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BluCurry8 t1_isuap60 wrote

Anyone can commit fraud, republicans use it as a tool to disenfranchise voters as well as committing the fraud themselves.


crazypants9 t1_isubnul wrote

They are fucking Americans every day right in front of you. They are so pro life they want to cut Medicare and Medicaid and social security. And if your wife or daughter will die without an abortion, we’ll that’s the price of freedom. Like all the dead children’s bodies they walk over. If you ever wondered how Germans got taken by the Nazis, it started like this. Even the antisemitism is being screamed. Fuck the GOP before they fuck us all.


JacoDaDon t1_isuwk1d wrote

Biden’s added $4,000,000,000,000 to the national debt. Thanks to Democrats their ain’t gonna be any Medicaid, Medicare or SS anyway.


crazypants9 t1_isuztre wrote

Republicans gave billions to the most wealthy among us in tax breaks. What’re does that money come from? Get your head out of your ass.


CheckPlease54 t1_isxiu98 wrote

Trump spent more than any person in history in four years.


JacoDaDon t1_isymr2e wrote

Umm remember Covid 😂


CheckPlease54 t1_iszp4e6 wrote

Umm, he spiked the deficit before that.


JacoDaDon t1_it30arp wrote

2016, 2017, 2018 & 2019, all 4 years he was in office, the deficit under Trump was lower than it was under Obama in 2009, 2010, 2011 & 2012. Since taking office in 2020, Biden has tripled the deficit in comparison to Trump. Not to mention, just look around you. What are YOU experiencing? I’m experiencing the highest fuel prices & highest inflation I’ve paid in my life as a 43 year old born in America. That’s a fact. When Trump was in office, I could not say the same thing.

Basically it goes like this . . . if you’re in your 20s and not a democrat—You don’t have a heart, but if you’re in your 30s and not a Republican—You don’t have a brain!


CheckPlease54 t1_it3jor0 wrote

Obama lowered the deficit from a GW high of 1.8 trillion to 600 billion. Over a trillion drop. Trump immediately spiked the deficit, and you’re just leaving off Trumps last two years…lol

Biden didn’t triple any deficit. You’re lying

Trumps tariffs and massive debt spending caused inflation when demand came back under Biden. Demand on lack of supply is a world wide problem. You’re take is naive.


JacoDaDon t1_it4kau4 wrote

Trump was not POTUS in 20 or 21. I linked the deficit numbers. You just won’t look. You’re a classic, “if it’s good my guy did it. If it’s bad the last guy did it” guy.


CheckPlease54 t1_it4vej9 wrote

Actually, his budget runs through 9 months of 2021, and he was President until January 2021

Nothing you said is correct

I actually look, and don’t ignore Trump’s massive debt spending and deficits.


CheckPlease54 t1_it537wy wrote

Trump didn’t take office until January 2017. You can’t do years