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Jsingles589 t1_iv3atoi wrote

There’s a difference between a highly skilled expert earning money by offering actually credible advice, and a tv snake oil salesman selling fake products.

Are you going to try and tell me vaccines aren’t real? Or that he invented them to make money?

You’re nuts.


ZongMeHoff t1_iv3h9d3 wrote

Don't be disrespectful, I'm not nuts. Just admit you haven't done your homework on these topics.


Jsingles589 t1_iv3hidz wrote

No dude. You’re wrong. Trying to imply that you’re more well informed than everyone else here by posting links isn’t enough to convince everyone that you’re right.

You know absolutely nothing about how informed I may or may not be. You’re just trying to take the high ground on reddit. Clearly people don’t agree with you.


ZongMeHoff t1_iv3hpeh wrote

Nice try in defending your true ignorance and lack of ability to inform "yourself"