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Thanks in advance.

Edit: Just a young, sheltered adult struggling with google, so I thought I'd ask the folks who've perhaps been here longer than me. I appreciate the answers, no matter the size.

Cheers, homies.



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fenuxjde t1_it5d2e7 wrote

Because its the card you take to have them use a "camera" on you. Those rebels!


JTzReddit t1_it5e9sb wrote

Before they used digital cameras, they took your picture and laminated to the card if I remember correctly.


craggy_cynic t1_it5y39a wrote

If I recall correctly, the camera card had all your identification info on it, and it was literally inserted into the camera, which had two lenses - one focused on you, and another on the camera card itself. Your finished DL would then be a combined single image of the two side-by-side photos - one of you and one of your information. That's why it's called camera card.


JTzReddit t1_it6yxi0 wrote

Yep. And now I feel REALLY old tho.


sprcpr t1_it8nw4q wrote

Yes, and I am almost older than the picture ID. Many of my friends had a DL before the picture ID which made faking a DL easier. The early generation wasn't all that difficult to forge as well but required a picture and an ID (because there was no way to just print out a form easily, no printers that were accessible by mortals) it was just easier for a couple of years to use an older paper DL.


RedditAllAway0 OP t1_it5fa9m wrote

If that's true, that would explain it perfectly. That would have been a while ago, which explains why I couldn't find my answer on Google. Thanks for your time.


Spud_Rancher t1_it5qy9k wrote

Don’t lose the camera card or it’s a pain in the ass to get another.

Source: my license expired and I lost it a week before traveling out of state to get married and needed a photo ID


RedditAllAway0 OP t1_it5uerd wrote

I appreciate the warning. I'm actually working to get some replacements for some important documents after I stupidly got them destroyed. Guarantee you I'm putting all my shit in a strongbox this go around.