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BluCurry8 t1_istriy6 wrote

Deter fraud? The date in question is on the outside envelope, there is a date on the inside ballot already. It is a duplication. Stand corrected. It is only on the postal envelope and the signature is to confirm the voter declaration. I still do not see how this deters fraud. It is no different than signing in at the polling place (which does not make any declaration)


Ukieboar t1_isttc4o wrote

There's a date on the inside ballot? Are you sure?

The date on the outer envelope - the only date on the return portion of the ballot may be immaterial, because the Voter Registration office date & time stamps returned ballots. If the ballot is received by the Voter Reg office by the predetermined deadline, it should count - if the date is the only "issue"/not taking into account other factors.


BluCurry8 t1_isu14xf wrote

I am looking at my ballot right now and you are correct. Also, what you are signing and dating is the voters declaration not the ballot itself. So it is really not pertinent to the ballot at all. It is just to make sure what you can and cannot do after submitting the mail in ballot.