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pocketbookashtray t1_it5dwdl wrote

We can agree that government agencies make life difficult for everyone. Less government is always a good thing. But you overstate the difficulty of getting an ID. There is not one piece of evidence that voter ID, anywhere in the world, has inhibited legal voting.


insofarincogneato t1_it5h8p5 wrote

If there's no problem getting an ID and there's no good evidence that voter fraud is a wide spread problem then I have to wonder why you're not questioning why it's such a huge party platform.

Why make it harder?

You know you can't prove a negative right? If people are inhibited from voting how would you be able to keep statistics on it? Site the source of a study done on it.

When government makes things harder, it's disproportionately harder on marginalized people. I just don't get why voter ID is the one "inconvenience" you're arguing for.


insofarincogneato t1_it5in2r wrote

How do you rationalize the requirements of ID? Should homeless people not get to vote because they don't have a legal address? Should we charge people for legal documents that are needed in order to exercise their rights?

All this kind of talk does is further politician's agenda to discredit and to influence folks to lose faith in our system. What do we do when Democrats take majority and we have to fight for even more strict requirements? Are we gonna take their word that it's in good faith? Cause I'm not really here for that.


pocketbookashtray t1_it9agib wrote

So every other civilized country is doing it wrong.


insofarincogneato t1_ita4znq wrote

What an argument... Is every other country doing gun licenses right? How is it that America is compared to other countries only when it's convenient?