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Open_Veins_8 OP t1_ivd1f04 wrote

Local leaders of the Asian American and Pacific Islander community pledge not to let this “race-baiting misinformation” campaign spearheaded by Stephen Miller diminish Asian voter turnout.


IamSauerKraut t1_ivd779h wrote

Surprise, surprise.

And some voters will fall for it.


Chuck1705 t1_ivegvcx wrote

Crazy. Literally yesterday a woman who told me she was from China was canvassing for Dr. Oz, claiming educators were teaching boys and girls that they don't have to be boys and girls. Misinformation central...


Thecrawsome t1_ivej47j wrote

Steven Miller the kids-in-cages guy sent these


MetaphysicalMayhem t1_ivhl6p0 wrote

Steven Miller’s great-grandparents fled Belarus in 1903 to escape the brutal 1903-06 anti-Jewish pogroms. They would be so proud of their great-grandson … /s


StudyIntelligent5691 t1_ivihb2a wrote

Isn’t that amazing? I mean, (this sounds petty, I know), but the guy just exudes something really dark and evil…that’s just my personal opinion. He gives me the skeeves. I can’t understand how he has a personal history like that and has ended up being the way he is.


MetaphysicalMayhem t1_ivihyv0 wrote

As some Jewish people I know put it, he’s a shanda to his people.

eta: I tell them they don’t have to claim him! Claim … Josh Shapiro instead, for example:)


jdi000 t1_ivhckj4 wrote

Not sure how this is any different than the trash that has been coming in the mail for weeks. Both parties have fringe groups that's spread lies and deception.


StudyIntelligent5691 t1_ivih1oj wrote

Please, with the “both parties “ stuff.. There’s honestly no comparison between the antics of the Democratic Party and the Republican Party. I’ve worked in community politics for a long time, and participated in more marches and demonstrations than I can count. I’ve also worked at the polls. There’s literally nothing today’s Republican Party won’t do to suppress the vote and try to intimidate voters. Yes, there’s smearing and mudslinging on both sides during elections, but the tenor, message, and overall anti-democratic characteristics of today’s Republican Party is like nothing we’ve ever seen.


TheInnerHam t1_ivd7fhw wrote

How does this try to suppress asian votes? It's encouraging them, and whites, to go and vote for the gop because something something reverse racism.