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HahaWeee t1_ium69ol wrote

Pretty simple one side realized if they cry foul when they lose they can make tons of money by grifting the people they've been brainwashing for decades into unthinking rage machines

Then those unthinking masses scream at each other further engaging themselves so they send more money


IamSauerKraut t1_iuowq8e wrote

"tears in your eyes"


That'll be MastriaNO on Nov 9.


wagsman t1_iun21qy wrote

>She told me that, for example, she had recently learned that George Soros secretly owned Fox News, and that this explained why the network had turned against Trump.

Wow, that's a new one I have not heard. The beast has grown so large that even Fox News isnt capable of controlling it anymore.


IamSauerKraut t1_iuoxfhk wrote

Long unable to report truthfully, faux snooze has never been in control of itself.


wagsman t1_iupubx8 wrote

I just find it amusing that the monster they created is now going to devour them because they are crazy nut job enough.


KindKill267 t1_iul7ovp wrote

What a weird time to be a Pennsylvanian. Both parties are insane. I'll be over here drinking a yuengling watching everyone lose their fucking mind.


gdex86 t1_iulrazz wrote

The ever loving fuck?

One party no longer accepts election results that they don't win. The republican can canidate for governor was all for a violent attempt to seize power in the wake of an election and has stated he would empower the legislature to ignore the will of voters in the results of presidential elections if he wins. The Senate canidate and an alleged medical professional thinks reproductive health decisions should be between a woman, her doctor, and local governmental representative, this on top of never living in this state prior to the run.

And the Democrats are arguing "Maybe cops should not have instant immunity when they kill people" " Perhaps the minimum wage should match inflation over the past decade or so" and "Hey can we treat weed like alcohol and stop using it as an excuse to lock people up." And ya wanna both sides this. Holy shit is that a take.


IamSauerKraut t1_iuox8fx wrote

Cops should not have qualified immunity when they shoot someone. Simply encourages them to consider themselves not able to be held accountable. Yanno, like the rest of us were we to kill someone.


ZongMeHoff t1_iumevfb wrote

Please keep your comments "civil" and factual. Any other wrong doings will result in a permanent ban. Thanks for participating and stay respectful!


gdex86 t1_iumfax8 wrote

Just please leave. Your mod act is poor and I stated facts about both oz and Mastriano so your fake outrage is equally empty.


ZongMeHoff t1_iumfkpr wrote

"mod act"? Stop living your life assuming things you make up within your own mind about others intentions. Sadly I'm not acting in any way as a mod. I'm just reminding you of the rules we all abide by here within this community, and the consequences that follow for going against those rules you agreed to upon joining.


Boring-Rhubarb t1_iumkj9q wrote


YOU NEED to follow the rules that we all abide here because those moderators are hard working people and they deserve the very best comments from each and everyone of us.



Wudaokau t1_iumtysm wrote

I ain’t taking any moral or civil advice from someone who likes Slipknot


IamSauerKraut t1_iuowucm wrote

Looks like someone already lost his mind with that bonkers both siderism bit.