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cabhsshsbshs t1_ittc480 wrote

There’s a reason why Albert Einstein wasn’t a politician. You need traits beyond intelligence. Your ability to rally people and speak your mind confidently are by far more important traits than sheer intelligence


whitemage82 t1_ituhfx0 wrote

Your opinion and underestimation of people with disabilities is sort of shitty.


cabhsshsbshs t1_itvx3iy wrote

You think me suggesting a man who can’t speak, or listen shouldn’t be in office is shitty?

And I wouldn’t say I’m underestimating him, he’s just not prepared for office at this moment in time. And given his failure stint as mayor of Braddock, I’d say I’m justified in suggesting he never was.


whitemage82 t1_itxloe7 wrote

There are plenty of people who say he made Braddock better online. I’m not a resident there so I can only say unless you live there over the course of the time before and after he was in office I don’t really think you have any grounds to stand on.

Oh yeah I think it’s shitty still btw. You seem awful.


cabhsshsbshs t1_itxv2eo wrote

Online sure. My uncle lived there, voted for him, but fetterman ended up doing nothing to help the issues he ran on fixing. All he did was drive people out of the city by the hundreds, ruin the economy, and cause crime to increase by around 50? percent. And imagine telling someone they’re shitty for not wanting someone who’s literally mentally disabled to represent millions of people. Hilarious.