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MoveItSpunkmire t1_itrvkts wrote

Good. Republicans are criminals


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MoveItSpunkmire t1_itsijv6 wrote

Trump wants to date his daughter.Paid for sex and then paid for that person to keep quiet, while cheating on his wife.Matt Gaetz is involved in pedo sex traffixing .TRIPLE YIKES.

Oh Trump trying to stop an election = Domestic Terrorist actions.
Quad Yikes.


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MoveItSpunkmire t1_itsisan wrote

i love that you are trying to rationalize prostitution and cheating on his wife who just had a kid.Great ethics guy.
Thats what you got out of that comment. she was a porn star....


Woodyee101 t1_itsjajy wrote

You’re talk’n about crackhead Hunter right?