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hachijuhachi t1_it9gcg9 wrote

Nope. Your analogy only works if drunk driving literally didn’t have a meaningful outcome. You’re comparing drunk driving - something that injures and kills innocent people (10,000 deaths/year per NHTSA). Voter fraud has never been shown to impact the outcome of any recent U.S. election. It used to be rampant. It’s just not anymore. Technology and practices have improved to remedy what was once a real problem. It’s a poor analogy. One is a real problem. The other is a windmill that quixotic republicans are trying to convince us all is a giant.


pocketbookashtray t1_itcc248 wrote

That you think voter fraud isn’t rampant says all anyone needs to know about your intelligence.


hachijuhachi t1_itchw95 wrote

That’s all you got? Here I was hoping I was up against someone with some real evidence, something beyond a baseless claim. But then you switched gears to “you’re dumb” and now I’m honestly a little disappointed.

What I haven’t seen is any voter fraud with my own two eyes. So I gotta depend on reports of others. And see, the only others who claim that there is “rampant” voter fraud, even voter fraud that amounts to anything more than a handful of republicans who tried voting multiple times (shame they didn’t realize this really isn’t an effective way to impact the outcome of an election). Those who do claim that there was voter fraud have been the last president, who lost the election and has a reputation that, let’s just say, calls his credibility into some question, and those who support him.

Wouldn’t it be better for you guys to say “ok. You know what? We lost that one. It sucks. But let’s find someone else who can continue the things we liked about the last president (who lost) and leave some of the things we didn’t like behind?” Find a new standard bearer that more people will take seriously. All these voter fraud claims make the claimants look like sore losers.

Can’t you find me one reputable, unbiased report of rampant voter fraud? One?