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hail-seitan420 t1_iv27apt wrote

the fact that he's a grifter with an nj mansion that doesn't give a fuck about pa is a completely different issue. ill shit on him all day for that.

just not here for people trying to paint their political opponents as treasonous foreigners against the US or some shit just because they have ties to countries with governments they have negative opinions about. person above tried to backtrack saying oz is a white guy, but it's still xenophobia. honestly the kind of shit you'd expect to hear from the maga people.


Sonnescheint t1_iv5h612 wrote

Friendly reminder that Erdogans bodyguards attacked American citizens on American soil during a visit to the White House during Trumps administration.

Erdogan is still the leader of Turkey to this day, and Oz has longstanding connections with him, as well as having served in the Turkish Army.

Thats like electing a known member of the KGB to Congress.