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merklegroot t1_isxb5dm wrote

I triple dog dare you.


vasquca1 t1_isxjofz wrote

How many people will get the reference 😆


angrywords t1_isxldt1 wrote

Probably more than you think.


BadRabiesJudger t1_isxlpbj wrote

They play it 24 hours Christmas Eve on tbs. Theirs a reason!


JinzoWithAMilotic t1_it0oell wrote

Still to this day, this is the only channel my dad allows on Christmas day. I'm 26 now. I feel like it's been since I was born this was a tradition.


Pink_Slyvie t1_isywjyf wrote

>How many people will get the reference

Less and Less. I'd guess if you are under 30, there is a solid chance you don't know it.


Sticky_Duck t1_it0chjl wrote

I'm 24 but my mom's a Christmas story fan and she's got tons of little Christmas story decorations, she's always saying lines from the movie too


WolfmanBCM t1_it21617 wrote

You'd be surprised. This is like a tradition that's passed down to each generation. My kids are 8 and 5 and both know the movie because my in-laws have this playing on TBS on Christmas while we're there.


OkContribution420 t1_it1qvt4 wrote

Christmas Story 2 with the OG Ralphie comes out on 11/15! The original is already on there if y’all can’t wait for TBS.


PocketSpaghettios t1_isx71ka wrote

Keep that shit to yourself


Bird_Brain4101112 t1_isxbf0n wrote



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Least-Bag1626 t1_isx98bf wrote

I'm asking for everyone in NEPA to bring all fans outside, point them west and turn on the highest setting. I'm not ready for snow yet.


AlVic40117560_ t1_isxfs06 wrote

I’m asking for the complete opposite. I can’t wait for snow!!


IllRepresentative603 t1_isxg8ae wrote

You can have my share.


AlVic40117560_ t1_isxny2z wrote

I’d be more than happy to! I always tell people that hate snow/winter that they need to pick up a winter hobby like skiing/snowboarding. You’ll learn to start looking forward to it rather than dreading it.


Lumpy_Space_Princess t1_isyqw8e wrote

My heart says "oooh, fun" but my knees say "oh god no"


AlVic40117560_ t1_isyz7rf wrote

You don’t have to rip through moguls to have fun. Cruise down the greens and your knees will be fine!


PocketSpaghettios t1_isxzme2 wrote

I don't even have my snow tires yet, I'm waiting for them to be delivered 😭


jondough23 t1_it0myqe wrote

Same. I bought aJeep for the snowy days. Had free 2 days last year to fuck around in the snow, I’m waiting to go play it in


Terboh t1_isxwnrv wrote

NWPA resident here, we've got plenty already thank you very much


wowimlostinthewoods t1_isxhoxz wrote



Batman413 t1_isxk0wg wrote

Lol at first glance I thought it said Harrisburg. How many inches?


pittpink t1_iszqys0 wrote

Me too, until I saw your comment. I was like uhhhh where?


Holdmypipe t1_isx7eiu wrote

Crazy that Michigan getting 18 inches of snow


bboggio28 t1_isxbmgh wrote

used to go to Clarion. i swear above the I80 corridor is in a fantasy land like crossing into Narnia. ha ha ha. .


Blexcr0id t1_isy0mm1 wrote

I went there as well. I miss walking home on cold and snowy nights with the soothing sounds of the glass plant in the background. Lots of good memories up there.


Jtk317 t1_isyrcdo wrote

Same. I remember going from morning practice to the cafeteria up cardiac hill and having the part of my hair outside my cap freeze a bit during a cold snap that froze a layer of ice over all the snow.

I swear I acclimated better to the cold then but it has been almost 15 years since Clarion so maybe older me is just breaking down from adulting.


bboggio28 t1_isyue6c wrote

Yep. Had to go from Ralston down to Still Hall then back up and over to pierce and tippin. Good scheduling in my part.


Jtk317 t1_isyvqj4 wrote

I spent most of my time in Pierce with a handful of classes at Founders. Graduated about 2 years prior to the new science building going up. Otherwise I was in the pool or hiking. That part of Alleghany National forest is amazing even to a PA native who has hiked all over the state.


absentmindedhealer t1_isx73df wrote

Howdy Harlansburg!! I think your town has a really cool bunch of architecture visible while driving through on Route 19. One of these days the family and I plan on wandering visiting.


JustVern t1_isxxegh wrote

Somerset Co. checking in. Also have snow on the ground and it is still snowing.


lager81 t1_isxk5p6 wrote

Let's gooo!!!! Fire up the sleds, wax the skis, bring on winter!!!


sockbref t1_isy0p5u wrote

Winter is coming 👀


Tr0gd0r17 t1_isx9s0n wrote

Born and raised there. Still visit when I can. Fantastic place to grow up. Unfortunately, it’s changed quite a bit since then and it’s not as nice as it used to be. So much nostalgia though. Not a well known place where I live now, so it’s really cool to see it on here. Thank you for this.


Knarrenheinz1989 OP t1_isxbvxp wrote

I have only lived out this way for a little more than a year, so I don't know what Harlansburg was like back then. There are still a lot of cool old buildings there.


clover44mag t1_isxezzb wrote

Ever been in the cave?


Tr0gd0r17 t1_it31wx3 wrote

Noooope. Weren’t even allowed near them as kids. Used to live right off the hill there. Parents and grandparents always lectured us about how dangerous it was. Most of the issues they caused though were when we had hard rains the bigger rocks would come loose off that hillside and the entrances to the caves and roll out onto Rt. 108. If you came down that hill too quick, and everyone always does, it could do a number on your car if you didn’t see them in time.


clover44mag t1_it39df6 wrote

A few friends and I went in around 2001/2002. Pretty cool, very muddy, low headroom most of the time, strings going everywhere so you could find your way back. Good thing I did it when I was younger, I cringe thinking about going in there now lol. It's locked now at least


Sybertron t1_isxq12g wrote

I can hear the universal cat hiss from everyone upon seeing this picture.


warda8825 t1_isyckof wrote

Dear Pennsylvania,

You can keep it. We don't want it.




mklinger23 t1_isxgys9 wrote

Damn. It was cold this morning, but I didn't know it was THIS cold


[deleted] t1_isxgyo3 wrote

We haven't had any, in my part of PA. (South western)


wowimlostinthewoods t1_isxhrxu wrote

Snowing in Potter County 🎉🎉


[deleted] t1_isxhxd4 wrote

How much?


wowimlostinthewoods t1_isxi3y6 wrote

It just started where im at. Rain snow mix.


[deleted] t1_isxixvc wrote

Well be safe if you gotta go out! I'm kinda excited to see the snow when it arrives, but, it gets old quick.


wowimlostinthewoods t1_isxj4gw wrote

It'd be real cool if the State opened Denton Hill for skiing again! I feel the same way.


Ct-5736-Bladez t1_isyaoww wrote

No thanks, keep God’s cocaine up north


Ctfwest t1_isxbb21 wrote

That better be a shit ton of cocaine because I hate snow.


discogeek t1_isx9ouw wrote

That's all you got?


Knarrenheinz1989 OP t1_isxbby7 wrote

How much snow did Erie county get?


discogeek t1_isxnuvt wrote

Maybe a half inch of slushy snow yesterday, mostly gone by 9am. Another quarter inch this morning. Really wet snow, thankfully mostly gone when the sun is up 'cause hovering around 30 degrees at night.


Yelloeisok t1_isxeftn wrote

Too soon, just too damn soon.


writergeek313 t1_isyaxse wrote

My condolences! It’s too early for the white stuff!


BartlettMagic t1_isylihw wrote

Dude I'm right down the road behind Green Meadows Golf Course. We had 4 inches on the ground and I had one hell of a drive to work at 6am


E-werd t1_isyxspz wrote

I came over the hill by Walmart in NC looking north and there was a clear line about 1-2 miles ahead where it had snowed. Nothing on the ground where 422 goes west.


Aconite13X t1_iszo2ox wrote

Our furnace just died. Please keep this until its fixed


luke2576 t1_isztfww wrote

I don’t see any goat


googlebearbanana t1_isztt3t wrote

That's pretty close to me. It looks like you may have gotten just a bit more snow that me. Nice pic.


Toastfur t1_it0ibir wrote

Over in Houston we still haven’t gotten any thank god


RUIN_NATION_ t1_itafjpv wrote

we got snow? I was up early and saw nothing early as in 5am


oh_umkay_yah t1_isxo6co wrote

No no no no you keep that snow up thar