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trs21219 t1_isu808x wrote

Another Software Engineer here. Completely agree. Paper ballots with digital scanning is the best way. Anything else can and will be hacked.

Also love the XKCD reference there.


BluCurry8 t1_isucvjc wrote

Anything can be hacked. Even paper ballots that are scanned. At the end of the day you are still using software to tabulate the outcome. Ughhhhh


trs21219 t1_isud933 wrote

On a small scale sure. But if the tabulators are only able to push data, not allow incoming connections, and you have an auditable paper trail with a certain percentage of machines being randomly audited you can be pretty damn secure while still having fast results.

Way less attack vectors than online voting though.


heili t1_isuh23m wrote

> and you have an auditable paper trail

The voting machine should print me a receipt of my votes as it recorded them.