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RecallRethuglicans t1_ittm0ii wrote

Yes, Biden said he would cure cancer during his term. Are you for Biden or are you for cancer? It’s not a tough choice.


101fng t1_itu23hh wrote

Any political candidate that promises something like that is lying to you. You’re INCREDIBLY gullible for even entertaining the idea.


[deleted] t1_itw7ux3 wrote



101fng t1_itwc9wa wrote

I’m leaning towards 9 years old. It’s the most palatable explanation and it sounds exactly like something a 9 year old would say.


RecallRethuglicans t1_itvarns wrote

I’d rather be gullible than supporting cancer


101fng t1_itvd4z7 wrote

Those are not your only choices. You can, in fact, not support cancer while simultaneously not be gullible. It breaks my heart to have to explain that.