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ScottEATF t1_itqrufr wrote

If it were a prevailing factor you'd expect to see differences in violent crime increases in areas with progressive DAs adopting similar policies vs areas with tough on crime DAs, but that's not being born out.

Gun laws may have not changed, but gun purchases have absolutely increased in recent years. Which is why police nationwide are seeing sharp decreases in time to crime rates, which track the length of time from purchase to use in a criminal act.

If Philly deserves better the Krasner then opposition to him should be able to pick better candidates then a "Democrat" shilling for the one of the few organizations in Philly people like even less then the DA, the GOP, and a wacko ranting about bathtubs and wanting macho prosecutors.

A legitimate impeachment effort wouldn't have to prop itself up with less then credible studies as indicated by the article. That speaks to this being about politics.


TreeMac12 t1_itrnrm9 wrote

New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, Baltimore, St Louis, Atlanta, Portland, Seattle, New Orleans, Boston all have similar District Attorneys and all have similar murder numbers.

Chester, PA and Camden, NJ murder numbers are down. They also have reasonable DAs.


Matt-33-205 t1_itqt5u9 wrote

The root cause of the skyrocketing violent crime epidemic in Philadelphia is clearly visible to anyone who is reasonable and objective.

If you don't prosecute violent criminals, violent criminals will be on the streets and commit violent crime. It really is that simple.

Give me an example of a major city with a tough on crime DA that has seen the murder rate double in the past 5 years. Please educate me.


ScottEATF t1_itr3zf0 wrote

The article contains links to other articles/studies if you want to dig down to where they are getting their info.

It's really telling that you want to try and oversimplify complex issues but are dismissive of Krasner doing similar.

After all, in his view, the root cause is clearly visible to anyone that is reasonable and objective. Gun violence is driving these increases in violent crimes. Gun proliferation has increased sharply. The more guns you have the more gun related crime is going to result. It really is that simple.

The grandstanding can cut both ways.


Matt-33-205 t1_itr8ns7 wrote

Is it possible for you to cite an actual scientific study or reputable data that doesn't come from a left-leaning source? The Brennan Center...

The irony is rich here. You said "correlation does not equal causation", and then cite a left-leaning study that shows crime rates also went up in certain states that voted for Donald Trump in the last presidential election.

I am literally talking about district attorney Philadelphia Larry Krasner who is charged with administering criminal justice in the city. Not Joe biden, not Donald trump, I'm talking about the actual guy who is charged with prosecuting criminals. Larry krasner is failing miserably at his job.


KetchupEnthusiest95 t1_itrh28l wrote

The Brennan Center's sources in this case come from organizations and government data such as the CDC and FBI.

To be frank, its not Krasner who has his own issues. Because if its Krasner, I could also cite the city controller report on the PPD and instead point the blame at the police who seemingly quit doing their job since the BLM protests.

Plus, you've provided no data, just emotional lines.


Matt-33-205 t1_itrn9aw wrote

Lol, I've provided plenty of data and very little emotional arguments. Calling the sky blue isn't an emotional argument, it's simply a statement of fact.

If you don't aggressively prosecute violent criminals, and you release these violent criminals back onto the streets, violent crime will rise sharply. This isn't an emotional argument, this is a statement of fact. It's concerning this isn't obvious to everyone. I've shared the data several times, murders have more than doubled in the city of Philadelphia since krasner became DA.

The leftwing Brennan Center cherry picks data from government sources to support their position. They openly advocate for Progressive policy implementation, they don't hide it.

I will acknowledge that the Defund The Police movement impacted morale among rank and file police officers. I'm not defending that, but it's human nature


KetchupEnthusiest95 t1_itsk6vh wrote

Its an incredibly emotional argument because you're not actively providing evidence that this is happening beyond a few moments.

You've made a bunch of claims, nothing to pack them up and then act high and mighty when we point that out. We provide sources, its not good enough, but the fact of the matter is that one side brought evidence. You've brought 'common sense'.

And you can keep throwing around Philly Numbers about our murder rate, and we've responded back pointing out its a nationwide epidemic of violence in cities with both progressive and conservative DAs. In fact, New York City's DA has simiiliar views to Krasner, they have a fucking 3rd of our crime rate. And both the previous and current DA are progressive in their policies.

So if we're gonna throw around excuses, what about the sorry excuse for the Philadelphia Police Department with a notorious history including the MOVE Bombing, Joey fucking Bologna who got a standing ovation after crushing a teenage girl's head in during the BLM protest, and the FOP who've all but admitted that they want to arrest more black people.

Or how about the number of police in civilian positions wasting our time not patrolling the streets? Why aren't they held to same crushing accountability that Krasner is?


Matt-33-205 t1_itqyt14 wrote

The guy above me asserted that cities with tough on crime DA's have seen similar increases in violent crime compared to those with Progressive DA's who do not aggressively prosecute violent criminals. The link you posted citing one study from a left-leaning think tank offers no example of that happening.


Waru_ t1_itr8oof wrote

The city of Chicago has entered the chat


Lazy-Clock7316 t1_itr6vuv wrote

What about police not pursuing or arresting violent criminals? Philly cops aren’t doing much to help curb the violence. We can’t complain about Krasner not prosecuting if police aren’t arresting people who should be in jail. And another thing, drugs are rampant Philly. I’d say it’s more likely a symptom of the pandemic and the drug crisis.


Matt-33-205 t1_itr9rj9 wrote

I used to be a police officer, and I sympathize with the Philadelphia Police Department rank and file officers. From many officers perspectives, it has been demonstrated repeatedly over the last several years that violent criminals arrested will be released and back on the street in a revolving door justice system.

As an officer, witnessing criminals released and back on the streets can be very demoralizing. It's human nature to begin to take less risks as an officer to bring violent criminals to justice, especially when leadership in the city chooses not to prosecute, and releases them


KetchupEnthusiest95 t1_itrhgi7 wrote

So you have a bias in this conversation because you'd rather be sympathetic to a government organization that was just recently lampooned for bilking tax payer dollars, abusing rules, wasting manpower on civilian positions with police officers and having a union that generally stands in the way of actively fixing the many corrupt issues that permeate the entire PPD.

No wonder you want to blame Krasner, it makes the PPD look better despite them playing a big part in it.


Matt-33-205 t1_itrnoao wrote

My experience with the Philadelphia Police Department has not been positive. I was speaking personally from my experience as a police officer in a different state.


PaApprazer t1_itr7go0 wrote

And you asserted to wanting a legitimate conversation on the topic, but all your doing is insisting that you have it all figured out. Two ears .. one pie hole


Matt-33-205 t1_itr9yex wrote

I don't have it all figured out, but I certainly have some of it figured out. I don't live in an echo chamber, that's why I'm here.


burritoace t1_itra8ww wrote

>The root cause of the skyrocketing violent crime epidemic in Philadelphia is clearly visible to anyone who is reasonable and objective.

That's right, unfortunately you are neither of those things


Matt-33-205 t1_itrblcz wrote

Tell me why it is burrito. Why is violent crime skyrocketing in Philadelphia?

I maintain the primary reason is because Larry Krasner is a progressive district attorney who is very soft on crime and doesn't aggressively prosecute violent criminals.


burritoace t1_itrc317 wrote

Lol nobody cares what you "maintain"


Matt-33-205 t1_itrd8a8 wrote

Lol, I knew better than to attempt to have a reasonable and logical exchange with a burrito.


burritoace t1_itrdmhc wrote

You didn't even try, all you've done here is spout ideological garbage


Matt-33-205 t1_itrffl8 wrote

I'll try one more time burrito, why is violent crime skyrocketing in philadelphia? Why does it correlate with the term of the current district attorney who is very well known to be very soft on violent crime? Honest question, is it just a coincidence? Is there any chance that not locking up violent criminals and allowing them back on the street has contributed in any way to the dramatic increase in violent crime?


burritoace t1_its3sha wrote

Lol I have zero interest in your dumb bullshit, just here to say that's all it is


Matt-33-205 t1_its7aul wrote

Says the chump who won't answer a simple direct question asked repeatedly about the topic at hand.

Why has violent crime skyrocketed in Philadelphia, particularly since 2017?


Soccermom233 t1_itudmqw wrote

Kinda need the PPD to do their job in order to prosecute. They have to solve cases.

"The increase in gun violence coincided with other concerning gun-related trends. As gun violence surged over the last six years, clearance rates — the share of cases solved by the Philadelphia Police Department (PPD) — for homicides and non-fatal shootings declined. In 2020, just 37% of fatal shootings were cleared by the PPD. At the same time, the number of individuals arrested for illegal gun possession increased by more than 100% between 2015 and 2020."


Lots of admin bloat:

"Of PPD’s approximately 6,000 total officers, only 2,500 are assigned to patrol. In addition to officers assigned to specialized units, many officers (not officers on limited duty) are assigned to positions that conduct administrative work, such as delivering mail. The review found that PPD did not have formalized job descriptions for all positions, making it difficult to assess whether positions could be done by a civilian instead of an officer, a process called civilianization."


Fun anecdote: