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nesquiksand2 t1_istmgbt wrote

Just curious, what are you guys going to blame this time when your candidates lose?


reverendsteveii t1_isu44vv wrote

I've been lurking in the Mastriano Memes Facebook group for weeks now just so I can be there when the narrative goes from "we're definitely gonna win" to "there was definitely widespread but unprovable voter fraud", and also to take screenshots for the FBI when that widespread but unprovable voter fraud leads to Republican terrorism.


psychcaptain t1_isug37z wrote

Lol, I live in small town PA, and where I would usually see a ton of GOP election Signs, I see only a few. And although it's not many, I have seen more Shapiro or Fetterman signs than this area should ever have, if the GOP would win.

My town will still go Red, but on the state wide race, I think it's going to be a victor for the Dems (but I am sure it will be close, because it always is).