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AnInsolentCog t1_it6wmlr wrote

To Dougie M -

Prove it or STFU Cap'n Asshat.

You are a proven liar, coward and seditionist.

You should have been stripped of those ribbons you love to parade around with after your actions on Jan 6 2021, at the very least.

You are a disgrace to the U.S. Army, Pennsylvania, and humanity.

What a disgusting person.


cruelhumor t1_it7n0so wrote

>ribbons you love to parade around with

I find this incredibly gross. Evey interview I've seen he has insisted on wearing something he shouldn't be. There's a reason the ribbons should only be worn in certain circumstances. It's insulting to the military and to the viewers


FiveNations54 t1_it9g96n wrote

The dude thought nothing wrong with wearing a Confederate uniform. That is the definition of traitorous activity.


Zealousideal-Ad-2546 t1_it90htw wrote

Fucking right, this is gross incompetency, I've never been prouder to say I'm from western Pennsylvania versus the rest of this backwards lazy feet dragging shit talking.


porscheblack t1_it6xo8x wrote

Isn't he supposed to be fasting? If he loses the election will he accept it's God's will for him to shut the fuck up, refute his policies, and go away?


ActualPopularMonster t1_it7eclo wrote

>If he loses the election will he accept it's God's will for him to shut the fuck up, refute his policies, and go away?

Of course not! He'll double-down, say it was rigged, and claim that the "Demoncrats and jews" are trying to take over PA.

I wish I was being sarcastic, but I absolutely expect him to contest it, and make a huge stink.


susinpgh t1_it7iuix wrote

Kari Lake won't answer the question of whether she will accept an election loss:

I don't know how many will be doing this, but it's disturbing.


PatientNice t1_it7mhx2 wrote

Isn’t is hilarious that these same dolts thought their primary wins were flawless? 😂😂😂


Reynolds_Live t1_it7vxtn wrote

Heck some of their fellow republicans that ran against them claimed fraud when they lost.


ss412 t1_it8j28d wrote

Are you kidding? That’s literally been the GOP playbook for 2022 since the 2020 elections. Mastriano and every other whack job doesn’t care if they win or lose, because the plan has always been to claim victory either way.


seantimejumpaa t1_it63edu wrote

Wow how convenient for his campaign that Shapiro allegedly traffic’s children via CHOP for “gender experimentation”. But it’s totally chill because he said allegedly. Fuck this scum six ways to Sunday.


JKsoloman5000 t1_it6cqu6 wrote

Allegedly, Doug likes to butt chug cough syrup then drive impaired in school zones, allegedly. I can’t stress enough this is just what people are saying, but just incase everyone should spread this message because, allegedly, it’s true.


Ivanalan24 t1_it6lack wrote

That's not the first time I've heard that about Dougie... So it has to be true, right? Well... Since the truth doesn't matter to him, then I'll spread it around until it is true.


ActualPopularMonster t1_it7eqwg wrote

Many people are saying it. I don't know, I've never seen it personally, but he could very well be a pedophile child-sex trafficker... Who knows? But a lot of people are saying it, and I think it's something we'll have to look in to. 👐


Drewcifer81 t1_it72lrv wrote

Doug Mastriano is a pedophile.



Sprinkles_Hopeful t1_it7grg2 wrote

Republicans talk about pedophilia and perversion all day long and the reason is they are the perverts just look at them


BaggedBoostedStacked t1_it959u3 wrote

I mean Marjorie Green shows off pictures of kids' genitals at her rallies, so you're definitely onto something


Sprinkles_Hopeful t1_it81uca wrote

Dougie has babies in a pizza place and selling them


Drewcifer81 t1_it851pv wrote


Or "some people say". Because apparently that exculpates you from slander.


ss412 t1_it8jd8a wrote

Not just “some”, “many people are saying.”


Junior_Jackfruit t1_it6rlct wrote

CHOP aint gonna sit back and let this dude make these claims on large platforms


theavengedCguy t1_it7hrum wrote

Seriously, what the fuck even is this bullshit accusation against CHOP? This is wild to even say, especially about a hospital as highly respected as CHOP.


eviljelloman t1_it6wyid wrote

I hate this phrasing "wild accusations" makes it sound like he's claiming he got wasted at a party and went streaking.
He's spewing hateful anti-trans propaganda that directly causes harm to vulnerable youth. That's not just a "wild accusation", it's stochastic terrorism.


xMEDICx t1_it9949m wrote

Lmao as if calling this “terrorism” isn’t a wild accusation in and of itself


eviljelloman t1_it99gpb wrote

Stochastic terrorism is a specific term for repeatedly spreading lies that are likely to inspire political violence. Which the GOP does all the time.


BillyBuckJoe t1_it60isc wrote

Can someone please explain to me how this is not defamation?


Ghstfce t1_it63tbs wrote

It is. He's trying to cushion himself by saying "supposedly", but if Alex Jones taught us anything it's that you can still get completely F'ed monetarily


Jef_Wheaton t1_it7ajnl wrote

The way the stupid laws are written, you can pretty much say anything about someone if they are a "public person". If they're a celebrity, politician, or sports star, they're fair game to whatever horrible thing anyone wants to say about them, even if it's blatantly false.


ActualPopularMonster t1_it7f29q wrote

So it's possible to say that Mastriano is a pedophile child-sex trafficker, as long as I follow that shit up with - "But I don't personally know that for sure, I've just heard a lot of people saying it!" and then get away with it??


Megaverse_Mastermind t1_it83uha wrote

Mastriano fornicates himself with Hitler's preserved femur bone while singing "I Touch Myself" in falsetto, all while old naked men throw banana cream pies at his face and genitals. Allegedly, but I hear it all the time around these parts. Many people are saying it. Why just yesterday, a big burly man ran up to me, tears in his eyes, and said this to me. And then everyone stood up and clapped.


NoButThankYou t1_it87dfo wrote

Commentary on disclosed facts (ie, talking about something someone else publicly said) cannot be defamation. So if some rando on the Internet says "I've found a bunch of clips and news articles that I've selectively edited and misinterpreted to imply that Josh Shapiro is helping CHOP mutilate kids," and then Doug Mastriano says, "people are saying Josh Shapiro helps CHOP mutilate kids, that's why he shouldn't be governor," that is not defamation.


crazypants9 t1_it5nyif wrote

Belongs nowhere near any kind of power of office. Man is absolutely sick.


fenuxjde t1_it5hj8a wrote

Doug Mussolini sounds scared.


e22ddie46 t1_it782bk wrote

I was just talking about this a bit yesterday. I'm a Philly area citizen and watch a lot of nbc while working from home. This results in seeing a great deal of political ads.

Yet I don't think I've seen a single mastriano ad. Is he that hard up for cash that he's surrendering the entire Philly metro?


ActualPopularMonster t1_it7fpme wrote

I'm in Lancaster County, and I haven't seen any either. Which is surprising, I have to admit.


JokerJangles123 t1_it7gz6y wrote

Just saw his first ads running within the last few days. Pretty much just a blizzard of all their favorite buzzwords over the last couple years


Old_Gods978 t1_it8f2be wrote

Centre county and they are constant on YouTube and radio


AFD_0 t1_it5pi36 wrote

I heard that Mastriano is a Luciferian hybrid reptilian power-bottom. Supposedly.


ActualPopularMonster t1_it7fb5f wrote

Even Lucifer is standing back saying "Hey man, don't compare me to that angry thumb lookin' mfker."


underwear11 t1_it5t9y6 wrote

Is THAT why CHOP is so booked? Damn, trying to get an appointment there has been tough, I thought they just had a lot of people wanting to go there. Experimenting on children is way more understandable. I'm not even mad now.


Fucking idiot and all the people that follow him.


MacDynamite71 t1_it5jhdu wrote

The confederate cosplayer needs to lose big time


Zealousideal-Ad-2546 t1_it93tn0 wrote

In so many ways, what kind of peice of Pennsylvania shit so insecure he wears the fucking colors of the invading force of slave fuckers. This is infuriating.


russ257 t1_it6tceq wrote

Everyone please vote.


8Draw t1_it7442t wrote

Every dickhead that votes for this guy will end up slithering into west philly for treatment if they get cancer from their fracking-polluted groundwater or their kids have a real health issue.

Going after CHOP of all places pisses me off. Spend five minutes in that building, see what the parents are going through and tell me we aren't lucky to have them.


klauskervin t1_it77bvy wrote

Doug Mastriano is a literal Nazi. As far as I know he has kept promise to never talk to "Jewish" media or "Jews" in general. We have people in Pennsylvania who will make up excuses to elect a Nazi.


cintune t1_it5k26o wrote

Colonel Kurtz's methods have become... unsound.


YonderMTN t1_it7mcgv wrote

I don't see any method at all....

Just an alt-right stooge from Franklin County. Plenty of them around.


twinmom06 t1_it5te93 wrote



tyrael459 t1_it6oc3y wrote

All of the the things Mastriano will say over the next couple weeks will definitely be true and not at all very obvious, desperate attempts to scare gullible people.

“Walk free” and all that.


hashtagbob60 t1_it7efl7 wrote

We have a few "walk free" signs around - they blend well with the "F*** Biden" and drawings of a middle finger saying "Hey, Democrats". Lovely people.


tyrael459 t1_it7vojd wrote

Anger really is intoxicating. But how long until people just get exhausted by it all? It’s so flagrantly manipulative.


hashtagbob60 t1_it7xx1j wrote

Unfortunately, I think these people have a full tank.


drumberg t1_it5v87j wrote

What in the ever loving fuck?


worstatit t1_it7h9ef wrote

The only proper answer to this is to club Doug in the general election. Ten percent is way too small of a margin for Pennsylvania to show the rest of the country we won't tolerate this. Vote.


akennelley t1_it70rsi wrote

Mastriano tomorrow:

"Josh Shapiro is a half-anteater/half-human hybrid from the planet Boingshaboing. Vote for me!"


Finrodsrod t1_it7gyuf wrote

Dear God, if this bastard wins, PA is all but guaranteed to have a worse population decline and his policies backed by the bat-shit insane PA Congress will turn this state into another Red-State, welfare shithole like Kentucky, Alabama or Louisiana.

The Republican take over of Wisconsin is a perfect example of what will happen to PA. Wisconsin used to be great, and now it's a ghost-town ridden cess-pool, with Minnesota reaping the benefits of the educated brain drain.


Old_Gods978 t1_it8f88e wrote

I think Philadelphia insulates it from being as bad as those places to an extent. There is too much capital there


MomsSpecialFriend t1_it7999g wrote

Yeah he got a whole degree based on making wild accusations.


Exodys03 t1_it5vz0x wrote

Huh? Please don’t let this dude become PA Governor, folks. I wouldn’t be that horrified if Oz won the Senate seat because he at least is still connected to reality. This guy… notsomuch.


Jazzy41 t1_it6jq91 wrote

Not so sure about that. Oz peddles snake oil and as a physician, he intentionally feeds medical misinformation to the public.


hoochie_215 t1_it6oyug wrote

He also mocks fetter man's health issues. How can you be a doctor and do that? 🤢🤮


Joe18067 t1_it6m3vd wrote

And tortures and kills puppies.


chickey23 t1_it77o2x wrote

It sounds so fake, but the reality is so much worse


JokerJangles123 t1_it7hi8u wrote

Oz is just the typical maga grifter that will be a gop yes man to collect his bags of cash. Dougie over here is a legit fucking nazi true believer


Emergency_Nothing686 t1_it6kvm7 wrote

well now here's a good litmus test: ask the snake oil salesman what they do at CHOP. If his answer doesn't involve abducting homeless youth or foster kids, that's one point for him.


Finrodsrod t1_it7h6yw wrote

I'm glad that Dougie has like a 3% chance to win, but we've got to vote our asses off to ensure it doesn't happen. Mastriano will be a bigger disaster than Tom Corbett. He WILL completely murder the PA education system. PA WILL experience brain-drain to Virginia, New York, Delaware, and New Jersey. With Mastriano as governor the PA population will shrink faster than it already is and EVERY town will be as run-down as most of the mid-state shitholes.


itasteminty t1_it7dz3d wrote

I heard that guy fucked an ostrich, Allegedlies...


Knightwing1047 t1_it826md wrote

Fucking idiot. I’m sorry if you go on a “news” network and it’s got REAL or TRUTH in the name, you automatically know it’s right wing bullshit propaganda


hashtagbob60 t1_it7eqt1 wrote

Somebody must have experimented on Doug's brain to turn him into what he is today...


Sprinkles_Hopeful t1_it7gjmd wrote

He is doing what Trump did put the suggestion out there that it's rigged way before the votes are counted so it sinks into the minds of the dopes that literally believe what these people say the most egregious are the women validating a man like that who wants them dead for having an abortion what the hell is going on in America right now??? is half the country absolutely freaking nuts???


carrigan_quinn t1_it7gsyl wrote

Yo I heard Doug Mastriano sneaks into retirement homes and fucks dementia patients. allegedly. What gives?


Cold-Resolve1923 t1_it8wv6b wrote

If by the sick chance he and oz win, I willl have lost all hope for our republic.


better_med_than_dead t1_it8z3rz wrote

Republicans...I'd type "LOL", but they are an absolute danger to this country at this point.



Dunn_or_what t1_it9ai1e wrote

This is another case of the Qunatics trying to take over the asylum.


jlando40 t1_it7wbd4 wrote



woodysbackinpa t1_it8iitb wrote

This is how the republicans are going to win, because they know they’re dumb enough to believe anything they’re told. Trump said that also in 2016. They’re already starting in Arizona by intimidating and harassing voters at the polls. Desperate means for desperate people.


calicoskiies t1_it8mt9j wrote

He’s so delusional 🤦🏻‍♀️


hedgerow_hank t1_it8obl2 wrote

Republicans have nothing. NO-thing. No plans. No policies. No ideas.

Republicans have hate. Hell... they don't even have hate - they just use it to stir up the morons they want to vote for them.

It's time America left "republicans" behind and got on with fixing the country after four years of trump trying to demolish it.


Dunn_or_what t1_it98xnw wrote

This guy is off his rocker. Or most likely his meds. WTF is this guy taking to have such a twisted sense of reality. Is this why he was booted out of the military? Sorry, asked to retire?


twin-shadows t1_itc8viq wrote

He probably hates that I’m a woman and can think for myself.


drimmie t1_itoa6wu wrote

I can't believe we have a candidate like this who has a good chance of becoming governor of this state. Jesus fucking christ on a cracker, this is astonishing


Reynard1981 t1_it8ecre wrote

Facts always trigger the left. These aren’t “wild accusations” you just can’t handle the truth. Shapiro can’t even debate Mastriano, Shapiro is a coward.

I know I’ll be downvoted by the leftist cult. It’s all they can do on this sub. So much for being able to find factual information for yourselves, just trust what you read on the internet.


beeps-n-boops t1_it98pb2 wrote

so you actually believe that CHOP is experimenting on children? You truly legitimately believe that is happening?

Show us your evidence fucko. Right now.


Reynard1981 t1_it9evpq wrote

The fact that you need to resort to incoherent rambling and name calling just shows your lack of intelligence. There’s no point even replying to people like you, you’re beyond reasoning. Stick to your liberal hive mind of misinformation.


beeps-n-boops t1_it9kj66 wrote

Show us your evidence.

Except you can’t, because you haven’t any to show.


beeps-n-boops t1_itagco2 wrote

Still waiting.

And what "incoherent rambling"? I merely repeated the words your guy literally said.

So, defend them. Show us the evidence. Come on now, you're so certain, you must have evidence right?

No, of course you don't. It's the rightwing way in 2022. Just pull absolute nonsense out of your ass and present it as fact.


beeps-n-boops t1_itnos0t wrote

Still waiting for you to produce your facts and evidence.


Reynard1981 t1_ito0007 wrote

It’s been presented. It may not fit your agenda. After all, we all know you people hate facts.


_KnightsDelight_ t1_it5l4fa wrote



SuggestAPhotoProject t1_it7rsr7 wrote

What’s with this weird account that always comments “OK?”

Do you also believe that CHOP is abducting homeless kids for experimentation?


yeags86 t1_it8p7zu wrote

Look at other shit he says. Straight up loser worth no further attention.