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Cold-Resolve1923 t1_isvgbro wrote

I miss the olld days of getting a doe license. Now you need a lawyer to figure it out


cowboyjosh2010 t1_isvjahx wrote

I really don't think it's all that bad today. It's no more complicated than it ever was before (back when I started hunting 20 or so years ago), you just have more licenses you can buy now. What would be ideal is if the PA legislature would vote to allow the PGC to sell and issue antlerless licenses the same way that almost every other hunting/fishing license is sold: through an online portal. That'd really simplify things. But I digress and go back to still standing by it that this rule for ballots is both not that hard to follow and also completely useless if the goal is extra security around voting.


Cold-Resolve1923 t1_isvjlx4 wrote

On line portal,,AMEN..Oh, I started in 1967. Single shot 12ga while dad used the 3030 he bought after the war