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[deleted] t1_istjvs5 wrote


IsTh1sNameTaken t1_istk6qg wrote

I don't want to take away your vote, my hope is that as many people will vote in-person as possible instead of mailing.


PaApprazer t1_istmm0p wrote

How about those without your mobility? Can they use mail in or are you taking away their right to vote?


ROTLA t1_istljfe wrote

What’s the difference? And you can start pulling out a few instances of scattered issues with mail in ballots and my counter will be the mountains of evidence of election interference by Republicans, including Jan 6.


thenurgler t1_istql6s wrote

The difference is that voting in person makes voter suppression a lot easier.


No-Setting9690 t1_istqj7m wrote

There has NEVER been a case of mail fraud that affected any outcome. Vote by mail is as old as voting in itself in the US.


Charirner t1_isttsa9 wrote

Why? Mail in voting has existed for a very long time and is the primary way service members vote when overseas. Do you want to take away veterans votes?


Finrodsrod t1_istz2og wrote

Why do you hate old people, people in the Military, expats living abroad, college students, and people with disabilities?


IsTh1sNameTaken t1_isuhhbe wrote

I want absentee voting and its previously used process to remain in use.

I do not want massive mail-in voting by anyone for no reason when it can give rise to these types of confusion-inducing scenarios or lead to uncertainty to which criteria need to be met and which don't, creating gray areas.

To be perfectly honest, if we want to deflate this issue voting in-person will go a long way in helping that (if the person is capable, which is what we've been doing all along until 2020.)

Our government should make voting day a national paid holiday to cut out the obstacle of work/ school.