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Disgruntled_Viking t1_iv0d2xl wrote

Still doesn't undo the horrors of Dr. Oz, Dr. Phil and John of God that she unleashed on this world. Fuck her.


hobbykitjr t1_iv0lu6g wrote

and the anti vax/autism etc bullshit

she was facebook fake news before facebook


Collegenoob t1_iv0wu14 wrote

Well she was just progressive without back checking. She brought a lot of controversial information to the public. Heck I didn't realize it till I started rewatching fresh prince and how they cited her for all the gay/trans publicity. As a kid all I knew about her was "You get a free car!"

I definitely wish she had done things better but I want to be open minded about her intentions.

I dont think my mother would have been as progressive as she is if she didn't watch her show. But I've also had to teach my mother about mindlessly going into fad deits and choosing alternative medicine over actual medicine. So its been a fun up and down.


hobbykitjr t1_iv0y9dn wrote

when you have a big soap box, you have a big responsibility to vet your info.

(Just like when Dr OZ submitted a terrible research paper and was banned for 2 years!)

I remember my mom freaking out over whatever the latest episode was about... e.g. an unsafe playground and then i wasn't allowed on playgrounds.


OhioJeeper t1_iv11olg wrote

Or margarine being one molecule away from plastic, I can't find it documented online but vividly remember watching that when my mom had her show on in the morning. I say this fully aware of all the good Oprah has done in the world; but she was basically Joe Rogan for bored housewives.


ThePopeJones t1_iv19b9x wrote

>Joe Rogan for bored housewives.

Damn. That's both the sickest burn I've seen in a long time and incredibly accurate!


Megalodon_91 t1_iv3f6to wrote

she got her start standing on the head of those little people for five years.


Relax007 t1_iv0ssmz wrote

For real. The damage is done and her last minute endorsements mean nothing. She basically platformed every grifter that ever crossed her path, either due to greed or gullibility.


boomerinvest t1_iv228tk wrote

Greed definitely. Their shows were produced in Harpo Studios owned by Winfrey. Fuck her she means nothing as does her opinions and candidate backing. She’ll do for whomever offers the highest dollar. I’d bet she never knew who the hell Fetterman was until someone offered her money to say she backs him.


axeville t1_iv11oz8 wrote

The original Joe Rogan both sides "this is interesting "


love0_0all t1_iv0gj0d wrote

Could have done this a month ago but alright


Collegenoob t1_iv0rd37 wrote

Helps to do it closer to the election to keep it in people's minds. Most of the people who mailed in their votes did so before the debate. So this helps take the heat off the debate before people go to the polls.

I support the strategy and was hoping to see it. Glad we did.


dudeman4win t1_iv0s814 wrote

Yeah most people I know we’re waiting to see who Oprah endorsed before voting


Collegenoob t1_iv0sf9y wrote

You don't understand how influential she was 20 years ago. Even though you clearly see the after effects?


love0_0all t1_iv2u4ve wrote

You were hoping to see this strategy? Honestly?

Anyway no, information of a lesser priority naturally takes time to disseminate to the proletariat.


Mr_Funky_Britches t1_iv08ulu wrote

It’s bad when the person who made you doesn’t even support you.


Doug4Prison t1_iv0hjdk wrote

That is because she can't make money off him now.


TacoNomad t1_iv0i81u wrote



Doug4Prison t1_iv0ivpm wrote

Why what? You are aware he got his tv career started on her show being a "medical" "expert" for 5 years right? I guess she had him on her show for her health and not because she made money from it. Comeon you are smarter than this.


TacoNomad t1_iv1oe61 wrote

Let's get back on track. Why do you believe corruption stops at politics?


Doug4Prison t1_iv28gsp wrote

I don't fucking care what your West Wing watching ass has to say. You repeatedly don't care what anyone has to say and repeatedly punch left, and take the position of actual MAGA chud fascist. You are doing their actual work for them and they are laughing at you because of it.

You don't care what I have to say as a marginalized person or my experiences. The only reason you pretend to care is because I will vote for your shitlib candidate because the alternative is a literal fascist who want to murder people like me. Please and I can't understate this enough, fuck off.


TacoNomad t1_iv2g8qq wrote

So you don't even know what you're saying. You are just talking to talk. It's not my candidate.

You can't actually find a single opinion of my that fits your narrative of me. But you keep on. Why should someone care about your opinion if they kindly ask for it and you spew this rhetoric instead of answering.

Don't worry. He can't hold you down forever.

I apologize for incorrectly assuming you had an intelligent thought to share. Good riddance.


TacoNomad t1_iv0k1pr wrote

Please tell me you are smarter than that if you are voting next week. Quit acting like wealthy people stop making money off of their connections just because they get into politics.

In fact, politicians stand to make much much more money once in politics. The past 20 years of war are evidence of that.

Please be smarter than this.


Doug4Prison t1_iv0ld3d wrote

You actually think that Oprah took this long to decide that Oz racist, homophobic, and transphobic politics were bad? Anyone with half a brain could tell right away. I'm sure that waiting this long has nothing to do with them being business friends that printed money because of each other. Damn dems really are as fucking stupid as chuds. I hope you at least feel a little joy over your smugness when we both get lined up against a wall in the future. Just another spineless, dickless coward defending their capitalist class oppressor, nothing new here.


TacoNomad t1_iv0m6ra wrote

Oh no. Stay focused, bud.

I'm only responding to the information you put out. You didn't argue that he was a shitty human being. You argued that she couldn't make money off of him. And to that point, I disagree. If he were to be successful in politics, she could easily collude with him to make money. Far more so than fetterman, I believe. Based on their history.

I apologize to you for being born without a penis. I know it's really upsetting to you that you don't have control over other people's anatomy. To be honest, I didn't have a choice in the matter either. That was decided for me before I was born. I will do my best to try to grow a dick, so that maybe then I'll be respected in society.

However, you're showing that having one does not make you intelligent, kind or a good human being; you're ready to rapidly insult someone you don't even know. And realistically, it seems we don't even really disagree with on this topic. But that doesn't stop you from doing your best to throw dumbass insults.

It's not a good look.


Doug4Prison t1_iv0nc4h wrote

Oh no did I hurt your feelings attacking people that worst case want me, others, and you dead, and best case would stand around and do nothing if people like Mastriano started rounding people up? Damn fucking got me. Keep punching left, I'm sure it will eventually work out for you.


TacoNomad t1_iv0sb1h wrote

I'm not sure why you read my comment and believed my feelings were hurt. You keep making weird comments about shit we didn't even talk about. This is behavior we typically see from MAGAts that can't see out of their hoods.

Remember that this conversation is about how crooked politicians are. I'm really not sure what you want from me. It's like you're arguing against oz, but I'm also against oz (and Mastriano but that's not the topic of this thread) and somehow it's a problem for me to oppose them. It makes no sense. I have no idea how you feel that I'm defending capitalism by suggesting that politicians are corrupt and their millionaire/billionaire cronies stand to benefit from political-economic gain.

What is your actionable plan if ol Dougie starts rounding people up? What is it that you have planned out to do in resistance? Besides crying on the internet to people who agree that he's a disgusting racist fucking turd. Please share the plan so that everyone else can be prepared to take action.


Doug4Prison t1_iv142y0 wrote

Libs 🤝 Fash every fucking time. Yall literally can't stop yourselves from punching left.


TacoNomad t1_iv1a4rb wrote

Why do you keep saying that like it means something? We're not even talking about libs or dems. We're talking about how shitty oz is. It's like you learned a phrase that you think sounds cool but you don't really understand the meaning or how to apply it, but you just keep saying it. Doesn't make you look smart.

You want to criticize me like you know me, but yet here you are, letting your boy Mastriano get away with treason because you think it's someone else's responsibility to handle it. Disgusting that you think it's ok to punch down on other people, that you pretend to agree with. We get enough of that with the racism from Republicans. It's 2022, time for our kids to not have to worry about being bullied for simple things like skin color and sexuality.


Doug4Prison t1_iv1kkd8 wrote

> What is your actionable plan if ol Dougie starts rounding people up? What is it that you have planned out to do in resistance? Besides crying on the internet to people who agree that he's a disgusting racist fucking turd. Please share the plan so that everyone else can be prepared to take action.

This is exactly the same rhetoric that a literal white nationalist from stromfront would use minus the 14 words. I'm sorry that I don't have your perfect roadmap to a utopia, which you arbitrarily decide to be legitimate or not. That doesn't give you an excuse to continue down the path of fascism. Your rhetoric makes it extremely clear that you don't give a flying shit about marginalized people. You are more mad at me criticizing a billionaire who was more critical of someone that write a work of fiction than they were of a transphobic, homophobic, xenophobic, piece of shit scammer that they created and platformed for 5 years then waited until the very last second to say they were bad. You are at best a useful idiot and at worst an enabler.

And honestly, if the platitudes you are saying are actually true, maybe you should look into your rhetoric, because it clearly is shit. But again, continue to punch left, I'm sure it will eventually work out for you. I'm a Jewish atheist, anarcho syndicalist, and just queer enough that the I'll be the first to go, and here you are a supposed supporter of my cause fucking arguing with me, constantly punching left, and taking the same stance as them. Seriously go fuck yourself, you really don't give a shit and it is extremely clear. Say whatever you want, I don't care, I'm not going to platform your dogshit takes.


TacoNomad t1_iv1njo4 wrote

You're not even a good troll.

I think you have a feeling and you don't care about what exists in the world around you. How can I be upset about you insulting a billionaire if I literally agree with what you said. Do you see me praising oz or Oprah? Or do you see me saying that they will continue to take advantage of people? Because only the second is true.

What rhetoric am I spewing? That Oz will use his position to continue to take advantage of people? If you think I'm wrong on that, idgaf because it's true.

Please quote me where I said anything in support of oz or Mastriano. Go through as many pages of my post history as necessary. You're so high on your horse that you can't even read the words written. I'm not arguing any ideologies with you. I've only argued against the opinion of me that you are putting out there. Quote where I'm "punching left."

You give yourself all of those labels as if you believe that I am the complete opposite of whatever you believe is 'the right thing to be.'.

We've already addressed that you're willing to denigrate someone for being a woman. Or in your words, dick less. Because you know, women have never been discriminated against. What demographics do you think me and my family fall into? Because I'd hazard a guess that you have an image of me that is so far from reality that you wouldn't even see it if it smacked you across the face.

Again go ahead and quote the exact parts where I'm saying anything in opposition of progress. And tell me what demographic minority/majority labels you believe I am?


delusions- t1_iv0jjng wrote

You write like a half lucid person, I can't tell if you're being sarcastic or you really believe the stuff you're writing because of it


Doug4Prison t1_iv0khxd wrote

You can't tell if I actually believe that a known grifter who got famous for grifting on another grifters show is actually a grifter or not? So why did a billionaire that made her money in the media wait 4 days until the election to denounce someone that was on her show for 5 years? Billionaire defenders are so fucking weird.


delusions- t1_iv1k41k wrote

I honestly couldn't parse out what you were saying, wasn't defending anyone anywhere


TacoNomad t1_iv1oxbc wrote

This dude is so jumpy. Apparently I'm a fascist because I believe that politicians are corrupt.

He's got a whole narrative written about how much I hate gay, atheist jews. All because I asked why he thinks corruption stops at politics.


turbo_fried_chicken t1_iv0ktj0 wrote

Fucking jerk. It's her fault we have to even contend with this dishonest asshole.


Collegenoob t1_iv0s917 wrote

She is fallible and he is a good liar. That's the main lesson to learn here. She definitely got drunk on her own power at some point, but she absolutely still does better with her power than many others.


AlVic40117560_ t1_iv0r129 wrote

The alternative was Dave McCormick. It doesn’t matter either way. I’d honestly prefer Oz over McCormick.


BrainWav t1_iv0rhq2 wrote

She's the one that gave Oz a platform before he started playing at being a politician. If she hadn't endorsed him on TV, he'd have just stayed a surgeon and we'd never have heard of him.

She also gave Dr. Phil his start. Between Phil, Oz, and Oprah herself, they've likely indirectly contributed to the anti-science attitude that's so prevalent these days.


AlVic40117560_ t1_iv0tjd9 wrote

I’m not sure if you replied to the right person. I’m just saying without Oz, there’s just another dishonest asshole running in his place.


BrainWav t1_iv0u1g3 wrote

Yeah, not sure why I replied to you exactly, I guess I hit the wrong reply link.


HairyHouse2 t1_iv22c23 wrote

McCormick helped cause the recession lol. And he's running the next cycle when Bob Casey's seat opens up. He doesn't seem to really be an amazing campaigner or anything and we could easily just end up with Oz and McCormick repping us.


Shklv214 t1_iv8n17u wrote

He was quite fine chugging along with his surgical career.

Yet, here we are!


TheWorldInMySilence t1_iv0aygt wrote

"If I lived in Pennsylvania, I would have already cast my vote for John Fetterman for many reasons," Winfrey said during an online event on Thursday, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer."


flipped_normal t1_iv8i1mo wrote

I’m not sure who’s more brain damaged, Fetterman or anyone who would vote for that sloth.


walker1555 t1_iv0eowv wrote

Oprah was a victim of child sexual abuse.

I'm sure the thought of the government forcing anyone to carry the child of their rapist bothers her. Probably more than just a little bit.

Oz has said he believes the state should be involved in this decision and be able to force women and girls to carry the child of their rapist, if this is what the state decides.


InfraredDiarrhea t1_iv0izf1 wrote

“ Oz has said he believes the state should be involved in this decision"

-The party of small government and personal freedom

The stupidity is remarkable


fenuxjde t1_iv0kwc8 wrote

Republicans have been voting against their own best interest for over 40 years now.


princeoinkins t1_iv0lgh6 wrote

No, the R's haven't been the party of "small government and personal freedom" for YEARS now. Maybe some supporters think they are, but they arent.

Libertarians are prolly the closest.


philphan25 t1_iv0qhk2 wrote

That’s an odd choice of headline at the beginning


RubberChickenRacing t1_iv19jt1 wrote

Any thinking person in PA will vote for Fetterman and Shapiro. OZ and Mastriano are election deniers, meaning that they don’t believe that your vote matters as much as their quest for power.


return2ozma OP t1_iv1amv0 wrote

Election deniers are a weird bunch. If they win, it's a fair and true election. If they lose, it was rigged and not a real election.


Reynard1981 t1_iv1s4pi wrote

Kinda like Hilary Clinton, Stacy Abrams, and every democrat voter in 2016?


flipped_normal t1_iv8idy2 wrote

Fatterneck can’t even form a complete sentence.


Shklv214 t1_iv8netz wrote

He clearly thinks fine. He's just having issues getting words out. Obviously he'd never spoken or had views before his stroke!

Oh. 🙄


friskimykitty t1_iv1ehsk wrote

I’m not a fan of Oprah, but if her endorsement helps Fetterman win, I’ll take it.


25Bam_vixx t1_iv3bztf wrote

She gave us oz in the first place so I don’t care


raresanevoice t1_iv15ejv wrote

You mean she backs Lt Governor and public servant, Fetterman.


ItsGroovyBaby412 t1_iv1677y wrote

Took long enough!!!! It's her fault he's even been in this position in the first place. Along with Phil McGraw and John (not) of God. That's one hell of a trio she's promoted in the public spotlight. Thank goodness the guy that wrote 'A Million Little Pieces' got found out to be a sham fraudster early or no telling what kind of damage he would/could have caused with her endorsement.


[deleted] t1_iv19mr8 wrote

thanks for coming in tonight Oprah


Lespade t1_iv1dj83 wrote

My vote got canceled cause of the damn date rule that got passed, f the GOP don’t know what to do now cause I can’t make it on the 8th in person


Frsbtime420 t1_iv1f7c8 wrote

We all did silly things to become billionaires, amirite guys? So I promoted a snake oil salesman to star status, what’s a little snake oil among friends


panicinbabylon t1_iv2127p wrote

Why is she not absolutely berating him on national television like she did that million little pieces guy.


UnfairAd7220 t1_iv284d1 wrote

Because ANYBODY cares about her opinion?



Alternative-Flan2869 t1_iv3vtlm wrote

Hope it is not waaay too little, too late. Why didn’t she speak up way before mail-in ballots and early voting???!!! This is on you if the jersey grifter eeks out a victory Opie.


R3d-Beard t1_iv17ehc wrote

Well if Oprah says it then we must do it!!! All hail the talking heads!!


Victorrique t1_iv1qzp1 wrote

I fr thought this was saying that Oprah endorsed oz


theyeoftheiris t1_iv1w3e0 wrote

It's just too little too late

A little too long

And I can't wait

But you know all the right things to say

(You know it's just too little too late)


Woodyee101 t1_iv2qntl wrote

She must have missed the debate. Lmao


RUIN_NATION_ t1_iv3fvoc wrote

I never listened to a celeb on who to vote for


webauteur t1_iv45xly wrote

One of my favorite jokes is a social scientist using Oprah as a citation. As in, you put out some dubious fact and then back it up with "citation Oprah".


Shklv214 t1_iv8mw11 wrote

I find this absolutely amusing. I obviously am not the only one, but I sure feel like it sometimes.


mikeytoth123 t1_iv2g9p7 wrote

How about not backing a republican or democrat? Both are poison


jn804 t1_iv4ewbe wrote



J_C_P t1_iv12jj0 wrote

Democrats: “Do not vote for Oz! He’s a millionaire TV, talkshow host, who doesn’t even live in Pennsylvania, he does not know our state and he cannot be trusted!”

Also Democrats: “Listen to Oprah (a millionaire TV, talkshow host, who doesn’t even live in Pennsylvania, who does not know our state)! She knows what she’s talking about!”


CheckPlease54 t1_iv54ofi wrote

She’s not running to represent us and doesn’t live here, like Oz


Reynard1981 t1_iv1rsm1 wrote

Well, she is a rich billionaire who supports segregation, criminals, and everything that’s wrong with this country. I’m not surprised.


NoCokJstDanglnUretra t1_iv0vx6k wrote

Ya thanks Oprah. 4 days before the election. You are a cock sucker just like the rest of em


stahleo t1_iv1ikve wrote

So Fetterman is trying to rail against a celebrity, while at the same time, willingly accepting the support of another (global) celebrity?


BooksBrown t1_iv1d6hm wrote

Looks like the Pennsylvania race will have a lot of very legit mail in votes list minute


SanAntonioHero t1_iv0dkgy wrote

Oprah is incredibly liberal so of course!


Aestiva t1_iv0emj8 wrote

Now I like Oz more.


sewerrpunk t1_iv0fml8 wrote

I like that you base your personality on spiting people who don't even know you exist. Hallmark of a genius.


monkeyjugglingair t1_iv0h0td wrote

You’re the voter we don’t need. Watch some tv ads to get your information and maybe even dig into Fox News a bit…that response is more troll that Shrek


TacoNomad t1_iv0ia5s wrote

You already liked oz more.


Aestiva t1_iv0kk97 wrote

I did. Even more now.


Thecrawsome t1_iv0mjwa wrote

What did you like most about the D- list celebrity fake cure huckster before he decided to run?


JoeK1337 t1_iv1w992 wrote

the fact he doesn't have brain damage


ho_merjpimpson t1_iv0inyi wrote

You don't like him, you just like the letter before his name.


cashonlyplz t1_iv0tf0g wrote

If he farted in your mouth and told you it was a health supplement, you'd probably tell all your friends to go out and buy his fart capsules


Annahsbananas t1_iv0ldp3 wrote

you like a midnight infomercial guy selling snake piss?