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HectorsMascara t1_istlae4 wrote

> Ritter argued that mail-in ballot rules improve election administration and deter fraud.

> Vacating the ruling does not change Ritter's loss in his race.


MandoFett123456 OP t1_istm6th wrote

There is no voter fraud. It’s all made up by Trump and repeated by his lackey Dr. Oz. For some reason reality TV stars just love making it hard for working class folks in PA to vote


Desperate-Role9199 t1_iswnrio wrote

You just believe the first thing you read don't you. If you haven't noticed the media is biased as fuck and you're absolutely blind to what's actually going on if you don't think that there was cheating. I watched them stop counting ballots for no fucking reason, and there's video of those chicks running the same batches of ballots numerous times. Ntm all the videos of people stuffing the shit out of drop boxes. And another thing...since 2016 all I've heard is Dems like Hillary, and Stacy Abrams fucking swearing up and down that "trump" stole the election. Or "Kemp stole Georgia" so you my friend have proven to be a HYPOCRITE


insofarincogneato t1_iswzh2p wrote

And who was behind releasing these videos? Remember, you said the media is biased as fuck.

Literally none of those things proves fraud. What, someone stopped counting on video? What of the numerous State's recounts with special poll workers?recounted ballots... How do you know what it was for, if they were counted twice or just double checked for accuracy? Putting ballots in a box... Do you even hear yourself? Why don't you volunteer as a poll worker since you have so little faith in the system?

We leftists said the electoral college should be abolished, not that the results of the election.. the actual number of votes weren't legitimate. If you're gonna talk shit about something, get it right 👍


CheckPlease54 t1_isxjejp wrote

Everything you’ve said has been easily debunked. You lost, grow up


JacoDaDon t1_isuw1kt wrote

To think something like voter fraud doesn’t exist when candidates run campaigns receiving donations of close to $2,000,000,000 is one of the most naive statements I’ve ever heard.

You got individuals and groups donating millions upon millions of dollars — Very powerful individuals, I might add.

If you don’t think that campaigns aren’t willing to pull out all the stops and explore every possible avenue both legal & illegal in order to secure a victory and reap the spoils that victory brings you need to come join us in the real world.

Despite the agreed upon talking points all your favorite partisan hack journalists obnoxiously repeat what you’ve been lead to believe is far from the truth.


captrespect t1_isv5rje wrote

Until you have actual evidence of this you are just spouting paranoid conspiracy theories.


Advanced-Guard-4468 t1_isva7qn wrote

There was someone in Philly that was arrested and doing time for voter fraud? Is it enough to overturn an election? Who knows but to think it doesn't exist is pretty ignorant of what takes place.


framistan12 t1_isw680x wrote

To expect that there would be absolutely zero fraud in an election where thousands or millions of votes are cast would be naive. To demand that we add entire layer of rules and procedures that everyone must follow to a tee in order to thwart that one guy in Philadelphia is asinine.


Advanced-Guard-4468 t1_iswza0d wrote

Yes, why put rules in place to prevent fraud, because none exists /s

That one person was responsible for hundreds of fraudulent ballots being cast. It wasn't just one or two.


framistan12 t1_isxg4w5 wrote

You are referring to this?

That was fraud all right, but that was an inside job by someone on the election board to stuff ballot boxes. That was not Gramma forgetting to write a date on her mail-in ballot.


Advanced-Guard-4468 t1_isxgnon wrote

If you look at my 1st post. Someone said voter fraud doesn't happen. It does and we should try to discourage it from happening. We never know about it until after the election.


Tidusx145 t1_isv604a wrote

The jump from scuzzy campaign donations to voter fraud is a huge jump. Mostly because it crosses the line from legal yet unethical to illegal and unethical. Not impossible but extremely unlikely without some actual evidence.


BluCurry8 t1_istriy6 wrote

Deter fraud? The date in question is on the outside envelope, there is a date on the inside ballot already. It is a duplication. Stand corrected. It is only on the postal envelope and the signature is to confirm the voter declaration. I still do not see how this deters fraud. It is no different than signing in at the polling place (which does not make any declaration)


Ukieboar t1_isttc4o wrote

There's a date on the inside ballot? Are you sure?

The date on the outer envelope - the only date on the return portion of the ballot may be immaterial, because the Voter Registration office date & time stamps returned ballots. If the ballot is received by the Voter Reg office by the predetermined deadline, it should count - if the date is the only "issue"/not taking into account other factors.


BluCurry8 t1_isu14xf wrote

I am looking at my ballot right now and you are correct. Also, what you are signing and dating is the voters declaration not the ballot itself. So it is really not pertinent to the ballot at all. It is just to make sure what you can and cannot do after submitting the mail in ballot.


Canopenerdude t1_isu7nr0 wrote

> Vacating the ruling does not change Ritter's loss in his race.

I love this part. Dude's just a sore loser but he's going to create precedent to disenfranchise people over his own ego.