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PaApprazer t1_itq7eft wrote

What’s the prevalent method used to commit murder in Philadelphia?


Matt-33-205 t1_itq8rrd wrote

Most murders are committed with handguns. Side note, virtually zero murders in Philadelphia are committed with the AR-15 rifle. So you think it's a gun problem? Have any of the gun laws changed in Philadelphia in the last 20+ years, including during Krasner's term? Has the murder rate more than doubled since krasner was elected?

I'm a reasonable person, and I understand reasonable people can disagree, but I'd love to have a reasonable discussion about this issue.


PaApprazer t1_itqi50n wrote

No, I don’t think it’s a gun problem. Funny how you jumped to that conclusion.

Gun laws that haven’t changed in 20+ years could be an issue. Guns have changed, gun ownership has changed, why are we dealing with old laws?

What else has increased exponentially since around when krasner took office? Why if it isn’t gun sales. Want some rational reasoning … more guns = more gun deaths 😱


SheepherderFew3844 t1_itt9jef wrote

Maybe is Larry Would actually w fire the dozens of gun laws already on the books and jail those who possess illegal firearms it would help reduce murder and other crime. Wtf are new gun laws needed for when he won’t enforce the old ones?


Matt-33-205 t1_itqkn7z wrote

Lol, I asked you if you think guns are the problem, I didn't jump to any conclusions. Diirectly above you say you don't think it's a gun problem in your first sentence. In your last sentence, you say more guns equal more gun deaths. I think you're confused on your own position

I'll help you, the exponential increase in violent crime and murders in Philadelphia is not due to lack of gun laws. It is due to the fact that the prosecutor isn't aggressively prosecuting violent criminals

By the way, in 2016 90% of Philadelphia's murders were committed with guns. In 2021, that number fell to 85% of murders were committed with guns. Again, this is not a gun problem, this is a violent criminal problem. Violent criminals need to be locked up and removed from society


PaApprazer t1_itqm3ez wrote

I’m confused on what I think (that’s pretty trippy in itself) OR you don’t know how to read.

I didn’t say there was a lack of gun laws, I asked why the gun culture is different from 20 years ago yet the laws are basically the same.

The rest of your post is opinion, not fact


pedantic_comments t1_itqkehx wrote

No “reasonable person” or normal gun owner spends all their time jerking off to firearms, fam. You bringing up assault rifles makes you seem a tad… obsessed.

It’s very weird and definitely not “reasonable.”


Matt-33-205 t1_itqlxri wrote

I brought up the AR-15 because many lefties including Krasner seem to believe that banning these will help solve the murder problem in places like Philadelphia. This couldn't be further from the truth. According to the FBI, more people are killed every year with "hands, fists, and feet" than are killed with all rifles combined, including the AR.

Interjecting facts into a discussion is often helpful for those seeking to have a reasonable dialogue. It seems to trigger those who are not...


pedantic_comments t1_itqnnhu wrote

No, you brought it up because you’ve got a creepy obsession and wanna get in some talking points that only make sense to people who are to afraid to go anywhere without a weapon, but tell yourself whatever you need to in order to cope.

You’re a gun fetishist arguing policy in a jurisdiction you most likely don’t live in.


Matt-33-205 t1_itqp1q4 wrote

Lol, my whole family is from South Philly. It's funny but sad at the same time when people like you get triggered by facts and logic.

I brought it up because the district attorney in question specifically said guns are the problem, and that is a class of guns he is specifically seeking to outlaw. The facts I've presented have been very relevant to the topic at hand.

If I'm such a low level creep, why don't you just destroy my position with facts and logic? Seriously, exercise your brain


pedantic_comments t1_itqrrdc wrote

Nobody here mentioned it except for you.

You’re basically having a conversation with yourself about how triggered others are that you compare guns to fists. If this seems like a good argument to you, it’s only because you’ve got a weird obsession and can’t tell the difference between a foot and an assault rifle.

[If Krasner broke into your house tomorrow and took every one of your repeating firearms it certainly wouldn’t hurt the crime situation, ‘cause you simps keep losing handguns and complaining about gun control and illegal guns in the same breath.]


Matt-33-205 t1_itqshqv wrote

Hahaha, I tried bro. Keep your head stuck in that echo chamber, sorry it interrupt


pedantic_comments t1_itr9nf3 wrote

Yes, you tried to compare feet and hands to guns and thought it was very clever. It’s a good thing you’ve got guns to help your support your sense of self worth because it’s clear debate ain’t your forte.


Matt-33-205 t1_itrau22 wrote

Lol, I didn't think I was clever at all, I'm just informed. Literally more people die in fist fights every year than die from AR-15s. However, you would never know that if you never leave an echo chamber of confirmation bias. I was trying to help you grow bro!


pedantic_comments t1_itrcka1 wrote

So, we’re in agreement that your comparison is stupid?


Matt-33-205 t1_itrdf6a wrote

I'm just spitting facts bro, I'm not going to continue this exchange with you unless you bring some logical or reasonable information to the table.


pedantic_comments t1_its7rdh wrote

OK - how many school kids got murdered by hands and feet today?


Matt-33-205 t1_itsaz87 wrote

Every one is tragic. There are evil people in this world who do terrible to innocent people. Those evil people should be locked up behind bars


pedantic_comments t1_itsbcx7 wrote

No, don’t dissemble. We’re using your “logic” so please, if hands and feet kill more people than guns, when was the last massacre caused by a martial artist?


Matt-33-205 t1_itscupz wrote

You're quoting Johnny 5 from Short Circuit? Interesting.

Every year, what I said is true: all rifles combined, not just the AR platform, account for a relatively small amount of total murders. Exponentially more people are murdered by stabbing, and more are murdered by hands, fists, and feet. Look at the FBI crime statistics in the link and educate yourself:


pedantic_comments t1_itsisn9 wrote

I dunno what you think this proves, other than that you dipshits shouldn’t have access to handguns either.


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Matt-33-205 t1_itqbmxu wrote

Perhaps you misinterpreted my reply. Gun laws have absolutely nothing to do with the more than doubling of the murder rate since krasner took office. He does not enforce the gun laws that are already on the books.

When you don't enforce the law and allow criminals to remain on the streets, crime escalates. This outcome was as predictable as anything


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Matt-33-205 t1_itqdp18 wrote

Yes, we are in agreement. He's not enforcing many of the laws on the books, including gun laws. it is absolutely pointless to advocate for additional gun laws when the laws already on the books aren't being enforced.

Krasner is in charge of enforcing the law, he is completely incompetent and failing the people of Philadelphia


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Matt-33-205 t1_itqenal wrote

Maybe one of those people will step in and explain why violent crime and murder have skyrocketed under krasner? Gun laws have not changed, gun laws have nothing to do with the exponential increase in violent crime during krasner's tenure.