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ThunderySleep t1_itraepg wrote

Ah yes, the great pandemic of 2017.

The BS on the left has gotten worse lately because moderately intelligent democrats have been shutting their mouths, only leaving the total idiots still pushing the nonsense.


ell0bo t1_itrwb8r wrote

Yeah, I'm guessing you don't really pay attention to markets and economics, or if you do and you're purposefully forgetting the reality of 2017.

In 2017, the Fed starts raising rates (thanks Obama for 7 years of a growing economy). In 2018 Trump started to raise tariffs. By 2019 we were heading for a recession, recall us bailing out the farmers. They weren't the only ones hurt. Trump then had his famous dinner with the head of the Fed, which had them cut rates back to 0.

Our economy hasn't been great since 2018, it was on life support heading into 2020, and a lot of cash got tossed at it to save it. Low interest rates, lots of cash, and trumps tax cuts... shockingly we ended up with inflation.

So yeah, when crime starts to rise, check the low level economic numbers, you might learn something.


ThunderySleep t1_itsvbce wrote

The economy was excellent until the COVID lockdowns.

No sane person believes otherwise.


ell0bo t1_itswjku wrote

Lol, ignoring reality makes you sane?

Yeah, they definitely had to cut rates to 0 for an excellent economy, which meant when covid hit we could only spend our way out. I'd hate to have seen the situation if the economy wasn't excellent.

I appreciate the laugh, thank you.


Hugh_Jarmes187 t1_itun06t wrote

The guy is a fucking idiot, and brainwashed to boot. Perhaps that’s redundant.