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WookieeSteakIsChewie t1_itlt8ua wrote

What's unusual? The governor race is the most effective AG in Pennsylvania history vs a lunatic wannabe fascist.

The senate race is a carpetbagger shitty TV doctor vs a Men In Black alien in an Edgar suit.


GoofWisdom t1_itlumw1 wrote

Not where I thought you were taking that haha


IAmMostDope92 t1_itllg2t wrote

Dropping my ballot off today. A vote against facism. I’m voting blue in 2022!


dreamerindogpatch t1_itloxkw wrote

I just got notification that mine was received. Thank goodness for mail in/absentee voting. Sitting in Denver at the mo, may not see PA again until Thanksgiving, haha


StarWars_and_SNL t1_itlylnd wrote

Eh, Charlie Dent, the editorialist, is a mixed bag. On one hand, he had enough of Trump’s antics and retired from his Republican US house seat. On the other hand, he voted with Trump 93% of the time.

And yeah, “crazy” is a weird word here.

When your options for dinner are pasta or pavement, is that crazy? I guess whoever put pavement on the menu is nutso, but the right choice is easy and sensible. Do it and move on.


FreakerzBall t1_itm43l0 wrote

A shallow comparison makes a better blurb, but for all his weirdness, Fetterman dedicated his time to improving lives for the citizens of Braddock, a town that couldn't afford a full-time mayor. He succeeded. The Dems are terrible at getting a focused message out.


klauskervin t1_itmmwaz wrote

Apparently not being an anti-Semite like Mastriano is cause enough to be called "Crazy".

How the hell did the GOP get to the point where they are openly embracing anti-Semitism in a state with such a large Jewish population?


Speakslinux t1_itmwa03 wrote

I just love the fact that Mastriano was to show up at the Spooky Nook with all of his other republican colleagues, and instead bailed. I don't really know the story behind it but supposedly he had other committments? This even was apparently scheduled for some time.

EDIT: I can't wait for November 8th. I've already decided whom I'm going to vote for and its not the dude that loves the moonies religion, nor the fake doctor.........

Edit found the link:


Steelplate7 t1_itnodux wrote

Me neither(can’t wait until November 8th). I am so sick of the ads…..SO FUCKING SICK OF THE ADS!!!!!!!

I am to the point of one thing that I have never done before….I am gonna walk into my polling place with a great big hard on…..and color in ONE BLOCK. Democratic Party line….all the way.

I have previously tried to research the candidates…but you know what? After January 6th? If they still identify with the party,they are either fucking batshit crazy or they are so beholden to monied interests that they can’t back off….that they shouldn’t be 100 miles from a government position.


Mijbr090490 t1_itnghv8 wrote

“I don’t know what happened. Usually have about 3 percent of the speakers, historically, something comes up,” Clark said told . So I’m assuming something legitimate came up. I just don’t know... I really thought he was going to be here.”

Poor fella having a hard time coping that daddy Dougie was a no show.


DonBoy30 t1_itnduas wrote

So a celebrity doctor who kills puppies in between selling fake weight loss pills and a deluded weirdo walk into a bar…


Present_Creme_2282 t1_itpzoh4 wrote

Yeah you have to be a moron to vote for a snake oil salesmen, over someone who dragged braddock, pa out of extinction