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starcom_magnate t1_iu20tmj wrote

I'm 100% on board that the debate was a disaster, but I'm going to wait on a poll that doesn't have a "B" rating, and has only been around 67% accurate, historically.

Definitely will see tightening across the board, though.


Gym-Coach t1_iu4tipz wrote

Does it really matter who "won" given the radically different positions they hold on critical issues?

Oz lobbied for & gladly accepted Trump's endorsement, said abortion is murder during the primary, and is a pretty shameless carpet-bagger.

Fetterman supports workers rights, at least a $15 minimum wage, legalizing cannabis and the right to decide when/how to have a family.


[deleted] t1_iu53lr9 wrote

Supports workers rights by working towards ending oil production?


Gym-Coach t1_iu5kcr7 wrote

Would you prefer we kill worker's families by not transitioning to renewable energy?

Go talk to families living near fracking sites in western PA. Sure there are some jobs, typically taken by people coming from out of state, but also lots of asthma, cancer, and other maladies all while spitting more global warming methane into the atmosphere.

Meanwhile, there are a fast growing number of jobs in and around renewables. Some of those will be building enhance geothermal generation facilities, jobs very much the equal of fracking without the very significant health and environmental problems. And that's not to mention the trillions of $ we will all save using ever cheaper renewable energy.


Gym-Coach t1_iu5ktnk wrote

Here's a podcast on the huge potential of enhanced geothermal


[deleted] t1_iu5mcch wrote

I am Icelandic, dont need a podcast on geothermals. While you guys have no steps of getting to renewable energy its pretty stupid to try to and leap to there.


Gym-Coach t1_iu5ns7t wrote

Perhaps you do. Enhanced geothermal isn't what you've got in Iceland, it's quite different.

Democrats recently passed over $600B of renewable incentives that will draw much more in private investment into play, so we do have steps.

Lots of details in this podcast and this podcast.


[deleted] t1_iu5oc4z wrote

We dont need enhanced geothermal energy although we helped innovate in that field.

The biggest viable options is nuclear but you guys are investing in systems that are years or decades away while making the average person feel the pain until thats possible.


Gym-Coach t1_iu5t63e wrote

Of course you don't, but we do and it will employ many thousands of people. Thanks for that article, but it's (mostly) not what we will be doing here.

Nuclear has a future only if it can be done in a way to get on a learning curve. Otherwise it will remain too expensive and too slow to implement.

That's false. We are building out solar and wind now while developing & commercializing new options.

My most recent client is an electric construction company in the process of more than doubling in size (again) from $200M to $500M, with transmission lines, substations and grid solar array installation as their primary growth areas with lots of good paying union jobs.


Big_Meme_Daddy t1_iu6ube4 wrote

Co/efficient and Wick also show Oz leading by a couple points


Odd_Description_2295 t1_iu20ct2 wrote


Didnt you just comment the other day that "polls arent accurate"?


Buffmin t1_iu2erb8 wrote

See polls are accurate when they're good for the cult of Trump and not accurate when they arent!!aren't!!!

It's like clockwork with em lolol


ChrisTheHurricane t1_iu1xtxo wrote

RCP has a right-wing bias.


screwycurves t1_iu26b8k wrote

RCP was only reporting the results. 538 reported the same poll. If you have a beef it’s with InsiderAvantage. I couldn’t tell you their slant.


ChrisTheHurricane t1_iu26lzm wrote

Fair. The other commenter in this thread covers the issues with InsiderAdvantage, though. Plus you can see on the site itself that they only polled 750 people.


screwycurves t1_iu26yen wrote

Fair, but rather than talking people into believing the whole thing is bias against your guy, why don’t you work hard to prove that everyone needs to get out to vote?


RealityBites55 t1_iu1ybl9 wrote

🤣 Their polling literally takes the averages of major polls, including ABC News, NBC News, Sienna, Quinnipiac… those are not right-leaning polls…

Their articles, might lean a little right, but they still have left-leaning articles they post.


Odd_Description_2295 t1_iu1zjaq wrote


Why do you lie?

Insider advantage data is only based on 750 participants

Thats what its basing its margin of error on.

Stop lying

Pasted again, since your coordinated talking points arent accurate

>And insider advantage uses a sample of 750 people, of which is from a fox news subsidiary....hmmmm...

Its the same poll that "predicted" mark ronchetti polling ahead in new mexico.


RealityBites55 t1_iu228zb wrote


That literally has nothing to do with the subject matter that was being discussed involving RCP as a whole. What could possibly lead to a multi-paragraph explanation of nothing that was being discussed? Fear of no Senator Fetterman?


ChrisTheHurricane t1_iu214dz wrote

And yet they somehow managed to underrate the Democrats in 2018 and 2020.


WhippersnapperUT99 t1_iu7npdg wrote

I was doing a little interstate driving recently and listening to podcasts of the Markey, Van Camp, and Robbins Show, and the hosts were just mercilessly making fun of Fetterman playing the clip: "Eagles are so much better than...Eagles." Then they would interject clips of Fetterman shouting out "Eagles!" all throughout the show at various times. It was good for some cheap laughs, but it annoyed my wife.


Key-Celery-7468 t1_iu2q5rj wrote

Yah but the margin of error was 3.58% so that lead doesn’t really mean anything. It’s still neck and neck.


curatedaccount t1_iu4f7la wrote

Margin of error 3.58 means his lead could be as high as 6.58% or he could be behind by as much as 0.58%


RealityBites55 t1_iu1wp8o wrote

Awfully quiet, for a 2 hr+ old PA political posting, compared to normal…


Odd_Description_2295 t1_iu1zx2t wrote

You do know that clarence thomas is a black nationalist right?


RealityBites55 t1_iu23675 wrote

Wow, an article written by a lone faculty member from Notre Dame.

American Constitutionalist is more fitting.

I’ll give you the option. Should my profile pic be Justice Thomas or Justice Alito? You choose.


OligarchWelfare t1_iu467j6 wrote

Clarence Thomas hating democracy doesn't make him a Constitutionaliist at all


Odd_Description_2295 t1_iu2h58i wrote

*an article written by a notre dam professor and personal friend of ginny and clarence thomas

It should be malcom x....


crazypants9 t1_iu2xd0k wrote

Because people that stupid?


AmetureHuman t1_iu3sd86 wrote

Pennsylvanians are DEFINITELY that stupid. I've been to three continents and Pennsylvanians, and ESPECIALLY Central Pennsylvanians, may literally be the dumbest group of people I've ever encountered.


PM_ME_MURPHY_HATE t1_iu26md1 wrote

That poll is completely bullshit. Should be at least +30% after that train wreck of a debate performance.

Then again maybe the Democrat base thinks as clearly as Fetterman speaks.