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IamSauerKraut t1_ivhgdsj wrote

  1. Many polls will have two types of "workers" inside: those who are the actual poll workers in charge of the location and process. They are NOT volunteers. The volunteers who may be there are poll watchers. They tend to be from political parties and are there to watch/observe, and in the rare case, question what is going on with a particular voter who is being denied the ability to vote.
  2. Agreed.
  3. Poll workers should not be answering questions or engaging in conversation re candidates.
  4. Same comment as 3.
  5. yep. Don't give the poll workers crap about it, either.
  6. Right.
  7. Ask the poll workers, not the poll watchers.
  8. Right.
  9. This needs to be said?
  10. Do not block the entrance to the polling place!
  11. Patience is a virtue.
  12. This needs to be said? Wear what you want when going to vote but try not to be a jerk about it.