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No-Setting9690 t1_iuizk6i wrote

I know what you mean, but it's so ironic to have an election denier win an election they deny the results.


wagsman t1_iujeupe wrote

No no, if they win, that election was perfectly fine, but they will tell us how we can imagine how bad it could've been, and because of that, we need to kill democracy. /s


dreamerindogpatch t1_iuijjos wrote

Well, if they win, nothing happens because of course the election was legal and correct and fraud-free. But if they lose, it was obviously corrupt and illegal and full of fraud (even though they won't be able to find evidence or proof).


HeyImGilly t1_iuk6rxm wrote

I guess my concern would be elections after they win, and the cognitive dissonance of some in electorate. Some will support measures in the name of election security without considering the candidate actually won.


delco_trash t1_iuisd9i wrote

The votes may or may not be counted in future elections depending on the next secretary of state.

Just want to say, don't expect Shapiro to win just because he's a sane human being.

The GOP is crazy and they will come out and vote.


wagsman t1_iujjbn1 wrote

Mastriano would have no qualms about sending alternate electors. The thing with these types is the loudest thing they cry about is the thing they are the most guilty of doing, or would do if given the chance.


crazypants9 t1_iuj83nr wrote

Democracy dies. That’s what happens. They figure power in their hands trumps elections. Evil walks. It lives next door. Across the street. Down the road. They have nothing but lies and hatred to give. They applaud Mr. Pelosi being attacked with a hammer in his HOME. That’s who they are, and what they represent.


Janderss182 t1_iujdkxs wrote

To be fair all the democrats said 2016 was stolen and we’re all still here today lol. Not a trump guy but couldn’t give any fucks about Nancy pelosi or her husband because those people are criminals lol


MetaphysicalMayhem t1_iujjlu9 wrote

I was there. They did? What they said, genius, is that Russian trolls were interfering in US mass media and social media to get Trump elected. And that’s true. No one said the actual ballots cast or the vote tallies were fraudulent. See how that works? Or is that too much for your brain cell?


Janderss182 t1_iujq3dc wrote

Actually Hillary Clinton said that trump was a Russian agent. There’s also a little thing called the Steele dossier btw, maybe take 3 seconds of ur time and look it up instead of trying to play gotcha


MetaphysicalMayhem t1_iujrqrd wrote

That changes absolutely nothing about what I said and the facts. Whether Trump was or is in bed with the Russians (he probably was and is), Hillary never claimed that the actual votes or tallies for Trump were fraudulent. And she conceded the next morning. So … gotcha? You still don’t understand the massive difference???


Janderss182 t1_iujt8n2 wrote

Damn ur a trump-Russia truther in 2022. Do u also still think the Iraq war was a good idea? You’re right Hillary Clinton is a good person and definitely didn’t spread election fraud allegations before during and after the election.


crazypants9 t1_iujh9qu wrote

lol lol. Sure. lol lol


Janderss182 t1_iujhxpr wrote

Hey I’m just here to have a conversation and not shout into the void like most people. Tell me where I’m wrong or where u disagree


crazypants9 t1_iujnc5m wrote

We all remember Hillary refused to concede. Then she sad the election was rigged and called her Proud Boys and other thugs to the Capitol. And tried to get her VP running mate hung at the gallows her mob set up. Cops died. The people inside smeared shit on the walls as they looked for Democrats to kill. Then she tried to go to the Capitol to personally run the coup attempt. Enough?


Janderss182 t1_iujpmfo wrote

You know I can condemn trump and still admit that Hilary Clinton said that the 2016 election was illegitimate


crazypants9 t1_iujsyrh wrote

And you know it wasn’t? How?


Janderss182 t1_iujtjcn wrote

Ok I see. So you’re allowed to call an election a hoax but the other troglodytes on the other side of the aisle can’t? Lol u democrats and republicans are so similar it’s hilarious


HectorsMascara t1_iujvta0 wrote

She said Trump was an illegitimate president because he teamed up with one of America's enemies. "Illegitimate" isn't the word I would have chosen -- Trump was and is compromised.


Janderss182 t1_iujvxzk wrote

He didn’t tho. Steele dossier was bs


HectorsMascara t1_iujxd0w wrote

Read the two executive summaries of the Mueller report. Volume 1 says Trump and the Russians collaborated, but Trump obstructed enough to avoid conspiracy charges. Volume 2 says they never intended to indict a sitting president anyway (for conspiracy or obstruction) because it would harm his ability to serve and he wouldn't be able to properly defend himself. They went ahead with the investigation anyway for possible indictment once he's out of office.


crazypants9 t1_iujv70y wrote

You really don’t believe in anything do you? Since you don’t care for me here’s a door.


Janderss182 t1_iujvtm5 wrote

I believe sincerely in the fact that party politics is for low iq people like u


CQU617 t1_iujuhq0 wrote

I am voting in person because I am sick and tired of this BS.

For the record, I am voting Fetterman and Shapiro because I have contributed to Social Security my entire life and I find it disgusting that any group in the land of the free is marginalized and all of your sitting by silently shame on you.

Vote D until Trumpism is eradicated


crazypants9 t1_iujvs6f wrote

They have the audacity to have pro GOP commercials funded by Citizens For Sanity. Republican boosters. There is no bottom. End the GOP


oldschoolskater t1_iuipl6n wrote

It's going to be interesting how each party is going to handle it if we end up with a Republican winning one election and a Democrat winning the other. It'll be hard to make an argument for one candidate and not the other.


Open_Veins_8 OP t1_iuirmoq wrote

If you look at Bucks County last election, Trump lost, but Republican Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick won. Yet, local Republicans insisted Trump actually won and there was fraud. In fact, Bucks GOP head Pat Poprik was a fake elector.


MetaphysicalMayhem t1_iujk5v5 wrote

Yup. And I voted for Biden and Fitzpatrick in 2020. I voted straight Dem this time because, fuck the GOP/GQP, even if Fitzpatrick is a decent guy. He didn’t stand up to the MAGAts, plus he’s pro-forced-birth.


Keinichn t1_iuit57q wrote

> It'll be hard to make an argument for one candidate and not the other.

Not in the slightest. 2020 had elected people screaming voter fraud against the very same ballots that put them in office and some were even using the fact it was a split win as evidence, claiming it made it "look real."


Dunn_or_what t1_iujfxhr wrote

I move in Oz' old mansion in NJ, claim squatters rights, and make him nuts for the next six years. He's not using it.


TapewormNinja t1_iujugvh wrote

You’re assuming he’ll actually move out. Oz won’t set foot in PA post election one way or the other.


Dunn_or_what t1_iuk1jqc wrote

Lol. You may be right. I guess I'll have to use the servants entrance and hide in his hughe attic. He'll think he has a new employee and I'll tell his maids I'm his specual house guest that he doesn't discuss with anyone.


Additional_Storage_5 t1_iuiu4st wrote

They won't be deniers anymore.


osaucyone t1_iujf8r8 wrote

They suddenly stop denying elections cause they won.


heeroguy t1_iujdp7p wrote

then democracy loses . but pretty sure thats long gone


Jkane007 t1_iukbj0a wrote

Do not vote for any Republican for any office anywhere. Local. State. National. They are the party of hate and anti-American.


wagsman t1_iujeyqa wrote

If they win, they will suddenly become election believers.


reddit_4_info t1_iuk7o2t wrote

They get a Senator who served in the Turkish army.

Most election deniers that I know are very, very fearful of religious extremists, but don’t even realize that they are voting for someone who is of the religion that is exactly what fear.

Please don’t misunderstand my words, I’m not biased or prejudiced at all, but the hypocrisy amazes me.


Open_Veins_8 OP t1_iuiduzi wrote

Reporter Catherine Caruso spoke to David Becker, the executive director and founder of the Center for Election Innovation and Research and Elaine Karmack, a senior fellow in the Governance Studies program and the director of the Center for Effective Public Management at the Brookings Institution, about what could happen to the future of elections if election deniers, like Doug Mastriano, win in November and the potential political violence that could ensue even if they don't.


CoalCrackerKid t1_iujmrwq wrote

Election conspiracy folks are a schtick that's never going away now. When you pitch a lie that big, there's no going back from it.

The best tactic to battle them, that I can think of, is ranked voting in the general election to motivate parties to nominate less extreme candidates.


AFD_0 t1_iujv3jp wrote

They won my county across the board in 2020, yet still sued to have an investigation and a full recount (in a addition to an automatic one, iirc).

I just don't fucking get it. Some Wile E. Coyote, Super Genius playing 3D chess while running into a painted tunnel type of shit going on, right?


Cold-Resolve1923 t1_iujzz0s wrote

If a deniers gets eleted its because people were to damn lazy to vote


dochim t1_iukbvrp wrote

The good news is that most of the election deniers are just running a short can on their (willing) dupes.

They for the most part are skilled or smart enough to do long term damage to our government willingly. That’s the good news.

The bad news is that they are craven and greedy and inept and immoral enough to allow for the continued slide of our professional bureaucracy (upon which we all depend) into further oblivion.


No-Professional-1884 t1_iujpr6v wrote

Weirdly, I think we did something like this before. 1770-something or other rings a bell.


billfriedman9987 t1_iujrjsi wrote

If an election denier wins the election, do they concede?


Hot_Concentrate_7918 t1_iuk744q wrote

Is it not election denial when Dems did it for 4 years? Hilary is already denying elections before they even happen now


billstrash t1_iuj51jb wrote

This is rich. Do you really think the Fetterman supporters (an almost surefire loss) and Shapiro supporters (likely D, but what if?...) are going to magically just accept the losses? GTFOOWTMFBS.


MetaphysicalMayhem t1_iujkkpw wrote

Fetterman is still up 5 points in the latest ABC/Siena poll. And this former Republican just voted for him today. But if he loses (I doubt he will) no anti-MAGAt (it’s not just “Dems”) will say it was fraudulent. So … Wrong!


billfriedman9987 t1_iujrog9 wrote

How could anyone vote for Fetterman after watching that debate? I like the guy, but he is not fit to serve in the US Senate.


MetaphysicalMayhem t1_iuk72jn wrote

Well, I’m a middle aged, I guess upper-ish middle class lawyer formerly registered Republican, and I just voted for Fetterman. Believe it. Whether I agree with Dems on policy is irrelevant. Only one “side” is seeking to abandon democracy—today’s GOP. If they stop, I may vote for them.

edit: Fetterman’s cognitive processing is fine. He has temporary auditory and speech processing issues as a result of his stroke. I saw him in person recently.


adwvn t1_iujgkgs wrote

Democrats love to smear republicans as election deniers, but Dems are always guilty too.

Hillary did it when she lost to trump. She revived Mccarthyist-style (false) accusations of labeling people as "Russian assets" or "Putin puppets." She maintains her unfounded convictions to this day- that the election wasn't authentic, that it was tampered by the big bad evil Boogeyman from Russia. Throughout Trump's term the Dem party tried to deligitimize him and promoted his censorship from social media while he was in office, preventing ordinary people from hearing the messages of a sitting President.

So yeah, Democrats will definitely cry that they were wronged by imaginary forces when they lose. It couldn't ever possibly be that working class citizens don't trust them.

And before any of you smooth-brained boot licking liberals start calling me a Trumper, I'm a socialist and haven't supported either of the two rotten parties.


MetaphysicalMayhem t1_iujnbxc wrote

Improper influence (Hillary’s claim) vs. fraudulent ballots and vote counts (Trump). If you cant see the massive, huge difference, then you’re not very bright. And Putin did try to influence the vote, and still is. And Trump still has an unseemly relationship with Putin. But that’s not saying that the actual ballots cast for Trump were fraudulent. Get it? No? Well, good luck.


adwvn t1_iuk1ijw wrote

Thanks for demonstrating my point!


MetaphysicalMayhem t1_iuk6diz wrote

I hope you’re never called to serve on a jury, because you’re incapable of wrapping your head around facts. Fine, working class citizens don’t trust the Dems sometimes. Trump won. That still has no bearing on the fact only one side claims (Trump has been doing this since 2012, actually) that non-existent people cast votes. My guess is you “believe” that too, and all the rest of your deflection is a smokescreen.


billfriedman9987 t1_iujscec wrote

I don't think we've even seen a candidate be up by 200-500k votes in a state and come out the loser the next morning. The reason for that is b/c we've never had universal mail in voting before.


reddit_4_info t1_iuk9348 wrote

Reword this somehow because people don’t understand the point that you are making. You are correct, but it’s not clear in your explanation. I have upvoted you because I understand what you wrote.