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klauskervin t1_iso8u4w wrote

I'm glad so many diverse groups of professionals have stood up to confront Doug Mastriano. He is a literal nazi and I fear the type of politics his supporters find acceptable.


Finrodsrod t1_isor7su wrote

> I fear the type of politics his supporters find acceptable

Conservatives love all the Nazi ideals, they just don't like the word "Nazi".


ashleyorelse t1_isow0rg wrote

They also love to claim to be Christian while deliberately doing things Christ taught NOT to do.


Captain_Hampockets t1_isp3j9r wrote

This is standard Christian behavior. It's Christian to be un-Christian. I'm 48 and grew up in the church. Left burning bridges at 16-17.


ashleyorelse t1_ispekmt wrote

I grew up in a church. Then in 20s began to think more for myself. Realized their political views were not lined up with Jesus teaching. Called people out for it. Got nothing but arguments and no one really listened despite pointing out obvious contradictions to what Jesus said. They pick and choose scripture and most of it isn't from Jesus because, let's face it, he was too liberal for them.


Keinichn t1_isp7b62 wrote

Seriously. If Jesus himself was running for office, they would put out attack ads against him.


ashleyorelse t1_ispdz47 wrote

Absolutely they would.

They'd call him a socialist lib with crazy new ideas and advocate violence against him. So, same as those who hated him in the Bible, but all while saying they worship him somehow.


cwfutureboy t1_isq74ra wrote

They do. I remember reading someone somewhere saying Nazis only existed in Nazi Germany.


[deleted] t1_ispbz9y wrote

How’s your 401k with uncle Joe?


Er3bus13 t1_ispcr9b wrote

Lol.. and there it is. Sorry homie not everyone worships money. You know what's better than money? An even playing field where human rights are prioritized more than fucking money. There is going to be like 10 greedy assholes living on the moon while the rest of us try to live on a dying planet.


Finrodsrod t1_ispird0 wrote

I don't even know why he brought up Joe Biden or 401k's in a thread about Nazi Mastriano running for governor who will have absolutely 0 influence on 401k's or the stock market.


underscore5000 t1_ispdptp wrote

Going just fine thank you. Looking at the same age to retire. At least I dont have to worry about Joe bending over and spreading his cheeks for a dictator.


Finrodsrod t1_isper5v wrote

Eh, it's down about 10k cause the market's down (which is about average to what Fidelity is reporting). I'm not retiring this year - I have a solid 25 years for that yet. I also plan to part-time teach adjunct when I retire for extra income and I have Index Funds for my slush money, so my 401k isn't my biggest concern. It's still higher than it was in 2020 during Trump's flub of Covid.

Even you're on the verge of retirement, your 401K shouldn't really dictate voting a literal Nazi into the governor's office. Doug Mastriano will have 0 influence on the stock market and my 401k. Why are you even bringing this or Joe Biden up? Biden isn't running for PA governor.

You know what is a concern? Helping my kids pay for college, which "uncle Joe" is helping out on. So fuck off, Boomer.


BottleTemple t1_ispkgfc wrote

It's ok. And I certainly prefer not having fascists in control.


DoctorSteve t1_ispeo2z wrote

Meanwhile Dr. Oz holds foreign citizenship and is personal friends with a dictator he voted for and no one is speaking up.

We need this energy for both of them.


klauskervin t1_ispf9c9 wrote

I point out to every Republican I know that Dr Oz is a turkish nationalist who actively funds and supports Turkish politics including hosting his entire extended family at one of many Turkish villas/compounds throughout Turkey. They always say "I didn't know that." but then attack Fetterman like its a competition.


DoctorSteve t1_isphhil wrote

Honestly, and I know the Fetterman campaign does more online than Oz does, there isn't enough time left in the campaign to air enough attack ads about how bad a candidate Oz is. He's given so many interviews as well. That one from today of Oz talking about when he would stick a needle in his sister's head to try and extract her brain could run for the entire cycle.

He's a messed up guy in every facet of his person. There are no redeeming qualities. His response to Covid-19 I'm sure isn't what the Fetterman campaign wants to focus on since they are trying to sway voters who probably aren't vaccinated themselves, but Dr. Oz is responsible for tens of thousands of American deaths during the pandemic. Maybe more? It's insane.


klauskervin t1_ispicfj wrote

I know I agree with everything you said. The fact Oz is considered a serious candidate and has support in PA both amazes and scares me. If he was a democrat he would have zero support. If he didn't win the Republican primary he would have zero support. The fact that he is a Republican means that people will vote for him even if he represents nothing about the people putting him in power.


__MellonCollie__ t1_isqmosw wrote

And this speaks volumes about Republican voters as people for supporting this nutjob in the first place.


BeltfedOne OP t1_isq283e wrote

The mystery ingredient here is the backing of EX President DJT, chief oathbreaker and insurectioner. Anyone he backs, I will vote against.


Ghstfce t1_isq4xqc wrote

Isn't it weird how a group of people that have been so vocal on their feelings about Muslims (remember Obama guys), yet they have zero issue with Oz?


Dude-in-the-backrow t1_isrctlh wrote

And a puppy killer!


[deleted] t1_itgdbu7 wrote



Dude-in-the-backrow t1_itgglsq wrote

He's not running for Senate, the jersey boy 'doctor' is.... If you can't argue the 'point' and need to deflect to a different subject you've already lost the debate.


tehmlem t1_isoodkc wrote

More than a little late. We let this man train and lead our soldiers. We let him into a position of trust and power long before he tried to be governor and there's plenty of evidence that he has long held the views that make him unfit for leadership. That's what scares me and few seem to be talking about.

This is the kind of man the military thinks is fit for leadership positions. His beliefs and his academic shortcomings did not prevent him from attaining a teaching position in our military.


SchnauzerHaus t1_isplbko wrote

Sad to say I'm sure he's not the last or only one like that.


worstatit t1_ist92u9 wrote

TBF, every large, homogeneous organization will have its share of fringe types. Seeing the military leans right in general, it's amazing there aren't more like him. Once you get to the higher ranks, the military is very political. The rank he he attained is quite high, but it's telling that he was assigned to school rather than command. No doubt he received the rank and assignment based on his dubious PhD.


HeyZuesHChrist t1_issmax5 wrote

My mom is going to vote for him. She claims that he won’t actually do any of the things he says he will. That’s how she is justifying her vote. She doesn’t mind voting for a guy she believes to be a liar.


Hugh_Jass_2 t1_iso2ztk wrote

He’s a massive piece of shit


xoaphexox t1_isq5719 wrote

Spiked up blonde hair, little bitty jeans, chicken spaghetti at Chickalini's


Alternative-Flan2869 t1_isopk3i wrote

Election deniers are anti-American fascists who never should be elected to any position of public service - especially mastriano.


SecurelyObscure t1_isorq8l wrote

Cracks me up that Doug doesn't use "Dr." in anything campaign related even though he's a PhD, but he hypes up his military experience every chance he gets. He knows what his base likes.


cprinstructor t1_isotc1d wrote

That’s a really good point. Anti-intellectualism is a core strategy for the GQP, so having an advanced degree would actually make him look bad to his base.


Privileged_Interface t1_isqihs9 wrote

Because he is then doing his patriot cosplay or con-job. however you choose to look at it.


jmarinara t1_iso82mq wrote

We already knew he was unfit, but thank you for speaking out.


Doug4Prison t1_isoloce wrote

Yeah no shit someone that should be at least tried for treason isn't fit for office.


TotesLiz t1_isohsv0 wrote

Only four scholars? Yikes. I think there’s a lot of like-minded people at that institution. For example, Scott Perry spent time there.


Hot-Pretzel t1_isogxuj wrote

These people are the heroes we need right now. I thank them for their service.


jlando40 t1_isp0toi wrote

He’s from New Jersey too


hedgerow_hank t1_isp7qoo wrote

They should stay there.

Oh... wait. NJ kicked these fuckers out too.



Shilo788 t1_isp8egl wrote

The NJ I know wouldn’t go for that stuff at all, maybe Copland suburbs in some areas but as a whole the conservatives were fiscally conservative.


hedgerow_hank t1_isp93ht wrote

This does not explain why PA is getting NJ sludge running for office.


Shilo788 t1_isxd4gq wrote

That is the question to ask the candidates, they think PA will fall for it? They voted fir Trump and I tried so hard to get people to realize how he screwed Atlantic City and would do so to the whole country.


PatientNice t1_isp0ghx wrote

You know, I didn’t need someone else to let me know how bad he is for PA and our country. But it’s nice to see other intelligent people support the conclusion I already had.


fallser t1_isp5ye9 wrote

I wouldn’t trust the sack of shit to walk my dog.


sirfuzzitoes t1_isqdxo2 wrote

Hey. I'll walk your dog. For free. I'll bring treats.


OldChucker t1_isozfvo wrote

This just in..... Most people already know Mastriano is unfit to govern society.


tehmlem t1_isp0h4t wrote

Drive around a bit in central PA. You'll come to question that.


OldChucker t1_isp1jmi wrote

I'll be in Gettysburg for Halloween weekend, how will ever I discern the supporter households from the holiday decorated houses of horror?


tehmlem t1_isp3dbq wrote

One depicts a terrifying hellscape where long dead horrors rise from the grave and the other is halloween decorations.


Soccermom233 t1_itc5koe wrote

Like the Mastriano sign next to a Confederate flag? Saw that in Lebanon Co. this week

Problem is these people know who he is, what he stands for...and that's what they want. Lotta hateful people here.


Amaranthous t1_isqa5u1 wrote

Doug is nuts extreme far right. I've always been republican but I'm switching to the D this year lol.


RubberChickenRacing t1_isqjnc9 wrote

It is imperative that EVERY non-Republican voter in Pennsylvania show up and vote for Josh Shapiro. If we split the vote on impossible-to-win fringe party candidates, we’ll hand the state to the Republicans, and in two years the Senate will go to them, and our Democracy will die.


Hoppiness83 t1_isp9t0e wrote

Is there any doubt that he's unfit to be governor? The guy is a complete waste of the 10 seconds it took to conceive him.


momlin t1_ispo6o2 wrote

He's unfit for most of what this life has to offer. What a douche, and that is being kind....


timesyours t1_isqsawo wrote

I’ve seen or heard 50 Oz ads for every 1 Fetterman. I hope they know what they’re doing.


Dude-in-the-backrow t1_isrd94i wrote

Mastriano is a zealot.... zealots have no place in politics especially ours. Stick his far right belief system up his arse...


MomofRath71 t1_issjalr wrote

Truthfully this election scares the last bit of republican out of me! Vote BLUE and stop this train wreak.


BKND570 t1_isp6d6z wrote

Masteiano’s own mouth says it out loud it’s not hard to here it.


OrangeSundays19 t1_iszdk29 wrote

Dude's unfit to be a Civil War reenactor, let alone the fucking governor.


Another-random-acct t1_isp6djv wrote

I can’t wait for election season to be over. So sick of hearing non stop political shit.


ho_merjpimpson t1_isplwp2 wrote

Ohh please.

90% of your reddit presence is you starting political arguments and talk shit to libs. if you truly didn't want to hear political shit, you wouldn't spew political shit every chance you get.


Keinichn t1_isp855w wrote

It's not going to stop when election season does. If Shapiro wins, you're going to see constant political shit about the election being rigged and votes being challenged. If Doug wins, you're going to see constant political shit about the political shit he's signing and pushing. In a little over a year, you're going to see 2024 political shit starting up.

The only way you're going to get away from it is to get off reddit and turn off the news. This is world we live in now.


Wonderful_Log_5055 t1_isp5jbn wrote

Is this reddit thread /pennsylvania mostly a liberal one?


Keinichn t1_isp7qtp wrote

Reddit in general leans left because "18-35 tech savvy males" is the site's main target market and that market is usually on the left politically.

Though if you want to expand that further, reality and history tend to lean left as well. Permissive and progressive ideas have a habit of catching on and becoming part of society as time marches forward.


ThunderySleep t1_ispykri wrote

The good progressive ideas. Ideally there's some back and fourth and the good ideas eventually get pushed through, and the bad ones disregarded, usually forgotten.


McKlown t1_ispc37e wrote

Well there are a quite a few pro-Oz/Mastriano people that come into these threads and have been acting like total jackasses for months but still aren't banned, so take that for what you will.


BeltfedOne OP t1_ispeyci wrote

Not at all. A lot of people find actual facts in the disinformation smog.


hbgbees t1_isobh0x wrote

I don’t like Mastriano, but I don’t really understand why I should care what were college professors think about him


neddiddley t1_isoh8j3 wrote

The general idea is that when you see denouncements from people/groups that you’d expect to be friendly to a particular candidate, it generally says a lot about that candidate.

This isn’t just a couple of random professors from you’re average university, this is a war college. While I also suspect it trends more conservative than your average college, he’s also ex-military, so I think the average professor would probably prefer to sit this one out.


hbgbees t1_isoj00c wrote

OK, that makes sense. So I already don’t like Mastriano and I don’t care about the war college opinion. However, I can see that people who care about the war college and their opinion would be people who would probably support Mastriano, so that opinion would (might) make a difference to them.

Thanks, I appreciate getting the clarification.


BeltfedOne OP t1_isokmeu wrote

Their comments on Oathbreaking are particularly poignant.


mcs0301 t1_isoc3ud wrote

It shows a pattern of his behavior and mental process. Making up facts and outright lies are concerning enough. When it's from someone who wants to run the state, it becomes far more than concerning.


[deleted] t1_iso4lbt wrote



scotticusphd t1_iso5916 wrote

War college professors aren't exactly left-wing extremists.

It takes a particular kind of idiot to call everyone who disagrees with them extremists, when it's your party, and your party's leader that attempted the violent overthrow of our government.

You people are modern-day Nazis.


[deleted] t1_iso5m16 wrote



spaideyv t1_iso7dqa wrote

Now i've seen the calling people that disagree with them a bot move a lot but I'd managed to avoid seeing the ol "people that disagree with me are domestic terrorists" move up until now.


PADabber724 t1_isocy90 wrote

Mastriano is literally a terrorist who tried to overthrow the us government. Yet you morons think he’s a “patriot.” No he’s just a christofascist hate monger who wants to send the country back to the 1800s. Americans have fought wars to keep pieces of shit like this out of power yet now you’re welcoming a fascist Nazi into our own government. The Republican Party is nothing more than a conglomerate of evil wealth hoarders and the pathetic poor idiots who buy into their lies and in turn vote against their own best interests.


Charirner t1_isokgdn wrote

What misinformation exactly are you referring to?


Reynard1981 t1_isopze7 wrote

Bwahahahaha is that a serious question? Almost everything you liberal democrat extremists post on here is misinformation

OP is a flipping lunatic and only proves my point how liberal democrats are in fact the domestic terrorist extremists


BeltfedOne OP t1_isoqzup wrote

Your post history suggests that you took an Oath of Service. At what point did you decide to abandon it for blind allegiance to a person instead of the US Constitution?

*edit- MAGA oathbreaking snowflake appears to have rage quit, deleted comments, and blocked me. Something that he has accused liberals of doing in his post history. The gigantic irony is that I am not a liberal, I take sworn oathes to be binding, and expect others to do the same. "Funny", but not really...


B-Pgh420 t1_isozjzv wrote

They don’t ever answer when it doesn’t fit their crazy agendas


fallser t1_isp6gmp wrote

What are we teaching these goons in our military training to act like this when they get out? It’s somewhat unsettling.


Thiccums27 t1_isp8359 wrote

Did you, what I assume to be a grown adult just actually use Bwahahahaha in an attempt to debate? Do you think you're like an evil villain?


hemiones t1_isp1ppu wrote

Just like a right wing extremist to deflect and blame rather than answer a basic question.

God its like they never matured past highschool.