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Or0b0ur0s t1_itsdcaj wrote

Next month's headline: Republican election officials do it anyway, Republican DA refuses to file charges, and when the Feds do, Trump-appointed judge dismisses the case...


MoveItSpunkmire t1_itrvkts wrote

Good. Republicans are criminals


[deleted] t1_itsgpiw wrote



MoveItSpunkmire t1_itsijv6 wrote

Trump wants to date his daughter.Paid for sex and then paid for that person to keep quiet, while cheating on his wife.Matt Gaetz is involved in pedo sex traffixing .TRIPLE YIKES.

Oh Trump trying to stop an election = Domestic Terrorist actions.
Quad Yikes.


[deleted] t1_itsio56 wrote



MoveItSpunkmire t1_itsisan wrote

i love that you are trying to rationalize prostitution and cheating on his wife who just had a kid.Great ethics guy.
Thats what you got out of that comment. she was a porn star....


Woodyee101 t1_itsjajy wrote

You’re talk’n about crackhead Hunter right?


Varolyn t1_itrpkt3 wrote

One less dirty trick for the GOP to use.


all4whatnot t1_its66fz wrote

The thing tho is the important races in PA this year are statewide. Are counties required to try and cure? Because the counties that just wouldn’t even try to cure are the ones where Shapiro and Fetterman will need to make up some ground.


CatOfTheDecade t1_itspsho wrote

Why is it that every Republican argument involving voting basically boils down to "PEOPLE ARE CASTING VOTES AND IT'S ALTERING THE RESULTS"?


dominos38 t1_itt3oqz wrote

I think its more of if the vote is legitimate or not that republicans are worried about. That’s why voter id is a good prospect to them imo voter id is a good thing its not hard to get id. all people have to have a drivers license to drive its not hard to get that. So the voter id can’t be hard or impossible for people to get


susinpgh OP t1_ituq98x wrote

Requiring an ID is essentially a poll tax since it is something that is charged for. Which is against the constitution. It would be fine if the ID was free.


deadcat6 t1_ituzxav wrote

Cool beans, I'd like to hear your constitutional analysis on buying a firearm and the legality of the National Firearms Act.


randomnighmare t1_ituppo9 wrote

For now but I would bet it's going to be voter a mix of intimidation/threats of violence/actual violence (like what is already happening in Arizona), them trying to throw out as many ballots as possible, Oz declaring "victory" before the election, Oz and the Republicans trying to end the vote count early, etc...


PPQue6 t1_its0m1d wrote

Womp womp...


BrightProfessional8 t1_itu8d24 wrote

MSNBC is not a sound source of information


ShantyTed89 t1_itvjmdi wrote

Except that you can easily corroborate each statement of fact in the MSNBC story. The PA Supreme Court deadlocked. The Rethuglicans lost their bid to cheat and suppress registered voters in PA. It may not be the outcome you want, but that doesn’t make it inaccurate.


BrightProfessional8 t1_iu19r6r wrote

Your response didn't have any corroborating facts. MSNBC is just fear mongering so people like you will help their ratings. You probably won't understand now, but you will when you get older.


ShantyTed89 t1_iu1t5yj wrote

My response wasn’t intended to include a bunch of facts. You can see the public record at PA’s own site. Aside from FauxNooz, whose commentators admit in court that their shows are made up “for entertainment” and not real, any number of sources could have reported this story as every news office is following this contentious backwater we live in. Oh, and I’m old enough to know better, as in old enough to not to be taken in by the rhetoric of fear mongers, carpet baggers, and snake oil salesmen from Turkey.


BrightProfessional8 t1_iu32ndj wrote

LOL look at MSNBC website "Oz Dangerous Trade", "Lindsey Graham really should have kept this Herschel Walker comment to himself", "Brands were right to drop Ye. Now do Tucker Carlson." EVERY TOP ARTICLE IS AN OPINION PIECE. MSNBC is a joke of a news organization.

Only neutral source is ABC News in my book.


simplicity1973 t1_ituj3at wrote

Democrats has screwed this country up real good..... Are you better off now than you were 4 years ago? If you said yes you're lying.


susinpgh OP t1_ituqjw0 wrote

Yes, I am. I have always done better when the country has been led by democrats.


chaqalaqalaqa t1_itvgl9g wrote

Well, the president is no longer a man child in bed with Putin, so that’s a plus.

Unfortunately his Supreme Court nominees who said they wouldn’t touch Roe v Wade lied to Congress when they said it was settled law.


mainelinerzzzzz t1_its5ekm wrote

Don’t worry grandma, I’ll fill out your mail in ballot for you.


appleslady13 t1_itspasp wrote

Does that happen a lot in WA and CO? I haven't seen much of those kinds of stories in states where everyone can vote by mail.


mainelinerzzzzz t1_itsuvwx wrote

How would anyone know? Bad signatures don’t disqualify a ballot in PA, same goes for no signature, unless they changed the law.


guyandadog t1_itv1lub wrote

How dare you bring light to a fact on reddit? Dont you know youll get downvoted?


chaqalaqalaqa t1_itvgolk wrote

The signature they have on record for me is from when I was 18. It’s hardly foolproof since I don’t even remember how I signed back then.


mainelinerzzzzz t1_itvvzn9 wrote

Exactly, the mail in ballot system has major flaws. Feel free to fill out your grandparents ballots, nobody will ever know.


chaqalaqalaqa t1_itvwl27 wrote

You misunderstood me. I’m arguing against signature matching to disqualify ballots. I’m extremely in favor of mail-in, and think it should be universal as it is our west.

You need your ID and information to sign up and get one anyway.


mainelinerzzzzz t1_itvzihm wrote

I was agreeing with “it’s hardly foolproof”.


chaqalaqalaqa t1_itw1nrj wrote

That’s fair.

All of the talks of election fraud always seemed a bit odd to me. My local polling place for 2010 to 2020 has a couple older ladies who basically just ask your name and check a box… there’s never been an ID check or anything, so I never got why fraud would suddenly be an issue in 2020.