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James19991 t1_isk0q70 wrote

It would be nice if the people of Bucks County would wake up and realize what a scam the idea that this guy is a moderate is


Trout-Population t1_isk8410 wrote

Not deffending him, but by GOP standards he really is (low bar, I know). He supported the PRO Act, the Infrastructure Act, voted to codify Roe V Wade, codify legal birth control, codify gay marriage, voted to ban assault weapons, I could go on. He is my Representitive and I will be voting for Ashley Eshaz in November, but the man is far from radical. Our criticisms of him and the GOP need to be based in fact if we want to oust them.


James19991 t1_isk9628 wrote

He also never voted to impeach Trump and did not vote in favor of establishing a committee to investigate 1/6. He may not be extremist with kitchen table issues, but he certainly doesn't have the guts to stand up to the fascists in his party.


Trout-Population t1_isk9eib wrote

He did vote in favor of establishing the Jan 6 committee. One of 35 Republicans to do so.


James19991 t1_iskfj1e wrote

Oh I was only thinking of the second vote with that.

On June 30, 2021, the resolution, H.Res. 503 Establishing the Select Committee to Investigate the January 6th Attack on the United States Capitol, passed on the House floor by a vote of 222 to 190, with all Democratic members and two Republican members, Adam Kinzinger and Liz Cheney, voting in favor.18l sixteen Republican members did not vote. The resolution empowered Pelosi to appoint eight members to the committee, and House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy could appoint five members "in consultation' with the Speaker.


Open_Veins_8 OP t1_iskbc05 wrote

The article points out his bad votes on LGBTQ issues. Yes, the average score from the rest of the Republicans in PA was like 1, lol. He didn't vote to codify Roe. But isn't it insane that we live in a country where birth control is now under attack. lol


SandGrits t1_iso8ahb wrote

Please review Voted No on: Women’s Health Act, LGBTQI+Data Inclusion Act, Meat & Poultry Special Investigator Act, Federal Reserve Racial and Economic Equity Act, Consumer Fuel Price Gouging Prevention Act, Presidential Election Reform Act, Ensuring Fair and Accurate Census Act and Inflation Reduction Act, Transportation, Housing and Urban Development Act for 2023… that’s only two pages. Vote for him of you like a great smile. /s


Pf18929 t1_iskh7zu wrote

The problem with Fitzpatrick is that he’s a vote for Republican control of the house and Kevin McCarthy as house speaker.

All these moderate votes mentioned on this post only came up for a vote because Democrats controlled the house. They will not be brought up for votes with McCarthy as speaker who will struggle to manage the Marjorie Taylor Green & Lauren Boebert extremists (and there will be more extremists republicans added to the ranks in solid red districts).

Republicans are likely to win the house and Fitzpatrick being re-elected will be a big reason why. They will shut down the government by refusing to raise the debt ceiling to pay for America’s bills for money that’s already been spent (like the Trump tax cuts for the rich that were not revenue neutral and added $1.9 trillion to the deficit over 11 years which Fitzpatrick voted for). The resulting federal government default on payments will be catastrophic for the economy and especially tough on the working middle class (the very people that Fitzpatrick represents in Bucks County). You can bet that corporations will then have their hands out for a bail out when it happens because they love to privatize profits but socialize losses. Taxpayers will once again be footing the bill.

Pelosi has her faults but she controls her caucus (even the squad) when votes comes up. She puts basic governing above partisan squabbles, and will put country over party when needed. I would prefer she step down and teach a new generation of young leaders in the Democratic Party, but I will still take her as speaker over Kevin McCarthy who has shown no spine or management skills while he has been minority leader.


Open_Veins_8 OP t1_iskn3fu wrote

The other Pennsylvania Republicans fared much worse on Human Rights Campaign's Congressional Scorecard: Rep. Dan Meuser 6, Rep. Scott Perry 8, Rep. Lloyd Smucker 0, Rep. Fred Keller 0, Rep. John Joyce 2, Rep. Guy Reschenthaler 0, Rep. Glenn Thompson 0, Rep. Mike Kelly 0. In fact, 150 Republicans in the House and Senate scored 0. On the other hand, 167 Democratic representatives had a perfect score of 100.


irondethimpreza t1_ism3pbi wrote

Funny thing about Glenn Thompson is that a few days after voting against codifying same-sex marriage, he attended his gay son's same-sex wedding. The guy is an absolute turd.


B_Rad- t1_isl8xak wrote

Why do the people who chant “who I have sex with is nobody’s business” then proceed to try and make it everybody’s business?


ThunderySleep t1_isk6kpg wrote

OP is a political spam account. is a partisan site masquerading as a local newspaper. It didn't exist prior to late 2021 according to waybackmachine.

And it's poorly thrown together with a WYSIWYG plug-in for wordpress. That's dated and low-budget even for a mom and pop hobbyist business. Nothing about this site is authentic.


SuggestAPhotoProject t1_isk8172 wrote

Is there something in the article that’s untrue?

Or are we just throwing around shade? I notice that you’re a four month old account that didn’t exist prior to this summer, is that relevant, too?


Open_Veins_8 OP t1_isk8j8z wrote

The Beacon clearly states that it is a progressive publication. It was just launched in 2021. You can see all the local people involved in the about us page. I think Thundery Sleep just doesn't like its progressive politics.


ThunderySleep t1_iskc89i wrote

Homeopathic medicine has its warnings in the fine print as well.

This is spam relying on deceiving users into believing it's an established local news source. You didn't name this junk site Bucks County Progressive, you deliberately named it to appear like a general local news site.


Open_Veins_8 OP t1_iskcvj3 wrote

It is an established news source run by an editor with years of experience, with paid freelancers, and local oped contributors. You just don't like the politics - which is fine, you can read the "Delaware Valley Journal." Also, the Beacon was just named finalists for a few awards by LIONS Publishing Again, you can keep trolling, I'll keep correcting, and everyone else will keep reading.


ThunderySleep t1_iskecm4 wrote

It's not an established news source. It barely even has a functional home page.

I click on one other article and random and it happens to be scraped from other sources, the site's entirely political except for one article that I saw.

It doesn't even reach the top three search engine results pages on google for "local news bucks county pa". I'm not criticizing it for not making the top three results... It doesn't even appear on the top three PAGES.

Yet, it's dressed up as a standard local news journal, when it's not. That's deceptive. It's exactly how homeopathic medicine is sold.


Open_Veins_8 OP t1_iskf5gj wrote

Again, the website works. You are lying. I was just on it. The Beacon is fed through Google news. And being a new publication, of course more legacy media outlets like the Courier Times would show up. The Beacon's work has been sited in The Phildelphia Inquirer, WHYY, etc. You can keep with your deceptive right-wing trolling, I will keep correcting you, and folks will keep reading.


ThunderySleep t1_iskfucr wrote

The website doesn't consistently load images and has text that vibrates all over and hijacks scrolling. It barely works.

Being a brand new site from this election cycle, I don't blame you that it isn't the top result, or even in the top handful of results. But your site doesn't even make it into the top three pages.

This is not "deceptive right wing trolling" this is calling out your deceptive practices.


Open_Veins_8 OP t1_iskgcmj wrote

The website does load images - I am on it now. Nothing is hijacking my scrolling. Again, our work has been cited by WHYY and The Phlialdelphia Inquirer, among other outlets, so they take the Beacon seriously. Your right-wing trolling is taking up too much of my time now, to be honest. I'll correct you one or two more times, but then I'm gonna check out.


ThunderySleep t1_iskgre1 wrote

> doesn't consistently load images

That's what was said. And you're using scroll-jacking on your homepage. Of course you don't know what that means because you can't build a decent functional site, much less are you a journalist as opposed to someone spamming propaganda from a deceptive site thrown together less than a year ago.

This is a political spam site dressed as local news that doesn't even appear in the top three pages of google's results for "local news bucks county pa".


Open_Veins_8 OP t1_iskh8py wrote

Again. You are lying. The Beacon is fed through Google News, cited by WHYY and Philadelphia Inquirer, and was just named finalists for Independent Media Awards. But keep vomiting your trolling, lol.


ThunderySleep t1_iskhyq9 wrote

Now you're just repeating the same irrelevant responses. And you're supposed to be claiming you aren't deceptive?

> The Beacon is fed through Google News

This has literally nothing to do with the statement that it does not get listed in the top three pages of google's SERPs for the query "local news bucks county pa". This is a statement of fact and highlights incompetence. Even being under a year old, you should be able to make it in there, but there are good reasons (which I won't state) you're not being listed.

But on this one, I genuinely think it's a coin-toss whether your misunderstanding here is incompetence vs deception.


yeags86 t1_isl5khh wrote

Minus getting into the top search engine results, it’s still miles ahead of Trumps pathetic website that has double posts half the time.


ThunderySleep t1_isl60vo wrote

What website are you talking about?

And no, this site is absolute trash in a lot more ways than one. As far as the search results go, it's not that it's not "in the top results", it's that it's so far back it barely gets indexed at all. Three pages back is deep, and it's probably more than that, I just only bothered to check back three pages.

But the joke that it is on a technical competence level isn't the point. The point is that it's a malicious propaganda site aimed at deceiving viewers into thinking it's an established local news source for Bucks county.


yeags86 t1_isl8pw7 wrote

Search Donald Trump. First result. Or did you forget how to do your own “research”?


ThunderySleep t1_isl9tnh wrote

Okay, what? ?

This is a professionally built website, regardless of what your politics are.

What point are you trying to make here?

Not only is OP's scam site not professionally built, suggesting this isn't a legitimate organization, much less an established local news journal (which it's not, this is a scam site made to look like local news), this isn't even built by a competent hobbyist or a tech-savvy person who isn't a developer.

At least try to argue over the line of where something becomes deceptive. The structure of this website is objectively bad. There's not even an argument to be made against that.

Not only is the site scammy and dishonest, the people suspiciously coming out of the woodworks to make their first reddit comment of the day in defense of this site, don't seem remotely intelligent.


yeags86 t1_islnliw wrote

So Trumps website isn’t scammy and dishonest?

And if that’s a professional website, if Trump even actually paid for it, he didn’t get his moneys worth.


ThunderySleep t1_ismh0t7 wrote

Wtf are you talking about?


yeags86 t1_ismj1sz wrote

If you can’t follow the conversation, you should probably just leave it.


ThunderySleep t1_ismrvqd wrote

I'm following, it's pretty pathetic on your part.

> And if that’s a professional website, if Trump even actually paid for it, he didn’t get his moneys worth.

Is everyone involved in this spam site a two-year old? That one is clearly a normal website built by a developer. You don't even have to be a developer to build a competent, functional website. Any remotely competent adult with access to a computer with internet can manage to build a functional site. You guys have multiple people involved in this and still couldn't pull it off.


scotticusphd t1_isloo5d wrote

Bringing up website quality in lieu of the substance of the message is losing the forest for the trees. Holding Trump's website up as an example, given that he's a fraud under several criminal investigations, say a lot about your shallow values.


ThunderySleep t1_ismhiy7 wrote

Are you illiterate?

/u/yeag86 held Trump's website up as an example, not me. As consistent with my other interactions all these people chiming in deep in this thread to make their first reddit comments of the day to defend this scam site seem to be complete morons.

Nobody is talking about Trump, we're talking about this barely functional scam website built by some tech illiterate moron with a WYSIWYG.

The average person off the street could assemble a better functioning site. You guys can't even figure out why you're not being listed in the SERPs.

The quality of the site is indicative of it being a scam website, posing as an established local news site.


scotticusphd t1_ismil4p wrote

Do you have a critique of the article or just more dumb posturing? I'm still hearing irrelevant posturing.

Not sure why you're bent out of shape about a new local news site.. most people welcome local journalism, up until you hear something that upsets you.


ThunderySleep t1_ismrgvm wrote

It's not irrelevant to point out buckscountybeacon is a propaganda spam site deceptively posing as a regular pre-existing local newspaper. That's what this conversation is about. The one you logged into reddit to partake in.

What's irrelevant is you randomly dragging Trump into the conversation. But like I said, it's not exactly intelligent people behind this.


scotticusphd t1_isnqohv wrote

Do you also get mad when a new restaurant pops up in your neighborhood? Jesus...


ThunderySleep t1_iso8u99 wrote

This isn't comparable to a new >any legitimate business< because is not a legitimate journal. It's a propaganda spam site posing as a local news source to deceive readers.

There are no professionals involved, hence not being able to build a functional website or even make it into the top three pages (probably more, I just didn't look farther) on google for "local news bucks county PA". The first link I clicked on at random was duplicate content from elsewhere.

This is a propaganda spam site masking a regular local news source. It's a scam.


scotticusphd t1_isofbfv wrote

... or maybe you just don't like their message. It's not uncommon for new businesses to not have their SEO sorted out, in the same way that it's common for scams to exploit SEO to make themselves look legitimate.

Methinks you just don't like hearing about gay people so you're looking for any excuse to attack the messenger.


ThunderySleep t1_isofwtl wrote

No, is a propaganda spam site posing as a local news source.

> It's not uncommon for new businesses to not have their SEO sorted out, in the same way that it's common for scams to exploit SEO to make themselves look legitimate.

What are you talking about? It is uncommon for legitimate businesses centered around a website to be incapable of building and maintaining a functional website.

Professional journalists aren't using WYSIWYG editors to fake a local newspaper for their articles. If they don't have the resources to form a proper journal, they write articles on medium or substack.

This is not a legitimate news source. This is a scam website posing as a local newspaper. It's a con, and not a competent one.


scotticusphd t1_isoglwa wrote

What's the con? Can you dispute the facts being reported? Are they stealing money? Or are you just slandering them?

Their website is fine... it's no different than most websites, and frankly looks nicer than Reddit.


ThunderySleep t1_isogzge wrote

The con is posing as a local news site. This is a shitty blog some partisan activist put together with a WYSIWYG editor and dressed up as though it's a legitimate local newspaper. is a fake local news site, poorly built with a WYSIWYG. It's not slander, this is objective truth.


scotticusphd t1_isoyzx7 wrote

Who cares if they're using a WYSIWYG editor? Most journalists aren't web developers... most of the internet is Wordpress, so I don't understand why you're bent out of shape about that.

It says a lot more about you that you're not engaging with the facts of the article and instead choose to attack their choice of web technology. My hunch is that their reporting makes you uncomfortable, which says to me that they're probably doing a great job.


ThunderySleep t1_ispwdtr wrote

Having a regular website which any competent adult could build demonstrates professionalism that might suggest it's a legitimate organization.

> Most journalists aren't web developers

No, but most competent adults, let alone professionals in any field that involves using the internet, can put together a marginally competent website.

Most journalists are capable of running their own wordpress site. In fact, if they don't use substack, they typically do have their own wordpress sites. But not a single person involved your scam was able to put one together competently.

The gross incompetence with a basic professional skillset signals it's not a legitimate organization. Which is what this discussion is: Pointing out that is a propaganda site imitating an established local newspaper.

This is a malicious propaganda spam site, posing as a local newspaper.


scotticusphd t1_isqat3f wrote

It's a small, progressive local news organization. Your characterization as a scam or malicious propaganda has everything to do with your unwillingness to accept someone else's point of view. You STILL haven't addressed any of the substance of what they're saying, and you're fixated on the quality of their website, a website which is just fine, by the way.

>No, but most competent adults, let alone professionals in any field that involves using the internet, can put together a marginally competent website.

...and they have a marginally competent website. It's no better or worse than most other small Bucks County businesses. Jesus. It's not the New York Times or Mother Jones caliber because they don't have that much money and their beat is a semi-rural county.


ThunderySleep t1_istasy3 wrote

No, this is a scam website. is a propaganda spam site disguised as an established local newspaper.

There's essentially no local news on the site, it's 95% leftist propaganda, much of it not even specific to PA, and of the little content I clicked on, it turned out to be republished content from elsewhere.

It's not a marginally competent website. The average person off the street could build something more competent than this. Images don't load consistently, load time is terrible, layouts are broken, scroll jacking is broken, text is vibrating. This is not competent.

Any actual journalist is capable of building a proper wordpress site, given that they tend to have their own wordpress sites. Which are used for and presented as what they are, their blogs. They don't fake being the local paper.

It's beyond a budget issue, it's a basic competence issue, and indicates these are not professionals in any capacity. Like I said, it's a scam website. A bunch of political propaganda dressed up as if it's a local newspaper, and now the people behind this scam are in this thread lying about it and their intentions.

As far as me focusing on Bucks County Beacon being a fake newspaper, that's just what the discussion is. It's telling that you're jumping into this thread 60 replies deep demanding I change the subject. Bucks County Becon's a political spam site disguised as an local newspaper. It deliberately uses a dated logo and everything, despite not existing prior to late 2021.


scotticusphd t1_istb4p3 wrote

Yeah, you keep saying it's a scam and fake but you haven't shown any evidence of a scam. You really have no idea what you're talking about, but you're continuing to run your mouth anyway.

Goodbye forever.


PensiveLog t1_it8nvz9 wrote

Lol sounds like you picked up some malware buddy. Or are still trying to use Internet Explorer.


ThunderySleep t1_itabq1x wrote

Wtf? Was that really your attempt at sounding tech-savvy?

Malware has nothing to do with SERP results or any of the issues I've described. As for the IE reference, what is this, 2006?

edit: Oh I see, it's you. You logged back in today to spam your WYSYWIG site... Funny how you chime in five days after this convo happened, when suddenly buckscountybeacon, newly built propaganda site disguised as an existing local news source, is being spammed again. Did you use the wrong account by accident, or did you think this six day old account chiming into this conversation now, passed for another user?


PensiveLog t1_itbks1e wrote

🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 yeah this is definitely a spam account, and not someone who stumbled upon this thread. Glad you’re totally correct and not just paranoid.


_KnightsDelight_ t1_iskl7ct wrote

I just went to one of the links and i gotta agree it’s a trash setup. Lol.


ThunderySleep t1_isklzrk wrote

Yeah, the technical quality is an aside from the politics of all this, but it's pretty bad, and doesn't exactly shout authentic local news.

edit: "The Elementor website builder allows WordPress users to create and edit websites by employing the drag and drop technique"

It's built with a WYSIWYG plugin for wordpress lol


SpectacledReprobate t1_iskkjab wrote

Be careful with this guy, make him mad and he’ll randomly start shitting on you for being poor


ThunderySleep t1_iskniv1 wrote

When have I ever done that?

That's not at all something I'd do. At least claim that I'm some right winger like the rest of the slanderers.


SpectacledReprobate t1_iskodka wrote

> In 2008 I was going to a fancy private school in one of the most liberal cities in the US and an Obama supporter. Chances are I’m better educated, in better shape, with whiter and straighter teeth than you.

Most self aware (R) voter

Loved that response more than you could know, by the way.


ThunderySleep t1_isk86sp wrote

I'm pointing out that it's a spam account, from a spam site masquerading as established local news.

But it speaks volumes that you'd defend that.


Open_Veins_8 OP t1_isk8515 wrote

The Beacon clearly states they're are progressive publication. it was just launched in 2021. you can see all the local people involved in the about us page


ThunderySleep t1_isk8dwl wrote

No shit you would write that.

It's not an established local news source, it's partisan spam masquerading as established local news. Homeopathic medicine still has warnings in the fine print that none of it's proven to work. That doesn't mean it isn't deceptive when it's packaged like actual medicine and placed on the shelves next to real stuff like advil and cough syrup.

You couldn't even get in the top three SERPs of google for "local news bucks county pa".

edit: In addition to your site loading like garbage, your articles are copy and pasted from elsewhere: vs.

This is not a local news site. This is political spam trying to deceive people by dressing up as local news.


Open_Veins_8 OP t1_isk8vid wrote

It is local news written from a progressive angle genius. Like The Nation on the Left or National Review on the Right. Nice try though ...Moving on


ThunderySleep t1_isk9gum wrote


Open_Veins_8 OP t1_iska0cw wrote

Again, not true. Let me help you out again. "This column was produced by Progressive Perspectives, which is run by The Progressive magazine and distributed by Tribune News Service." The Beacon occasionally republishes articles from other outlets when Creative Commons and with Permission - a standard practice. Also, again, folks can see all the LOCAL contributors on the About Us Page Let me know if I can educate you about anything else!


ThunderySleep t1_iskad1a wrote

"We said that in the fine print, therefore it's not spam, it's original content"

That's not how this works.

This is a malicious political spam site masquerading as a local news source.


Open_Veins_8 OP t1_iskateu wrote

The article posted was written by a real person who used to write a bi-weekly column for the Courier Times. Your comment is right-wing trolling masquerading as an actual thought. Again everyone can see ALL the LOCAL WRITERS on the About US page.

Nice try though, let me know if I can help you with anything else.


ThunderySleep t1_iskbhuq wrote

It's not trolling it's pointing out your gross deception.

Yes, human beings made this site. I didn't suggest aliens or raccons did. That doesn't make it an established local news source.

This is the political "news" version of homeopathic medicine. Yes, there are warnings in the fine print that it's homeopathic medicine. It's still deceptive to package it as actual medicine and place it on the shelves next to the advil and cough syrup.


Open_Veins_8 OP t1_iskbxlh wrote

Again, it is not deceptive to have a progressive news site that focuses on politics. They clearly state it: "The Bucks County Beacon is an independent media outlet that offers news, analysis, and opinion from a progressive perspective. We also report the stories that other local media outlets can’t or don’t cover, especially the growing threat of right-wing extremism to our schools, government, and democracy. Local media in Bucks County has been decimated over the past decade by corporate layoffs and the Beacon is working to fill the information gap. We publish writers and activists who may be your neighbors in Bucks County, or who are reporting and organizing across Pennsylvania for a progressive future." You can keep trolling, I'll keep correcting you, and you - here - are in the miniscule minority.


ThunderySleep t1_iskcxy9 wrote

It's not. But that's not what you did. You dressed it up as a typical non-partisan local news source, and placed any mention of "progressive" in your about page.

90% of your content is hyper left political, yet you've dressed it up like generic local news.

As I've said, homepathic medicine places warnings in the fine print too. It doesn't make it any less of a scam when it's dressed like medicine and placed next to the real stuff.

And I'm in no way trolling. I'm pointing out a gross and deceptive practice, which is you trying to deceive people for political aims.


Open_Veins_8 OP t1_iskdado wrote

There's nothing "dressed up" in the articles - and you would have to be illiterate to not know that this is a progressive news site. The wirters don't try to mask their language or politics. As I've said, you can keep trolling, I'll keep correcting, and folks will keep reading.


ThunderySleep t1_iskewjp wrote

No, you'd have to scroll to the bottom of the page and click the about us to see the site declaring that it's a progressive propaganda source and not actual local news.

The rest of the site is dressed up and named so as to suggest that it's local news. Same way homeopathic products are boxed like medicine and placed next it on the shelves.


Open_Veins_8 OP t1_iskfipk wrote

Most publications have their about us page at the bottom of the site. And There is nothing dressed up about the site. It focuses on local politics. What else you got? You are not even good at trolling.


ThunderySleep t1_iskfyv5 wrote

> You are not even good at trolling.

Because I'm not trolling, I'm pointing out the blatant deception of this site. And you have no business criticizing anyone's competence when your homepage barely works.


Open_Veins_8 OP t1_iskgica wrote

The website works. Either you are lying or hallucinating. Or just trolling.


ThunderySleep t1_iskhat1 wrote

> when your homepage barely works.

That's what was said. Not "the site doesn't work".

You're so unaware of yourself you try to pull deception in the conversation where you're supposed to be claiming you're not deceptive.


Open_Veins_8 OP t1_iskhig0 wrote

The homepage on the website works. Try again, lol. Stop with your deception.


ThunderySleep t1_iski5sx wrote

Not what was said.

Again, you think being openly deceptive now helps you defend the claim that you aren't with your spam site?


Open_Veins_8 OP t1_iskkend wrote

Not a spam site. Original reporting and opinion by dozens of local writers. Also, cited by WHYY and The Philadelphia Inquirer. And the article above is factual. Do your right-trolling elsewhere. It's getting tiresome


ThunderySleep t1_iskkvgp wrote

"Original reporting"

Literally the first random article I clicked on was republished content from elsewhere.

It's a blatantly deceptive propaganda site dressed and named as if it's an established local news site. Same as homeopathic medicine being dressed up as medicine and placed next to the real stuff on the shelves.

This isn't right wing trolling, it's pointing out gross and deceptive practices. And claiming that I'm a right wing troll is all you can do at this point, because the site is blatantly deceptive and there's no way of defending it when called out.

You don't even make it into the first three pages of google for "local news bucks county pa", and the site was created this election cycle.

It's a deceptive propaganda site for which your reddit account exists to spam.


Open_Veins_8 OP t1_isklc4h wrote

About us page lists dozens of local writers. It is not deceptive, the site is objectively and openly progressive. You are just being silly now. Just stop already. Go read a book, or go for a walk.


ThunderySleep t1_iskmjlc wrote

It's deceptive as hell. It's dressed and named as if it's an established local news source. You have to scroll to the very bottom of the page and click the about us to see any mention of being openly progressive.

That is deception. The same as homeopathic products being packaged as medicine and mixed in with it on the shelves.

Furthermore, nothing about the site or your horrible attempts at defending it demonstrate competence at any level.

> The Elementor website builder allows WordPress users to create and edit websites by employing the drag and drop technique

It's built with a WYSIWYG editor ffs, lol.


Open_Veins_8 OP t1_iskmxz3 wrote

LoL. OK guy ... You can think that, but the article is till up, as will future articles, because it is a legit, progressive news site. Have an amazing Sunday watching Fox News.


ThunderySleep t1_isknady wrote

It's not a news site, buckscountybeacon is a propaganda spam site dressed up as a local news site, built with a WYSIWYG plug-in for wordpress.

Wordpress is simple enough, and a fine CMS for something like this. You don't need a WYSIWYG editor on top of that.

Nothing about this site is authentic. It's literal spam.


Dain42 t1_isl1med wrote

Are you going to just keep recycling the same comments over and over and over? You've said absolutely nothing new; you're just repeating the same few (rebutted) points ad nauseam like an argument robot.


ThunderySleep t1_isl39ve wrote

When I keep getting responses denying it, yes. Especially from OP who began copy and pasting the same responses to me.

It's a deceptive and poorly made propaganda site dressed up like something its not, and one of the people involved is filling this thread with lies claiming it's an established local news source.

Why are you so offended someone pointed that out? What purpose does your comment serve except to whine that somebody pointed out how gross and misleading this junk site is?


Cogatanu7CC95 t1_iske5ht wrote

just because it's not from the 1950s doesn't mean it's fake, new companies, and new media sources are allowed to be founded. waybackmachine means shit for accuracy and history, it's just a way to keep old articles from the 2ks to the 90s alive and has no relevance or power at all besides continually sucking the nostalgia from those that keep using it


ThunderySleep t1_iskfizq wrote

Why would it be from the 1950's? It could be from the 90's, or the 2010's, or the 2000's.

Nope. It's from this election cycle, and only features political propaganda, despite being dressed up and named as if it's a local news source.

It barely even has a functional homepage. Doesn't even make it into the top three pages of google for "local news bucks county pa". Probably for specific reasons I don't even want to state because it would help them fix it.

This is to local news what homepathic products are to medicine. It's deceptively packaged and delivered in the same way.