it or pledge to help maintain it. But logic makes us animals or robots: to be fully human, we must accept the need to attempt potentially impossible tasks, and that includes self-government, which is the real purpose of both republics and democracies, either separately or in combination.

We can either abandon that pretense of "the problem is the 2 party system", which is a strawman, and recognize that a plurality is just as legitimate as a majority, so we no longer demand (by our expectations, whether or not we demand it in our actions or words) that we maintain a two party system so that whoever gets more votes also gets a majority of votes; or we can insist it is a fact rather than a pretense, and say that unless an unlimited number of candidates are on the ballot and one of them gets a majority, no election occurred, and get rid of parties all together. I know which one I think is more achievable and productive; how about you?


alaska1415 t1_isk56hx wrote

Republicans simply feel entitled to do whatever they want to whomever they want.


AngryZen_Ingress t1_ismmtwl wrote

And blame Democrats for doing first even though they have no evidence.


ThatGuyOutBackMUT t1_iskfdc2 wrote

I've had over a dozen signs destroyed or stolen this year. This is bullshit.


SandGrits t1_islrtu2 wrote

We were driving today to a park and the only sign out were for republicans. I commented on it at the time on the way to my wife.


curatedaccount t1_isoyowu wrote

>But you don't see them doing this shit,

No. YOU don't see them doing this shit. Because your echochamber would rather show you what you see here.

My echochamber showed me video after video of people trying to yank trump signs out of yards that had been booby trapped with electric fencing.

But at least I wasn't dumb enough to think I was seeing an unbiased sample... What's wrong with you?


Or0b0ur0s t1_ispa4ub wrote

I'm surrounded by Trump signs, MAGA, et. al. If anyone was taking them out, I have a better-than-average seat to witness it. Is it impossible? No. But at some point weight of statistics comes into play. As in, you see & hear this bullshit constantly. With absolutely no examples of the opposite, not even edge cases, it's entirely rational to at least say they're rarer. You can't say that the media wouldn't love reporting it, if it were there to report.

But you go ahead and just assume it's bias. That's the mirror you're looking at.


curatedaccount t1_ispihak wrote

> I'm surrounded by Trump signs, MAGA, et. al. If anyone was taking them out, I have a better-than-average seat to witness it. Is it impossible?

I'm sorry, was anyone in this conversation under the impression that there are bands of ideologues all over the country trawling every backwoods road for political signs they don't like, like some kind of overly complex google street view operation?

This headline is about 100 signs. Not millions. The cases I saw were one-off events and the cases everyone is talking about in this thread are one-off events. If 100 people in PA got mugged in broad daylight, would you expect to have personally witnessed one?

I've got a very small spattering of Dem signs around where I live and they're fine too.

On the other hand I went on vacation to Holden Beach NC this year and saw a big trump sign that was all smashed up and vandalized. So there's that, if all you accept is personal anecdotes and headlines you agree with, that is.


Unusual-Bid-6583 t1_iskse1k wrote

Yes, this. I bet those were all Trump supporters I watched in the last cycle, running over with their cars, or stealing all the Trump signs. Democrats would never come down to that level... Never... let's provide unlimited free abortion to everyone, male and or female.


Or0b0ur0s t1_isksuiz wrote

Where do you live that people were destroying Trump signs? I flat-out do not believe you, because I see no evidence anywhere. Even the propagandists a la Tucker Carlson would be shrieking about it if it actually happened anywhere to any measurable degree.

I'm also going to challenge you to tell me why banned or expensive abortion is good, for anyone, because it isn't. Not for babies, families, men, women, or society.


whitemage82 t1_iskz1hp wrote

It’s a troll account, don’t engage. They’re everywhere in any PA related sub.


Unusual-Bid-6583 t1_isktpow wrote

I drive professionally all through Pennsylvania and the tri state area.. I have witnessed it several times... twice I stopped to offer aid... and twice I was told, just "trying to make America great again by removing these Trump Signs." And whilst driving through residential neighborhoods, the amount of cars turfing lawns, just to run them down... or vay!


Or0b0ur0s t1_iskubqs wrote

The vast amount of lying done by right-wing supporters makes it hard to believe you. Marking up one's own houses with BLM graffiti and the like. People supporting the barbaric ideology of the Right can't seem to be trusted to act or speak truthfully or in good faith. As evidenced by the dumpster full of Democratic signs.


Unusual-Bid-6583 t1_iskvacv wrote

So you are calling me a liar? I have no reason to lie about such a thing. As a professional driver, I'm supposed to render aid to motorists in need... and that is what I was told by the Trump sign haters. Other than that. The ones I saw driving off the road, to damage signs, ill give them the benefit of doubt... perhaps they were drunken motorists that accidentally went 100 yards off of the road, ran down signs and manipulated their vehicles back on to the roadway.


Or0b0ur0s t1_iskzebf wrote

Even if I didn't automatically distrust right-wingers, your account looks (and your posts sound) like a Chinese or Russian troll farm account, if not even a bot. Pound sand.


byndrsn t1_iskutju wrote

>running over with their cars

yet they put their signs in front of metal sign posts to protect them


DavidLieberMintz t1_isjzsja wrote

Ladies and gentlemen, the party of 'law and order." Fucking clowns lol.


meinkreuz89 t1_isjme4v wrote

Good, tired of seeing all these signs. Fuck both parties, all these signs do is ruin my view of beautiful fall foliage and contribute to plastic waste. They should be banned.


moomoopandabutt t1_isjoduo wrote

I honestly agree with you about getting rid of the signs. While we’re at it let’s get rid of all of the billboards on the highway too.


meinkreuz89 t1_isjqb3e wrote

Ever been up to Maine or Vermont? They’re banned there and I wish PA would adopt the same law banning them. It’s refreshing going somewhere and not seeing a ton of billboards.


throwaway4206983 t1_isjr349 wrote

Now i want to visit even more


ThunderySleep t1_isjzgtw wrote

Do Vermont if you want a mountainous escape. Maine if you're into the shore.


AbsentEmpire t1_iskt5cw wrote

I find it pretty ironic to see ads against distracted driving on highway billboards, the sole point of which is to distract the driver with advertising.

Billboards should be banned, they promote distracted driving and visually clutter the state with actual trash.


powersurge t1_isjyr7s wrote

Political signs would likely be the most protected category of first amendment Freedom of Speech.


ThunderySleep t1_isjzarq wrote

Agree with you on getting rid of this practice with the lawn signs (for everyone). The way billboards can ruin and otherwise beautiful landscape, political signs are an eye sore for your neighborhood, and yeah, they come out around what should otherwise be a very beautiful time of year.

Also, it's great for people to be able to discuss politics, but there's a time and a place. Like, generally it's custom to avoid politics at the dinner table. Do you really need to be that guy who's making their neighborhood a political forum? Best case scenario: all of your neighbors happen to have the exact same views as you and none of them think better or worse of you for it. More likely, you're just alienating your neighbors and making it a less friendly environment.


InformalVermicelli11 t1_ismji88 wrote

Political signs should be banned period. Do you really need a sign to tell you who is running for office?


Macaroni_and_Cheez t1_iso0dxf wrote

And it should be easy to find out what is on your ballot ahead of time. Yes, you can find a list of candidates, but ballot questions and lesser-known offices can be a surprise. We can’t be informed voters without all of the info ahead of time.


rndljfry t1_iso7zda wrote

Out West they include an information packet with your mail ballot and it's 100% normal to them.


Macaroni_and_Cheez t1_isohf1p wrote

Yep! I know Colorado does this for sure. All registered voters automatically get a ballot in the mail for each election. If you don’t want to vote by mail, you can bring it to your polling place. Makes perfect sense.

Meanwhile in PA, if you order a mail-in ballot and decide to vote in person, they give you a hard time and try to give you a provisional ballot even if you turn in your mail-in. I’ve done this twice and they had to call someone offsite to confirm each time.


rndljfry t1_isoht4n wrote

Mind if I ask why you didn't just return your ballot? I've been voting by mail since Act 77 passed with zero issues.


Macaroni_and_Cheez t1_isoomjm wrote

I procrastinated and then didn’t think it would get through the mail in time.


rndljfry t1_isoqq2c wrote

That would make sense! Go turn your ballot in right now!


Dude-in-the-backrow t1_isk7mfr wrote

But, but, but, but the democrats cheated....but,but... typical, the dying party needs to cheat.


OGShrimpPatrol t1_iskohyo wrote

Crazy how it is ALWAYS republicans doing shit like this. Cheat, lie, steal. It's pretty lopsided when you look at who is doing what.


MainPFT t1_iskzh9c wrote

Doesn't matter if all someone does is watch Fox News and scroll Facebook.


OGShrimpPatrol t1_isooui0 wrote

Ya I’m not going down that road. For decades, the right has cheated and gone as low as they can to win. You can cherry pick examples of the left doing shit too (and of course they have, I’m not denying that at all) but the scale is undeniable. So I’m not going to talk about how everyone needs to stop when one side accounts for 90+% of the shit we’re dealing with today.

Call it out, don’t hide behind the cop out of saying that there are some examples of both sides doing it too.


ravenx92 t1_islgqt3 wrote

Get everyone you know out to vote these repubtards our next month. Enough is enough. Every republican must go.


Ajvoiceactor42 t1_isjxipz wrote

A mess...they shouldnt be that worried about votes unless you know OZ isn't the winning candidate


Odd-Neighborhood5119 t1_isklpsc wrote

I would have some respect for the repubs if they didn't need to control elections cause their policies are crap. I am sick of all the shit they do.


walker1555 t1_ismhi64 wrote

>The signs were in support of Democratic candidates or causes such as reproductive health issues.

This reflects the thieves' disrespect for the democratic process and their willingness to break laws to achieve their goals.


gibbie420 t1_ism3o2b wrote

Oops. My buddies and I did this like ~18 years ago in high school. It was Bush Jr's reelection and we stole 32 Bush yard signs in total in a few hours joyriding in the middle of the night. Not quite 100 but we were just some high school kids.


Main_Back_4256 t1_ismczz2 wrote

Republicans: keepin’ it classy. 😕


KW4 t1_isr4g49 wrote


Main_Back_4256 t1_isw0bqm wrote

Only a republican could even ask that question. This kind of behavior is not only criminal, it undermines one’s right to free speech. See. That was easy. You guys should try it sometime, say, when your cult leader attacks the US capitol. Just sayin’.


winterFROSTiscoming t1_ism6txe wrote

Republicans literally project what they’re guilty of. Since they’re doing it, they can’t imagine the other party not doing it.


RustedRelics t1_iskc552 wrote

Republicans are not only ethical, but classy too. 🙄


googlebearbanana t1_iska7ok wrote

Gee if repubs didn't steal the signs then who did? Duh


DrapedInVelvet t1_iskc6w1 wrote

Come on. It’s obviously a false flag attack. Dems playing 4d chess. (Sarcasm obviously)


CharlySB t1_isluzob wrote

You have to really live a pathetic life to go around stealing political signs. Would love to see the beauty that was doing this.


windwaker910 t1_isnvg57 wrote

Can’t we just do away with these signs altogether? They either end up in a dump or just left to trash the environment


curatedaccount t1_isplu03 wrote

For the very slow and for those who haven't had their coffee yet:

This article is an ad for airtag.


magicmurph t1_iskyejb wrote

Good, I'm tired of the signs. Unnecessary pollution. Absolutely no one has ever decided who to vote for based on those dumbass signs.


gotmewrong66 t1_isnwknj wrote

This isn't something people do when they're confident their team is going to win


Woodyee101 t1_islkmv2 wrote

All of these signs belong in the dumpster. They are ugly and a complete waste of space in a landfill


Professional_Fun_664 t1_isn6fer wrote

Does anybody find it even slightly funny that a stupid sign pissed somebody off so bad that they went and collected 100 signs just to throw them away? FFS, I'm a conservative and that takes some dedication to be that pissed off. It's as stupid as when we had somebody stealing Trump signs in 2016. Like, JFC, it's a sign. How can a stupid sign bother you so much that you want to take time out of your day and waste it like this? I've got way better things to do.


Unusual-Bid-6583 t1_iskt3vt wrote

They should do that with all paper ballots... fuck election signs.. they prove nothing.


zonayork t1_ismo9ah wrote

Some of these comments are hysterical. Is it wrong...of course it is...but don't try to pretend that the Dems havent tried to destroy every Trump sign ever planted in a yard or hung on flagpole!!!


VidGamrJ t1_iskzqj8 wrote

There’s still tens of millions EVERYWHERE, who gives a crap about 100?


Reynard1981 t1_iskmne9 wrote

Just like those Republican votes found in 2020.

Oh and let’s not forget the video evidence of democrats stealing many Republican signs from private property. I guess it’s (D)ifferent when democrat signs are “stolen”.


JuicyTrash69 t1_islxb7g wrote

Do you have any proof of either of these cases?


Reynard1981 t1_isn6zhz wrote

They were all over the news. Let me guess, you have a very short memory as well


jicket t1_ismg7l9 wrote

Hey just checking back in on the proof thing


Reynard1981 t1_isn7261 wrote

Hey, how about you look it up for yourself. It was all over the news not even 2 years ago.


dean84921 t1_iso3m23 wrote

So humans figured out how to properlly do this whole logic and reasonable debate thing a few thousand years ago. Since then it's been understood that the person making the claim is responsible for providing the proof.

Otherwise you end up with a bunch of people spewing nonsense and then demanding other people go through the effort of disproving them. It's lazy argumentation. Be responsible for your own points.

They didn't teach you this in 10th grade English comp?


billstrash t1_isjuf16 wrote

It's a good start.


[deleted] t1_isjmbym wrote



huzernayme t1_isjmihv wrote

I was waiting for someone to blame democrats. I expected a quip about Hunter Bidens laptop, you failed me. So disappointing.


joefred111 t1_isjmw17 wrote

SeaPoem717's entire post history in this sub is trying to shoehorn the incident with Fetterman and the jogger into every single post.

They need to get a life, or at the very least, new material.


huzernayme t1_isjnld0 wrote

They(republicans) are pro gun..

..unless it's black people or democrats


Er3bus13 t1_isjpvqk wrote

Poems have different meanings and can be interpreted a thousand different ways. Unfortunately seapoem is transparent as cellophane.


DavidLieberMintz t1_isk06v0 wrote

Nope. You can count on this bot brigading the sub until the Dems win in November. Every election cycle these clowns spam every post. Mods never ban them for some reason, even though it's clearly a spammer and a troll.


ThunderySleep t1_isjym2y wrote

The left is pretty well known for their hoax hate at this point.

But I could easily see some redneck doing this.


enn_sixty_four t1_isjxz15 wrote

The man he accosted:

“Mr. Fetterman and his family have done far more good than that one bad act or action and, as such, should not be defined by it.”

"He signed that letter: “Gooo Fetterman.” "

Also the same guy--

"Miyares is serving an 18- to 36-month sentence after being convicted in 2019 of kidnapping, terroristic threats, unlawful restraint, and other crimes against a woman who hired him for a ride to work."

Now which way are you gonna spin this?

Not sure why you're so passionate about this one man and his experience from 10 yrs ago to the point that it's become your entire personality and main activity on Reddit..(right behind "guns r kool")

Why do you have so much compassion for this one maniac, who wasn't even holding anything against Fetterman? Why do you always specify it was a black man as if you actually give two fucks about that?


DavidLieberMintz t1_isjzyim wrote

Please report bot accounts. This sub is being attacked by Russian bots and spammers. Just like every election cycle 🙄


DavidLieberMintz t1_iskrm5g wrote

What's wrong with the post? I didn't bother looking at the poster's history, do they spam the same comment in every single thread?


ThunderySleep t1_iskse4m wrote

Prior to their discussion with me, they almost exclusively post articles from a low quality site built with a WYSIWYG editor that doesn't even make it into the top few pages of google's search results for "local news bucks county pa", despite being dressed up and named as though it's some established local news source. From what I peaked around at, it's 98% hyper partisan political articles, all of which load incredibly slowly, often with broken images, and the first random article I clicked on turned out to be republished content from elsewhere.

Essentially it's a poorly built partisan junk site, which didn't exist until this election cycle, masquerading as an established regular local news site.