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TheNitch95 t1_iug7qx8 wrote

As someone who has two close friends on cast and has met many of the rest of the cast backstage/in real life, know that a very large number of people on cast fall somewhere on the LGBT+ spectrum and fight hard to work rep into the scripts. Wonderful people all around!


Iveary OP t1_iuhkyfh wrote

then let them know that they have wonderfully succeeded! Huzzah!


DaCockBurglar t1_iuftdwg wrote

Which one did you go to


Iveary OP t1_iufv3zl wrote

in Manheim, PA


choptheair t1_iui0oam wrote

Once when I went, there was a dude in deerskin underwear dancing around and his penis fell out. A kind maiden just went over and tucked it back in for him. He was a really good dancer and his penis was huge. I was worried he would sprain it.


jpop237 t1_iug2bl8 wrote

Nice! I went there last Saturday with my (lesbian) friend; she had the same reaction.


twin-shadows t1_iug794e wrote

I have actually wanted to go to the Maryland Ren fair because I have been to the PA one loads of times.


Sunkitteh t1_iuhda2r wrote

I hope you took in the Tea Time show at the Ball and Chain!


RhydianMarai t1_iui56z7 wrote

It's one of my favorite places to go! Cast and other fairgoers alike are so kind while staying in character. We took my daughter and a friend's daughter on Saturday and it was amazing as always.


zipcad t1_iuisgj8 wrote

Good sir,

That wasn’t a faire here. This is literally the state as it is.


DabblingInDarkness t1_iuj4tyu wrote

Our faire has always been very LGBTQ+ friendly and I love it for that. =)