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Wuz314159 OP t1_itn9r8o wrote

>Police and the coroner were called shortly after 8 a.m. Monday to the1100 block of Powder Mill Hollow Road in Earl Township, authorities said.


>"We talked to somebody that had been talking to this person around 10:30 last night (Sunday) and the call just went blank or whatever, what happened in that situation," says Boehm.


>A release from police says the driver of a 2008-2012 red Jeep Liberty was traveling SB on Powder Mill Hollow Rd. and struck the victim, before heading south without stopping.
>There should be right side damage to the vehicle, authorities say.
>Debris near the body gave police a place to start. State police say the vehicle description was gotten from numbers on parts of the vehicle found near the body.


tinacat933 t1_ito6831 wrote

I know your quoting the article, but was gotten? Really


jicket t1_ito8fc0 wrote

Sounds pretty normal to me, and I'm not PA Dutch. How would you have written it?


tinacat933 t1_itoa1m2 wrote

Debris near the body gave police a place to start. State police determined the vehicle description from part numbers left behind from the accident.


-_Y_e_s_- t1_itqaut5 wrote

I think it should technically be either:

"police say the vehicle description HAD BEEN gotten from numbers..."


"police SAID the vehicle description was gotten from numbers..."


Unique-Public-8594 t1_itncnja wrote

Quick facts:

Powder Mill Hollow Road, Earl township, Berks County.

Deceased (un-named) found at 8a Monday.

Police seeking red Jeep with right side damage.