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Feliz Navidad, Fröhliche Weihnachten, and Merry Christmas!

Welcome to our third annual Christmas Market!

In order to support local businesses, we'd like you to recommend Pennsylvanian shops and individuals that do great Christmas gifts. If you own a business or have something creative to sell, even better.

Please post one business per comment. And try to keep the format as follows:

>Business Name - Link to website, online shop, or social media account. Short description of the business, what kinds of gifts they offer, and why you recommend them. If you have links to specific gifts you like, place them here. Try to keep this to one paragraph.

This thread will be run in contest mode, so comments will be sorted randomly and vote totals will be hidden. Any top-level comment that does not recommend a business will be removed. If you have an opinion or additional information on any of the businesses, you can reply in a comment. However, please keep the dialogue polite and positive, it's Christmas after all!

Also, if you're advertising your own store or service, please edit your comment in the run-up to Christmas if you're running low on stock or close to delivery deadlines, etc.

Finally, you can always check out 2020's and 2021's Christmas markets, but please be aware that the sellers and goods may have changed or are no longer available.

Thank yinz in advance for all the suggestions!



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shewhoknows t1_ixbsd9p wrote

Goods Country gift barn 1424 Orchard Lane, Boyertown, Pa In the Barn, CASH ONLY lovely handmade wood crafts, candy, paintings and retired Longenberger baskets. Saturdays 10-5, Sundays 10-4 Starting December 3rd thru December 28th. Lovely things for everyone