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Open_Veins_8 OP t1_it9k5t4 wrote

“In the face of attacks on and discrimination against the #LGBTQ+ community, this grant empowers us to stand up in the face of bigotry and provide more educational programming and resources to youth,” stated Planned Parenthood Keystone CEO and President Melissa Reed.


kiddestructo t1_it9mj0t wrote

Fuck the haters. I may be “straight”, but who the fuck is anyone to judge, never mind try to legislate their misplaced hate! Good on these decent folk.


tyrael459 t1_it9zv3a wrote

That’s the thing for me. Just live and let live.


shewy92 t1_itbukdj wrote

"You complained that we had one rainbow room so we decided to add another one. We're just giving you what you want."


Exciting_Analyst3931 t1_it9vsgd wrote

What's a rainbow room?


ur-internet-pal t1_itc0uge wrote

It’s where they put the gays.


ActualPopularMonster t1_itduikk wrote

>It’s where they put the gays.

Well, they used to have to hide in a closet, so I'm glad they have an entire room now.

(/s, because fuck having to hide who you are.)


drxdrg08 t1_itcjgph wrote

Physical separation of a minority group in an attempt to help them gain acceptance among the majority group is a great idea.


pittbiomed t1_itbu8dg wrote

Great humans doing great work


Grumpicake t1_itcprph wrote

Double rainbow, all the way!


Alixmrie t1_itcdmjl wrote

That much money spent on a second. Wow!


ThunderySleep t1_itacrd3 wrote is a newly created propaganda spam site disguised as an existing local news journal. The site was created in late 2021 (this election cycle) using a WYSIWYG plug-in for wordpress and really crumby hosting. No one involved in this site is a professional in any capacity, hence the use of a WYSIWYG.

The site doesn't even make the three pages on google for "local news bucks county pa".

It did not exist before Dec 2021.

There is no and has never been a printed copy.

There is no buckscountybeacon office.

It's a malicious site disguised as a preexisting local newspaper to deceive users unfamiliar with the area and what the local papers are.

OP's reddit account exists to spam this site.


Open_Veins_8 OP t1_itae3zh wrote

My Favorite right-wing troll, lol. The site is fed through Google News, it's work has been cited by The Philadelphia Inquirer and WHYY, among other media outlets, they have dozens of contributors from Bucks County and throughout the state, everything in this article, like its others, are accurate. Aren't you missing a replay of Tucker Carlosn right now. Keep trolling, I'll keep correcting :)


ThunderySleep t1_itaeqee wrote

> Keep trolling, I'll keep correcting :)

You didn't address anything in my comment, let alone correct anything.

Showing in organic SERP results aren't the same as submitting your site to be listed under google news, which isn't remotely indicative of authority, much less not being a scam site. But of course you don't know that, because you're some neckbeard fumbling around with a WYSIWYG trying to disguise a propaganda spam site as an existing local news journal.

Nice one adding a giant banner begging for money to build a real site since I called you out on it though. Wouldn't have noticed this post if you hadn't drunkenly posted to our conversation from a week ago on your other account btw.

Your homepage images still don't consistently load btw.

Nothing about this site is legit.


Open_Veins_8 OP t1_itafeys wrote

I don't have another account...You must be drunk. Look we get it. You are a right-wing troll. It's what you do. You don't like progressive news. Everyone can see all of the contributors of this grassroots independent media project. Keep trolling, I'll keep correcting, and folks will keep reading. xo


ThunderySleep t1_itagmu9 wrote

Yup, /u/PensiveLog, a less than a week old account just happens to to start replying to my comments in a dead thread from last week, the one you spent an entire day trying to defend your spam site on, the same evening you're back on reddit spamming this site again.

> elementor-2492

Doesn't even know how to create proper URLs, gives away that the site's built in a WYSIWYG (called elementor). But yeah, it's totally authentic, lol.

Like I said, nothing about this site is legit, and no one involved is a professional in any capacity. Hence wordpress of all things being too complicated for this totally authentic organization, so you need a WYSIWYG.


Open_Veins_8 OP t1_itagxp2 wrote

LOL, you are so desperate. Less than a week old? My account? really? That's ok. Aren't you missing Fox News programming or are you multitasking?


PensiveLog t1_itbkzch wrote

No, my account. He thinks I’m you. He’s so sure that no one else could possibly think he’s hilariously ridiculous, that obviously you and I are the same person.

Though, to be fair, we’ve never been seen in the same room together.


ThunderySleep t1_itaha2c wrote

You can't even defend it. It's a shitty WYSIWYG-built propaganda site disguised as an existing local paper.


garylarrygerry t1_itbm8fc wrote

Hey, everyone! This person knows what WYSIWYG means! Isn’t that sooooooo impressive?! They must really know what they’re talking about because they keep saying the same thing over and over super confidently!


ThunderySleep t1_itbwwhs wrote

It's common knowledge what a WYSIWYG is, not some tech secret. They're not something used by serious legitimate organizations, they're utilized by kids playing around, mom and pop businesses, hobbiests, etc.

Legitimate decent sized organizations aren't needing WYSIWYG plug-ins for wordpress. Let alone organizations supposedly made up of journalists, who are typically capable of running a wordpress without the training-wheels of a WYSIWYG. This goes even more so for organizations who solely exist as a website. There's no buckscountybeacon office, no buckscountybeacon printed copy. It exists entirely as a scam site pretending to be a normal local paper.

Yet OP can't even build a functioning site. This is some incompetent guy's blog that he's trying to fake as being a local newspaper so as to deceive users.


garylarrygerry t1_itc0nm9 wrote

Look! This person knows ALL ABOUT WYSIWYG and it’s industry usage! They’re legit!

Seriously though, where did Wizzy Wig touch you? I’m worried about you.


ThunderySleep t1_ith91ly wrote

I'm here to point out you guys aren't some well established local newspaper as you're trying to deceive users into thinking you are.


chaqalaqalaqa t1_itc9gk3 wrote

Bro I’m a software dev and this isn’t the slam dunk you think it is. Lots of perfectly reputable sites are run using Wordpress or Gradle or some other template-based system


ThunderySleep t1_ith8vvc wrote

It is. Nobody's talking about wordpress. Wordpress is a fine CMS, especially for a magazine or blog.

They're usingelementor plug-in for wordpress, which is to turn wordpress into a WYSIWYG editor. Not something legitimate organizations do, much less journalists who are typically familiar with wordpress enough they don't need to turn it into wix.

If you're a software dev, you should be seeing a lot more glaring issues than that. I've gone into a lot more issues than that in their last thread.


chaqalaqalaqa t1_ithik99 wrote

Glaring issues like… what?


ThunderySleep t1_itkoil9 wrote

Images that don't load, generated URLs for primary pages (hence how I discovered it's built with a WYSIWYG), homepage is a cluster-fuck of carousel plug-ins stacked on top of each other, doesn't make it anywhere near the top pages on google for "local news bucks county pa", a logo design that looks like it's from 2002 paired with a super generic newspaper name suggesting their aiming at deceiving users into believing this is some existing established local newspaper, despite it being an activist site built this very election cycle.

These are glaring issues..


stahleo t1_itaklj6 wrote

You're the desperate one. "Buckscountybeacon" LOL


chaqalaqalaqa t1_itc97hx wrote

What makes it propaganda?


SuggestAPhotoProject t1_itcbau6 wrote

He hates LGBTQ people, so anything that doesn’t fit his bigoted agenda is propaganda.

Assholes like that should be removed from this sub.


ThunderySleep t1_ith9n7e wrote

Excuse me, what? Where did pull this from?

> Assholes like that should be removed from this sub.

In most subreddits, a claim like that out of nowhere is a violation of the rules. You don't know me or anything about me, nor have I said anything about LGBTQ people.

But leave it to the scammers behind thebuckscountybeacon to randomly slander anyone who criticizes their scam site.


SuggestAPhotoProject t1_ithaerf wrote

Your post history is proof of my statement, and judging from the downvotes, everyone else seems to agree.


ThunderySleep t1_ithb7bn wrote

Link one comment suggesting I hate LGBTQ people...

All you've got are blatant lies.


SuggestAPhotoProject t1_itcazx4 wrote

The bucks county beacon is older than your hatefilled four month old account.


ThunderySleep t1_ith8r1l wrote

First, I'm not attempting to mislead users by faking some kind of authority.

Second, what hate? Wtf are you talking about?


SomDonkus t1_itbybf1 wrote

This dudes account is like 100 days old. That’s the biggest red flag of a troll I’ve ever seen. Take into account almost an exclusive comment history on politics and you’ve got your answer lol the audacity to even bring up account length


madmanz123 t1_ithcgo7 wrote


Yeah.. that's not how you determine if a site is legit or not. Lots of both locally run news org and even larger sites use a WP backend and also often use a RTE editor (no one uses the term WYSIWYG anymore, that's like 2000s lingo).

You don't need a print copy of a news org to be "legit" Also, what is legit these days? I lived in west philly, this site iss WP powered and not fancy, but it's also a legit news site: that was run by locals.

From the Beacon support page
"Your support of the Beacon is an investment in a progressive future for Bucks County – a future where we as a community continue to make strides in achieving social, economic, and racial justice with an environmentally sustainable future. "

Now you may not like the news it features and that's fine. But please stop spreading bullshit. Someone put it up, that someone is progressive/liberal. The fact they used a traditional newspaper name is not exactly a conspiracy theory as it is just something commonly done to look more pro. If you have a gripe to pick with an article and want to fact-check it fine, but jesus stop whining.


ThunderySleep t1_itknq6g wrote

You're saying WP as though wordpress is the criticism.

Nobody is criticizing the use of wordpress. I'm pointing to the use of a WYSIWYG extension because wordpress is too complicated. And yes, this is a solid measure of legitimacy and professionalism.

Legit organizations with dozens and dozens of employees as this site's claiming to have don't operate on essentially a wix site with a broken homepage.

Furthermore, I didn't discover the WYSIWYG usage until deep into a discussion with OP trying to defend this scam site, when he linked his about page with a messy URL featuring the plug-in name.

The site was created this election cycle and is named and designed to suggest it's some long established regular local newspaper, despite being an activist site with 95% political content.

"bucks county beacon"? That's chosen to deceive readers into believing this is some regular long established local newspaper. Same with their logo designed like it's from 2002.

> If you have a gripe to pick with an article and want to fact-check it fine, but jesus stop whining.

Bud, you're chiming in trying to derail the discussion by pretending the critcism is the use of wordpress.

No one is criticising the use of wordpress. This site has a barely-functioning homepage with images that don't consistently load, a mess of broken carousels, built using a WYSIWYG. The site doesn't even appear in the top three SERPs for "local news bucks county". Buckscountybeacon is a misleading site, disguised as an established local newspaper. The very first article I clicked on turned out to be republished content from elsewhere.

It's a scam site. One that you're being disingenuous in defending, by trying to pretend the criticism is over the use of WP. The first time someone pointed to it might have been from skimming. The second time after I explained this says you're not being honest here.


B_Rad- t1_itafwtt wrote

Stop calling attention to your sexuality and nobody will have anything to judge.


Nix-7c0 t1_itb0pzh wrote

Cool, you too: no holding hands in public, no eating together at restaurant while smiling, no pictures of your family in your workspace, no wedding ring for people to ask about, and on and on and on


ManfredsJuicedBalls t1_itbeltd wrote

Stop being a bigoted asshole, and maybe everyone can live their lives without wondering if their identity gets them harmed


B_Rad- t1_itbp9h4 wrote



shewy92 t1_itbv6tq wrote

What's typical? The fact that you commented something anti-LGBTQ on a Pro LGTBQ post and get negative responses? What exactly did you expect? A blowjob for speaking your mind? I'd give you one but that would be kinda gay which you apparently hate.


B_Rad- t1_itew7hc wrote

You have no idea what I do and don’t understand. And, yes, owning libs and loving it. 😊


sewerrpunk t1_itf505i wrote

You're an adult whose personality is built off of upsetting others. I have a good idea of what you understand.


shewy92 t1_itbv7sr wrote

What are you judging them about? It's a place where people can learn about LGBTQ things. You know, the things that schools try to suppress and therefore leave LGBTQ kids confused and scared. If this shit was normalized then we wouldn't need Rainbow Rooms to educate kids on non hetero-sexualities that schools generally focus on.


PensiveLog t1_itbnjla wrote

Does that apply to hetero people as well, or is it only a standard for people you have an unhealthy dislike for?


SuggestAPhotoProject t1_itcbguu wrote

Didn’t Jesus specifically tell you to not judge other people?

Why do you phony Christians constantly ignore Jesus?


Angry_ClitSpasm350 t1_itcw8g7 wrote

That was woke Jesus. Maga Jesus says hate everyone that doesn't look like you, think like you or act like you. So basically, if you're not white straight and male, you have absolutely no right to exist in this country.


Practical_Law_7002 t1_itcnll0 wrote

>Stop calling attention to your sexuality and nobody will have anything to judge.

Stop thinking they want your attention by being proud of who they are when they're simply fighting societal stigmas...


B_Rad- t1_itcug9d wrote

I’m a man who likes men BTW. Just never understood the need to make a big deal over it.


flaaaacid t1_itgvepq wrote

Then that’s doubly fucking pathetic.


B_Rad- t1_ith5l6z wrote

Can’t handle an opposing opinion, I see.👏🏻


B_Rad- t1_itcu81t wrote

Not trolling but what exactly are they proud of?


Angry_ClitSpasm350 t1_itcwrf8 wrote

Proud to be gay... there's too many people that hate on others because of who they love. If yall weren't constantly trying to make gay/trans people a bogeyman, they wouldn't need to be so open about it and it would be just like any other man and a woman being in love.

Why can't everyone just be themselves? Is someone being gay somehow hurting you or affecting your life in a negative way? No. So who gives a shit who they love? Why does it bother you so much?


B_Rad- t1_itcywt3 wrote

I’m not bothered as much as you are by assuming I’m bothered. Which I’m not. I can appreciate their point and still not agree with it. Doesn’t make me a bad person.


Angry_ClitSpasm350 t1_itczjkv wrote

I mean... I'm not really bothered by you being bothered... I'm straight and married so i really dgaf what anyone does with their life. I'm not sure whats not to agree with... we are all guaranteed freedom in this country right? That doesn't mean only the freedoms you agree with, that means freedom for everyone REGARDLESS of race, creed or sexual identity.