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ShockTheCasbah t1_itsv7pt wrote

It's not. When something is socialized, it means one entity (the government) controls the sole means of service and production.


LordFarquaad_theG t1_itsvl22 wrote

Medicare (government provided healthcare) is socialism lol


ShockTheCasbah t1_itsvt5z wrote

Is a seniors only option for healthcare Medicare?


LordFarquaad_theG t1_itswhuo wrote

No, you could get private insurance via an employer, but your insurance would go away as soon as you left or were let go.

Premiums, deductibles, and co-pays are all much higher with private insurance however.

Which is why I laugh at anyone who tries to criticize Medicare since it keeps costs low for users.


ShockTheCasbah t1_itswlqc wrote



LordFarquaad_theG t1_itsxh93 wrote

I don't think you are educated enough about this topic.


ShockTheCasbah t1_itsy778 wrote

You don't even understand the definitions of the words you're using.

Just Google the word socialism and tell me what it says. Also, don't try and justify changing the definition of words to fit a weird and gaslighting type narrative that justifies Medicare is "socialized".


LordFarquaad_theG t1_itt1fnw wrote

Define socialized


ShockTheCasbah t1_itt2cwc wrote

You mean, like how I did in my first post? (without insulting you, I might add)

In a socialized medicine system, the government (or any entity really) controls the sole means of production and distribution of healthcare. No private insurance. What you're describing is a welfare capitalist state.

Poli science 101, but maybe you aren't educated enough this topic.


LordFarquaad_theG t1_itt3akt wrote

You're playing semantics.

You're argument is that Medicare is not socialized medicine since it does not employ the doctors and own the hospitals, but I'd say it's closer to socialized medicine due to its ability to provide healthcare to everyone.


ShockTheCasbah t1_itt4o64 wrote

My argument is that medicare is not socialized because there are multiple (infinite for arguments sake if you're rich) sources of private healthcare options for every American. The definition of "socialized" means that the government (or any centralized entity - THE PEOPLE) have a monopoly on all that is healthcare. They are VERY different.

Medicare is capitalist welfare.


LordFarquaad_theG t1_itt4tcf wrote

What would Medicare for All be then?


ShockTheCasbah t1_itt4wxd wrote

With a private option, it is STILL capitalist welfare. Without, it is socialized.


LordFarquaad_theG t1_itt54hj wrote

Medicare for All would eliminate all private healthcare. Would that make it "socialized"


ShockTheCasbah t1_itt7cun wrote

Yes, if the only legal option you had for healthcare services were owned and operated by the government.