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ThunderySleep t1_ispwdtr wrote

Having a regular website which any competent adult could build demonstrates professionalism that might suggest it's a legitimate organization.

> Most journalists aren't web developers

No, but most competent adults, let alone professionals in any field that involves using the internet, can put together a marginally competent website.

Most journalists are capable of running their own wordpress site. In fact, if they don't use substack, they typically do have their own wordpress sites. But not a single person involved your scam was able to put one together competently.

The gross incompetence with a basic professional skillset signals it's not a legitimate organization. Which is what this discussion is: Pointing out that is a propaganda site imitating an established local newspaper.

This is a malicious propaganda spam site, posing as a local newspaper.


scotticusphd t1_isqat3f wrote

It's a small, progressive local news organization. Your characterization as a scam or malicious propaganda has everything to do with your unwillingness to accept someone else's point of view. You STILL haven't addressed any of the substance of what they're saying, and you're fixated on the quality of their website, a website which is just fine, by the way.

>No, but most competent adults, let alone professionals in any field that involves using the internet, can put together a marginally competent website.

...and they have a marginally competent website. It's no better or worse than most other small Bucks County businesses. Jesus. It's not the New York Times or Mother Jones caliber because they don't have that much money and their beat is a semi-rural county.


ThunderySleep t1_istasy3 wrote

No, this is a scam website. is a propaganda spam site disguised as an established local newspaper.

There's essentially no local news on the site, it's 95% leftist propaganda, much of it not even specific to PA, and of the little content I clicked on, it turned out to be republished content from elsewhere.

It's not a marginally competent website. The average person off the street could build something more competent than this. Images don't load consistently, load time is terrible, layouts are broken, scroll jacking is broken, text is vibrating. This is not competent.

Any actual journalist is capable of building a proper wordpress site, given that they tend to have their own wordpress sites. Which are used for and presented as what they are, their blogs. They don't fake being the local paper.

It's beyond a budget issue, it's a basic competence issue, and indicates these are not professionals in any capacity. Like I said, it's a scam website. A bunch of political propaganda dressed up as if it's a local newspaper, and now the people behind this scam are in this thread lying about it and their intentions.

As far as me focusing on Bucks County Beacon being a fake newspaper, that's just what the discussion is. It's telling that you're jumping into this thread 60 replies deep demanding I change the subject. Bucks County Becon's a political spam site disguised as an local newspaper. It deliberately uses a dated logo and everything, despite not existing prior to late 2021.


scotticusphd t1_istb4p3 wrote

Yeah, you keep saying it's a scam and fake but you haven't shown any evidence of a scam. You really have no idea what you're talking about, but you're continuing to run your mouth anyway.

Goodbye forever.