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Janderss182 t1_itsvcxc wrote

Yeah at least fetterman can wear a carhartt jacket and lie about living the union way of life. I bet ur easy to sell things to


LordFarquaad_theG t1_itsvzej wrote

I could literally bring up how many times Oz has lied. Lies about his "magic pills". Lies about where he lives (New Jersey). Lies about how many houses he has.

Oz is a perpetual liar.


Janderss182 t1_itsw8tj wrote

Yeah he probably is. Isn’t that a unique think in politics lol. Grow up dude. Fetterman does the same thing and so does every other politician


LordFarquaad_theG t1_itswqj4 wrote

This guy is much more blatant though. Like your average politician might lie a bunch of times but Oz cranks it up to like x100. I just don't trust this guy.


Janderss182 t1_itsx0gl wrote

Again your just saying the same thing that everyone says who wants his team to win