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FuzzPunkMutt t1_iu0bbo9 wrote

It was always going to be a shitshow. Oz is famous for his experience on TV, and spent decades lying to people. The "make sound bite" format is his entire world. Fetterman sounds bad even without recovering from a stroke.

I just hope that the people of PA remember that they are voting for someone that will cast votes on federal issues, not who sounds better on TV.


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And Oz did terrible at that debate. The only winners was the people who made money off the TV ads. The losers was everyone else.

The people obsessing over this debate are people who dont know how strokes work and didnt pay attention to anything that was actually said in the debate. If you actually listened to what was going on, Fetterman didnt say anything crazy and Oz was just a dumbass. But that doesnt make for good sensationalized media, so nobody gives a shit.


LetsPlayCanasta t1_iu0lht1 wrote

>Fetterman didnt say anything crazy

"Hi, good night!" - his first words


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And thats crazy in what way....? You knew his words were going to be fucked up so I dont get what your up and arms about Mr.Karen.

The only somewhat weird thing Fetterman said was his views on fracking, but most people dont give a fuck about fracking for it to matter. Compared to Oz telling people to consult a local politician for an abortion, yeah obviously the right is having an imaginary version of the debate that never happened and is just so desperate at this point that they have to talk shit about a stroke victim sine their campaign is so trash.


LetsPlayCanasta t1_iu0x0dn wrote

John Fetterman: "My doctoral believes that I’m fit to be serving and that’s what I believe is where I’m standing."


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LetsPlayCanasta: "I am a scumbag who likes laughing at stroke victims but Im too pussy to admit what a PoS that I am".

Fixed it for you. Fuck off with your contrarian bullshit since nobody actually cares and 2 weeks from now your going to look like a dumbass when Oz is forced to pack his bags and be sent to Guido land.


stahleo t1_iu177qj wrote

Number one, you are a child with anger issues.

Number two, Fetterman is running for public office. He doesn't have to run. He doesn't have to remain in the race. This is Fetterman's decision, and if his salary is going to be paid with our tax dollars, then we have a right to cast doubt and even criticize him for what he supports and how he carries himself.


boomerinvest t1_iu129m2 wrote

Tbf that’s not what he said to “consult” with local politicians. He said the decision of making it legal or not is up to the states meaning local not the Federal government.


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Which is also a pretty ridiculous policy position and is way more batshit crazy than anything Fetterman said. Leaving it up to townships to decide if you can have an abortion or not is one of the dumbest things Ive ever heard. Its already bad enough that PA has 101 jurisdictions with a million and one different tax burdens and school districts, now we need to figure out which one of them has legalized abortion or not? Ah yes, thats totally going to make the quality of my life better, let me tell you.


boomerinvest t1_iu1s214 wrote

Gotta love people that don’t have a clue on comprehension yet spout off and then delete themselves. Is that self abortion? Either this sub has been infiltrated by shills, bots, campaign workers or we have some seriously gullible people in PA. It would be the Commonwealth level that would decide legal or not. Not the townships. Use some common sense. What if the Federal Government said no but PA was ok with it? I guess you’d be pissing and moaning then too. 🙄🙄


Username-sAvailable t1_iu1by5w wrote

Very few Americans support abortion without any restrictions at all, so this would necessitate politician involvement at some level. It’s actually a pretty reasonable position to take.


Critical_Band5649 t1_iu1iu4f wrote

Only because they haven't been taught enough about pregnancy progression. Zero restrictions doesn't mean Susie can walk into an abortion clinic at 39 weeks with a healthy fetus and abort it just because she changed her mind. Canada doesn't have restrictions and they get on just fine.


FuzzPunkMutt t1_iu0qs7i wrote

>The people obsessing over this debate are people who dont know how strokes work and didnt pay attention to anything that was actually said in the debate.

Were saying the same thing here - I'm not sure why you would refuse to acknowledge that there are a lot of really dumb people who only saw "That man speaks good to me, that one speaks bad! Oz FTW"


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Its mostly a bunch of cock sucking internet trolls prob russian or paid by the oz campaign to say all these bullshit. What a shit job to have to where you have to go on reddit and youtube and post all this bullshit just for a paycheck. Imagine how bad your life must be that you spend your days making up lies on the internet just to have food and a roof over your head. Some of these people just need to go play in traffic and let the rest of society do all the grown up shit.


FuzzPunkMutt t1_iu0rncb wrote

Dude, you need to get off the internet for a bit and talk to actual people. You are way to far into your own bubble.


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Thats ironic coming from a guy who spends most of his life on reddit.

Considering that Ive worked in politics and know how campaigning works, you need to stfu.


FuzzPunkMutt t1_iu0wbl4 wrote

Sure - good luck with being angry about pokemon cards.


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Lol wow, what an amazing rebuttle. You cant defend that your a lying piece of shit and need to make up more bullshit. Have fun crying in 2 weeks when your butt buddy Oz is forced to go back to the 2nd circle of hell on earth known as New Jersey since no sane person in PA wants a snake oil salesman in public office.


FuzzPunkMutt t1_iu0y35i wrote

mmhm, whatever you say.


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You have 120k of karma and have the balls to tell me "Oh you need to get out your bubble!" while living on a website that is basically a giant echo chamber. And your trying to bullshit a guy who not only has a degree in Poli Sci but also worked in politics for a few years.

You seriously need to delete your account and get a life. This shit is never going to get you anywhere unless you enjoy being a loser for the rest of your life.


Unique-Public-8594 t1_iu1idh7 wrote

If you are trying to decide and on the fence, this write up of Fetterman’s background might help:


xxl_gal t1_iu2eqn7 wrote

It's a pretty good piece. I didn't know he came from a blue collar background and worked his way up to where he is now. Good stuff!


LoopyLettuceLicker t1_iu5oaqz wrote

His dad owned an insurance company. That's not blue collar.


xxl_gal t1_iu6aocg wrote

Still a lower to middle class blue colar family


LoopyLettuceLicker t1_iu6bvqk wrote

Definitely not in the slightest and Fetterman himself would say that. No need to stretch the truth when his opponent is a sleazy millionaire.


vasquca1 t1_iu1su8d wrote

If you are undecided imagine the scenario where another SCOTUS dies especially that MFer Thomas. Whom would you like to see nominate his replacement?


Coolguy200 t1_iu0c32h wrote

I loved that Fetterman opposed fracking. Now he said he never has?? Literally spit out my water as environment issues are my only voting issue. Not going to vote at all now.


YangforPresident t1_iu0jvjb wrote

He’s going to the senate. They’ll vote on issues. Republicans will always vote no on climate issues. You’re not helping by sitting it out. You need to think bigger


LetsPlayCanasta t1_iu0mc17 wrote

He's as likely to go to the Senate as Yang is going to the White House.


YangforPresident t1_iu1d2qg wrote

I don’t even care for Yang much anymore but my point still stands. And yeah of course if people do go out and vote he won’t win, go figure


Coolguy200 t1_iu0ltti wrote

So I need to vote for someone that literally just said they are against environmental issues? How does that help anything?


flow3rpowr t1_iugkniq wrote

I genuinely hope the average pennsylvanian voter isnt this void of critical thinking.


Annahsbananas t1_iu14mqv wrote

Jesus christ it's people like you that pisses me off.

"I'm not gonna vote" like a goddamn spoiled child pissed in his yogurt

People have died to fight for their right to vote and you treat it like some damn Karen behavior


Least-Sky6722 t1_iu36iop wrote

I agree Fetterman showed his colors with that one, if he can't stand up for environmental issues now, he definitely won't once he gets tied up in corpo energy money, I've seen this play out too many times before. I'm staying home, they both suck.


scycon t1_iu474e9 wrote

So concede the office to a Republican who will 100% not support environmental issues, give republicans control of congress and ensure zero environmental policy passes and tank the entire democratic agenda so that Biden is unpopular going into 2024 so Republicans can swoop in and continue shaping the judiciary with anti-environmental judges that are appointed for life?

Use your brain, fucks sake.


scycon t1_iu46rjw wrote

Step back and look at the forest through the trees.

  1. Republicans support fracking and don’t give a shit about the environment. If they win control of the senate, you may as well just quit caring about the environment because the democratic legislative agenda will come to a screeching halt and if we face crisis in the next two years, a Republican congress will do nothing and likely sweep 2024.

  2. A Republican senate will halt all judicial appointments and I’m sure as an environmentalist you are aware of the current courts shaped by Republicans are gutting environmental regulation all over the place.

I am pleading with you to think about actual policy outcomes of Fetterman losing. At the end of the day he has intelligent, hard working staffers that do all the real work, just like every other congressional office.


adwvn t1_iu48aiy wrote

Yes, he supports fracking and is a war hawk. Funny how these politicians want to present themselves with "progressive" branding but actually are just typical war mongering capitalists like anyone else in the Democratic/Republicican party.


flow3rpowr t1_iugkkmj wrote

This is an immensely privileged position. Just fuck all the minorities suffering from other issues then? Selfish af.


ggthrowaway1081 t1_iu1pve7 wrote

Fetterman could be completely braindead for all I care as long as he votes with the Democrats


PGHNeil t1_iu4uohl wrote

The debate was painful to watch but in reality this was Oz's spectacle to lose. It was clear that he'd been coached with conservative talking points and the rapid fire pacing of the questions were throwing him off as well.

Quite frankly, there are career politicians in both parties who are collecting a government paycheck and a pension who have LONG degraded mentally. Even "debate" on the floor is a tame compared to how this televised debacle went.

Bear in mind that I'm not excusing Fetterman's responses but the whole "debate" was a spectacle that was engineered to make soundbytes for those who get their news off their Twitter feeds. I'm actually surprised that he even acquiesced to attend given how each candidate was given ridiculously low times limits to answer questions and make responses. It was clear that Fetterman's pauses were actually due to the teleprompter not keeping up with the theatrics.


Odd-Neighborhood5119 t1_iudtc0e wrote

I know plenty of people who can't stand in a debate but are some of the most successful people I know Fetterman for senate


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Eagles20222 t1_iu1dbkr wrote

So the guy he pointed a shotgun at still wants him as Senator? 😝

And OZ used his medical degree to sell snake oil to people. His own medical school cut ties with him. That’s way worse than missing meetings.


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Eagles20222 t1_iu1huyn wrote

So is Fetterman a racist vigilante who points shotguns at people he thinks commits crimes or a soft on crime bleeding heart who wants to release criminals from prison 😝

And, does missing meetings equal wage theft? I’m not even sure if that’s out of the ordinary for his position. He might have been attending to other duties related to his job.

Either way, I’m sure OZ would figure out a way to steal taxpayer money if he were in the Senate, just like he stole money from people who trusted his fraudulent medical advice on TV.

Edit: Awww widdle babies can’t support their positions. Just downvote. Fettermen might lose because people doubt his ability to perform the duties of a Senator due to his health, but you’ll always be virgin nerds with room temperature IQs.


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Eagles20222 t1_iu1ui38 wrote


Your making up the concept of wage theft as applied to Fettermen’s performance. You have no idea how many meetings he had to attend to perform his positions. There are other duties associated with those offices.

What isn’t made up is OZ’s medical school cutting ties with him because he pushes snake oil.

Either way, glad I made an impression.

Let the hate flow through you 😝


[deleted] t1_iu2ak2o wrote

Good. If he can’t have a functioning conversation, how can we trust him to make decisions and represent our state? He needs to be home resting and healing, not pulling the whole state down with him!


Jazzy41 t1_iu2f8wb wrote

Easy—-he’s pro-women’s reproductive rights.


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Jazzy41 t1_iu2gmp8 wrote

You assume that everyone who wants (needs) to terminate a pregnancy is doing so due to consensual unprotected sex.


pmabraham t1_iu1szhd wrote

John has a history long before the stroke of not showing up for taxpayer pay jobs wasting taxpayer money because he wasn't showing up for work! He lived with his parents until he was 49 years old! He has a long history of just literally being a bum living off others.

My hope for John is that he dropped out of the race and concentrate on getting better and maybe when he is fully healed if he ever does get fully healed or at least healed enough that he could form his own words and talk clearly because there's gonna be certain situation in government where he's not gonna have assistive devices to make life easier for him or he'll have to defend others and he won't be able to under the current circumstances. He needs to get better. Then run if he has a desire to run. But right now if he were to win and be another disaster… That would just put another spike into why never to vote Democrat


SomePaddy t1_iu2aj2d wrote

>He lived with his parents until he was 49 years old!

This is a lie and you've been corrected on it repeatedly.

>He has a long history of just literally being a bum living off others.

His parents supplemented the $150 a month mayor's salary while he was a public servant. He's unconventional and ruffles feathers - there's no justification for calling him a bum.

>there's gonna be certain situation in government where he's not gonna have assistive devices to make life easier for him or he'll have to defend others and he won't be able to under the current circumstances.

Tell me you don't understand the ADA without telling me you don't understand the ADA.


flow3rpowr t1_iugkr52 wrote

Wow you're really grasping at straws here lmao.


PM_ME_MURPHY_HATE t1_itzky6o wrote

Fair minded people watching that debate: "*That was painful to watch and I have serious concerns about Fetterman being able to serve in the Senate for six year."

Democrats with their head's in sand: "*Na-na-nah! I can't hear you! I don't care! I'll will vote for a vegetable if it's got a D on it!"


Extreme_Length7668 t1_itzm0ix wrote

correct, a turnip would be better than OZ.


cave_wizard t1_itzn2re wrote

Republicans are out here pretending like they're putting up a well qualified logical candidate and not the snake oil salesman from Oprah. I don't really want to be in the "blue no matter who" camp but I don't feel like I have a choice these days


Buffmin t1_itzobxt wrote

>Fair minded people watching that debate:

I think fair minded people would understand Fettermans issues aren't cognitive and he'll recover just fine

> will vote for a vegetable if it's got a D on it!

This is a funny criticism coming from the party who votes for people who have severe memory and other issues


Gator1523 t1_iu03kfq wrote

John's policy platform is intact, as is his reasoning ability. He's improving every day, and if he gets elected, he wouldn't be the worst public speaker in the Senate either.

Fetterman's platform:


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Yeah not sure whats the downvotes are. This circlejerk of a guy with a stroke speaking fucked up is just coming from neckbeards that have gotten lucky and not had a stroke from all the mountain dew and cheetahs that they jam down their throats on a daily basis.

The amount of ignorance around strokes just shows you how many pieces of shit exist on the internet. And alot of the bad faith arguers are just going to burn in the hell since there are tons of people who know how fucked up a stroke is yet wanna make fun of it without directly saying that.


Gator1523 t1_iu0lqdz wrote

There's a reason Republicans love ad hominem. It's because they don't have any actual evidence to support their views. But if they think the guy running for Democratic office is dumber than them, it gives them an excuse to vote based on their gut feelings.

It was the same thing with Hillary. Many of the more moderate Republicans wanted to like Trump, but they knew we was a sleazebag. Then when the email thing came out, they drew a false equivalency with Trump's dealings, which allowed them to overlook corruption "on both sides" and instead vote for the guy who promised to keep the Mexicans out.


[deleted] t1_iu0nno0 wrote

The irony is when Republicans say "facts dont care about your feelings!" yet continue to live in a delusional reality to where they change their worldview based on how they feel that day.

And alot of Republicans left the party when Trump hit the scene. The media never wants to talk about that. I know alot of Never Trumpers who voted for Republicans since Reagan and switched to the Democratic party starting with Hiliary since they got tired of the childish bullshit. They dont love Biden or Hillary, but the old school republicans arent going to associate themselves with the same party that supports the Proud Boys/Girls.

Its almost like "building a wall and making mexico pay for it" isnt a very good selling point to wealthy Old School republicans who know how fucking stupid that sounds.


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Critical_Band5649 t1_itzoa5x wrote

Fair-minded people see that he is still in recovery and did the debate anyway. He didn't give up on himself and hasn't given up on Pennsylvanians. I don't care if his speech never fully comes back, it doesn't make him an invalid.


LetsPlayCanasta t1_iu0mykp wrote

Fortunately, Reddit isn't the real world.

You don't have to go far to find people across the spectrum who are pulling away from Fetterman.


Like_aTree t1_iu29pz8 wrote

Pulling away from Fetterman is just handing the senate back to Mitch McConnell, all over an hour out of a months long campaign in which Fetterman has shown consistent and steady recovery while still out building relationships with voters statewide?

Seems shortsighted.


flow3rpowr t1_iugkvfz wrote

Not voting for Fettermen shows immense selfishness , delusion about how the senate works, and privilege. Its as good as a vote for Mitch McConnell controlling things.