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LordFarquaad_theG t1_itsufaa wrote

Nuclear is not bad. But we need to diversify, can't rely on one source of energy.


Janderss182 t1_itsukr1 wrote

Cool. Most green energy sucks, is expensive, and is not efficient.


LordFarquaad_theG t1_itsuwm4 wrote

Not true. Solar, wind, geothermal, hydro are good non-dispatchable sources we can use to diversify.


Janderss182 t1_itsv6k1 wrote

Not true. We don’t even have batteries that are capable of banking most the energy we get from many of those forms of power


OligarchWelfare t1_ittigle wrote

Green energy is cheaper than any but keep lying because that's what Republicans told you to believe


Janderss182 t1_itunuyw wrote

Actually it’s not but keep lying because you’re an ideologue and can’t think outside of what your bullshit political parties tell you to think