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MandoFett123456 OP t1_istgwe3 wrote

> The U.S. Supreme Court on Tuesday sided with an unsuccessful Republican candidate for a judgeship in Pennsylvania and threw out a lower court's ruling that had allowed the counting of mail-in ballots in the race that he had sought to exclude because voters neglected to write the date on them.

The conservatives in the state and on the Supreme Court want to throw out your vote if you make one mistake

Edit: You can still register to vote, don’t let the GOP take away your rights and freedoms. Make a plan to vote. Make a plan for your friends and family to vote. Do it today and don’t delay

Edit2: Early voting is also an option!


IsTh1sNameTaken t1_istitb3 wrote

That is concerning. Hopefully this inspired thousands to vote in-person instead of by mail.


Disgruntled_Viking t1_isu2d3s wrote

I made that decision right after the last election. I knew it was going to be one of their moves and if Mastiano cheats his way in we will never have representation from PA again. He has said this much already.


the_real_xuth t1_istp0zk wrote

The only issue with that is that in many places, especially cities, there can be long lines to vote which will deter many potential voters. At the polling place I worked at on the morning of the 2020 presidential election there was an hour long wait to vote and it was that short because roughly 1/2 of the votes cast at that district were cast by mail.


BluCurry8 t1_istrvvb wrote

Not everyone can take off work and stand in lines for hours. Mail in ballots allow people access to the vote. Pennsylvania should go completely mail in like Washington state.


phillybookwoman t1_iswiimv wrote

I want to vote IN PERSON. The whole mail-in ballot issue were so bad the last time, I just want to do it in person.


BluCurry8 t1_isxi8rr wrote

I am not sure what you are talking about. I had zero issues with the mail in ballot. I received emails throughout the whole process tracking my ballot. Easy, no waiting, no trash being pushed at the polls.


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Wissahickonchicken t1_isudc6f wrote

The Court didn’t perform any analysis on PA’s election code in vacating the Third Circuit decision. It was strictly procedural, and not a ruling on the merits of the argument to count undated or wrongly dated ballots.


P3as_And_Carrots t1_isu5bjb wrote

And there it is. I was looking for the context. This is the kind of stuff the supreme court is supposed to do. Wonder why the lower courts didn’t go that route in the first place.


Atrocious_1 t1_isu5y93 wrote

Because the lower court understood how dumb a statute it is


P3as_And_Carrots t1_isu69xb wrote

I’ll be honest I don’t know much (or understand much) about law stuff, so I was genuinely curious. I guess it’s just something I’ll have to call my reps about (unfortunately, one of them is a 2020 election denier 😩).


Naive_Metal_3468 t1_ists7nr wrote

And this is why I always vote in person. I don’t trust the republicans.


Suggett123 t1_isvwwe7 wrote

Isn't there a postmark on the envelope, with a date?


pocketbookashtray t1_isuxxo2 wrote

Why is it always the Democrats that assume their followers are the ones too stupid to follow simple rules.

Perhaps they are right?