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snuffy_tentpeg t1_its0azz wrote

The United States Senate is undeniably one of the most important deliberative bodies in the world. I believe we should send the most articulate person possible to represent us. Fetterman is not that person right now.


james97go t1_itsfc4b wrote

The problem I have as a Pennsylvania voter is not that Fetterman has had a stroke or is recovering from it. The problem is voters do not know the extent of the brain damage that has occurred and Fetterman isn't being honest about it. Why?


james97go t1_itsjphq wrote

No, I know that he is impaired enough not to be able to process speech correctly though. What else is he having trouble with? Memory? Complex ideas and problems? Abstraction? We really don't know the answers do we? Why not?


Eldendune t1_itssrv4 wrote

Fetterman deliberately did not take his stroke meds (for afib) and paid the price. Lol the desperation in this post.


LinkRunner337 t1_itstmxe wrote

I like the part where you came out as kinda neutral but then cast doubt on fetterman when you are clearly a republican who is also a bigot and doesn't believe LGBT are legitimate people.


Future_Guarantee_990 t1_itswzx6 wrote

I think you're missing the point. The job of US Senator is not to speak well. That's just a bonus. The job of a senator is to represent the people who voted for you, and that means pushing their agenda. All Fetterman needs in order to push people's agenda is the ability to understand their wants and to work towards legislative change to fulfill those wants. He's proven he's still all there. He's proven he can speak, albeit not as well before the stroke. He's proven that his stances have not changed.


So if all the important parts are in tact, and all he needs to function is a hearing aid and a bit more time to get his words out, where are you getting this idea that he's not fit? He's not a changed man. He didn't turn into a vegetable. It's just taking him time to fully recover cus - y'know - he had a stroke and his brain has to relearn motor functions.


Was Stephen Hawking an idiot because he couldn't walk or talk? Were his ideas any less valid? Sure, post-stroke Fetterman isn't ideal compared to pre-stroke, but the alternative is somebody who lies to your face just to secure the seat. Speaks better, dresses better, doesn't give a shit about your problems.


RUIN_NATION_ t1_itszn1p wrote

I'm a stroke survivor I don't see myself in him tho he has my sympathy


TacoNomad t1_itt360p wrote

Did you? Do you think auditory processing disorder is something devastating to the brain? Or did you do a little research. He's been telling you about this issue for months. You've had time.


RecallRethuglicans t1_itt8odg wrote

You should. It’s the same I tell cancer survivors that Joe Biden was and is the only candidate who promised to cure cancer during his term. A vote for a Republican is a vote for cancer and that’s just sick.


cabhsshsbshs t1_ittc480 wrote

There’s a reason why Albert Einstein wasn’t a politician. You need traits beyond intelligence. Your ability to rally people and speak your mind confidently are by far more important traits than sheer intelligence


stocksnhoops t1_ittj25x wrote

Not a chance you believe what you posted. In no language, continent or reality did oz lose. He’s a goofball searching for something to do in politics and might not be the best candidate but clearly he’s mentally in better shape and cognitive senses are far better being a surgeon. That’s not a knock on fetterman, I don’t know him but he’s clearly needing help to recover and that should trump politics


RecallRethuglicans t1_ittlmgv wrote

> he’s mentally in better shape and cognitive senses are far better being a surgeon

A surgeon who killed puppies and drinks his own pee. That’s more mentally sociopathetic than anything Fetterman has done.


Reynard1981 t1_ittw94u wrote

Oh I hope they don’t. I feel sorry for all stroke survivors to have to see what happened tonight. What an embarrassment!


snuffy_tentpeg t1_itu02rx wrote

“I do support fracking and —I don’t, I don’t, I support fracking and I stand and I do support fracking,” he managed to say after the moderator pointed out Fetterman had stated clearly in a 2018 interview that he did not support the controversial procedure.


stocksnhoops t1_itu0483 wrote

Gotcha. He only was in charge of finding the research and that research could have allowed this to escape while lying about it and getting paid more than he ever has before . Nothing to see here. He ensued dogs for this research too and he gets a pass when it’s one side. Is your hair die getting to you this late at night. Do you notice any iq decline after a session to get it blue?


james97go t1_ituollu wrote

I always considered my self pretty good at reading comprehension but I fail to see how you are able to go from the question of John Fetterman's health to a position that questioning his ability makes me a bigot that doesn't consider LBGTs as human beings. Please enlighten me as to your thought processes that somehow link the subject at hand (Fettermans's health) to your conclusion that I am a bigot that doesn't care for LGBTs. Oh and on a side note ,just to let you know my house was always considered a safe house for the teen LGBT community when my kids were growing up.


james97go t1_ituwzk2 wrote

I am serious. I used to come home to a house full of gay kids putting on makeup, playing the piano and singing and generally just being kids. They loved my place because it was safe and more importantly they loved my kids. I shit you not. I am sorry that my truth doesn't fit your bigoted biases.


cabhsshsbshs t1_itvx3iy wrote

You think me suggesting a man who can’t speak, or listen shouldn’t be in office is shitty?

And I wouldn’t say I’m underestimating him, he’s just not prepared for office at this moment in time. And given his failure stint as mayor of Braddock, I’d say I’m justified in suggesting he never was.


Reynard1981 t1_itw3i9i wrote

No, it didn’t “rattle him”. Both candidates are to have an uninterrupted closing speech. Apparently Fetterman is too childish to allow that. The senate is no place for brain dead children who hold innocent unarmed black men at gunpoint.


RecallRethuglicans t1_itw5d0t wrote

> Both candidates are to have an uninterrupted closing speech. Apparently Fetterman is too childish to allow that.

It’s not Fetterman’s fault Oz is lying so much he has to tell people the truth. The people of PA should have a Senator who will call out Republicans during debates rather than sit quietly by becuase of “decorum.”


whitemage82 t1_itxloe7 wrote

There are plenty of people who say he made Braddock better online. I’m not a resident there so I can only say unless you live there over the course of the time before and after he was in office I don’t really think you have any grounds to stand on.

Oh yeah I think it’s shitty still btw. You seem awful.


cabhsshsbshs t1_itxv2eo wrote

Online sure. My uncle lived there, voted for him, but fetterman ended up doing nothing to help the issues he ran on fixing. All he did was drive people out of the city by the hundreds, ruin the economy, and cause crime to increase by around 50? percent. And imagine telling someone they’re shitty for not wanting someone who’s literally mentally disabled to represent millions of people. Hilarious.