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Matt-33-205 t1_itqyt14 wrote

The guy above me asserted that cities with tough on crime DA's have seen similar increases in violent crime compared to those with Progressive DA's who do not aggressively prosecute violent criminals. The link you posted citing one study from a left-leaning think tank offers no example of that happening.


Waru_ t1_itr8oof wrote

The city of Chicago has entered the chat


Lazy-Clock7316 t1_itr6vuv wrote

What about police not pursuing or arresting violent criminals? Philly cops aren’t doing much to help curb the violence. We can’t complain about Krasner not prosecuting if police aren’t arresting people who should be in jail. And another thing, drugs are rampant Philly. I’d say it’s more likely a symptom of the pandemic and the drug crisis.


Matt-33-205 t1_itr9rj9 wrote

I used to be a police officer, and I sympathize with the Philadelphia Police Department rank and file officers. From many officers perspectives, it has been demonstrated repeatedly over the last several years that violent criminals arrested will be released and back on the street in a revolving door justice system.

As an officer, witnessing criminals released and back on the streets can be very demoralizing. It's human nature to begin to take less risks as an officer to bring violent criminals to justice, especially when leadership in the city chooses not to prosecute, and releases them


KetchupEnthusiest95 t1_itrhgi7 wrote

So you have a bias in this conversation because you'd rather be sympathetic to a government organization that was just recently lampooned for bilking tax payer dollars, abusing rules, wasting manpower on civilian positions with police officers and having a union that generally stands in the way of actively fixing the many corrupt issues that permeate the entire PPD.

No wonder you want to blame Krasner, it makes the PPD look better despite them playing a big part in it.


Matt-33-205 t1_itrnoao wrote

My experience with the Philadelphia Police Department has not been positive. I was speaking personally from my experience as a police officer in a different state.


PaApprazer t1_itr7go0 wrote

And you asserted to wanting a legitimate conversation on the topic, but all your doing is insisting that you have it all figured out. Two ears .. one pie hole


Matt-33-205 t1_itr9yex wrote

I don't have it all figured out, but I certainly have some of it figured out. I don't live in an echo chamber, that's why I'm here.