Submitted by TyeDyeAmish t3_ypdjip in Pennsylvania

Remember to get out there today and vote like your life & liberties depends on it cause they do! If you see someone harassing or disenfranchising voters in any way make sure to call the board of elections and let them know of the voter intimidation. If you are told you’re not in the books & can’t vote but you know you’re eligible to vote request a provisional ballot & let the board sort it out. That’s your right.



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jaythebearded t1_ivj6wex wrote

Definitely voting to keep the House and Senate blue and to keep that fuckin lunatic Mastriano away from governor


breadonbread3000 t1_ivja4b5 wrote

Send him back to Istanbul


Mijbr090490 t1_ivjark3 wrote

I hate Oz as much as the next guy but that's pretty xenophobic.


zerotheliger t1_ivke909 wrote

oz should be running in his home state tho. its so wierd he claims to be from here and knows nothing about us or our lives. i mean everytime he went on tv to make a speech i couldnt figure out how people supported him. hes not Pennsylvanian and he doesnt seem to care to learn about us either yet wants to represent us.
why i think the only thing he cares about is just having the power. i mean he yes mans to trump all the time. whos really gonna be running our state.


ohmymother t1_ivm1wev wrote

All his ads attacking Fetterman for having family that wanted to help him financially while he devoted himself to public service jobs that didn’t pay even minimum wage, but his entire run is based on the pretense that he’s couch surfing at his in-laws. Honestly couch surfing Dr.Oz was a missed opportunity. If he’s going to fake his residency might as well take him at his word and brand him as the basement dweller he claims to be.


AnotherDaveFella t1_ivjd60v wrote

And there it is.


breadonbread3000 t1_ivjdaxx wrote

I just think that Doug would be happier in a place like Istanbul.


breadonbread3000 t1_ivjdr2m wrote

he can eat a Donner kebab and call for gay people to be put in jail for being gay.


TacoNomad t1_ivk6vwg wrote

I mean, what do you have against Döner Kebabs?

Do I have to change political parties now?


BeerExchange t1_ivjktw0 wrote

Did you know Pennsylvania's state legislature has been under republican control for 30+ years in a row? They sure do complain a lot about what's happening in the commonwealth when they are the ones who are responsible for it.


PoodlePopXX t1_ivjs47v wrote

I did not know that.


I’ll be voting today!


timewellwasted5 t1_ivjuo7d wrote

Last I checked we've had mostly Democratic governors during that same time frame, including 16 of the last 20 years, and they have not had enough votes to override the governor, so the parties have had to manage the state together and find common ground.

Or, you know, go with whatever version of history you'd like to make up I guess?


Diarygirl t1_ivjwb5y wrote

Have you ever been to Pennsylvania?


timewellwasted5 t1_ivjx9sd wrote

Yes, I've lived here for 35 years.


Diarygirl t1_ivjz43p wrote

That's weird because you don't seem to understand how the PA legislature works or that most of the Republicans' priority has been litigating the 2020 election.


timewellwasted5 t1_ivk1gh8 wrote

>how the PA legislature works

Anything, whether a law or spending, needs to pass through both houses on the PA legislature (PA House and PA Senate) and then be signed by the governor. The legislature can only override the governor if they have a veto proof majority, which neither party currently has. Thus, the Republican controlled legislature and the Democratic governor currently need to both sign off on any budgetary expenditures, tax modifications, or laws of any type. Anything I missed?


TacoNomad t1_ivk752o wrote

Can you give some examples of laws that have passed the legislature and been denied by the governor?


timewellwasted5 t1_ivk8b30 wrote

Certainly, here are bills that he vetoed by year:

2022 - 10 bills

2021 - 5 bills

2020 - 19 bills

2019 - 4 bills

2018 - 5 bills

2017 - 3 bills

2016 - 8 bills

2015 - 10 bills if you include the line item veto, 9 if you don't

Total: 64 (65 if you count the line item veto)

That covers all his years in office and was easy to find with a quick Google search. Happy to help :)



TacoNomad t1_ivk9xw5 wrote

Thanks. That's helpful. I'm reviewing the vetoed bills, I should have asked more directly, which vetoed bills you find important that he vetoed.

Looking at some of these, well, some are really odd, unnecessary or clearly in bad faith, so I'm thankful we have a sane governor looking out for us. I'm curious if there are any in particular that you you believe were vetoed in bad faith


timewellwasted5 t1_ivkb00h wrote

Not at all. I actually like Tom Wolf. I don't always agree with him, but I believe he's a good dude and his intentions are genuine.

What I DON'T like is when people blindly say Republicans have some stranglehold on power and the direction of the state which very clearly isn't there. Anything passed over the last eight years in PA required the signoff of the Republican legislature and the Democratic governor. Saying anything else, such as what was suggested in the original comment I replied to, is wholly false.


TacoNomad t1_ivkbnv3 wrote

I agree with that. But one factor is, if there is a republican majority, lots of democrat led policy won't even make it to the governor. Who controls the legislature is definitely a factor in what laws are proposed. I like, at least, that Pennsylvania is a purple state and that there is potential for all voices to be heard. But having the majority control still does have impacts.


timewellwasted5 t1_ivkc4ia wrote

>if there is a republican majority, lots of democrat led policy won't even make it to the governor.

And if there is a Democratic governor, most Republican policy won't make it in to law. It's literally the system of checks and balances working exactly as intended. The odds of a 50/50 Democrat/Republican legislature split are astronomically low. Ergo, Republicans are not 'running the state' as originally suggested. Our system of checks and balances is in place and is working.


NotNowDamo t1_ivln0jd wrote

And that's why you think we had 16 governors in 20 years?

Also, Wolf, Corbett, Rendell, Schwieker (not elected), Ridge.

It's been alternating between republican and democrat.


timewellwasted5 t1_ivlpptb wrote

Hey, I’m not trying to insult you, but I said 16 of the last 20 years. A year is 365 days. So what I said was, for the most recent 20 year period (2002-2022), during 16 of those years, a democrat was the governor. Your reading comprehension skills failed you miserably here.

Also, Tom Ridge was the governor 21 years ago, not 20. Like man I cannot stress how much you swung and missed on reading what a '20 year period' was here...


NotNowDamo t1_ivlv0iz wrote

Lol, you clearly did not say 16 years.

And yeah, I know how long ago Ridge was governor.

You not being able to tell two different points being made (even with a return in there to show a new paragraph) AND you not realizing that you were not clear in your original comment says more about your communicating skills than mine.

I am not trying to insult you, but you are not very good at this.


timewellwasted5 t1_ivm0dyj wrote

>including 16 of the last 20 years

^ That's the direct, unedited quote straight from my Reddit post above. You can see that it wasn't edited. Don't hurt yourself putting your foot in your mouth dude, but try to learn some humility along the way...


NotNowDamo t1_ivm9gc4 wrote

I have no proof that you did or did not edit the post. But I will grant you that I may have misread it and now misremember it.

Everything else I said still stands, and the fact that 16 of the last 20 years being a Democrat governor has no meaning because Pennsylvania has traditionally gone every other governor to the other party.


Reynard1981 t1_ivkalc9 wrote

Not to mention, 2 out of 8 state officials are democrat. Our state is fucked up because of democrats.


Dunnananaaa t1_ivjhycm wrote

200+ in the first hour out in nowhere Westmoreland County. Still only took about 30 minutes.


torcsandantlers t1_ivjlmqz wrote

I can't believe that I expect this to be a big enough problem that I need to share this, but here we are.

If you see or experience any voter intimidation contact the PA Department of State immediately. They can be reached at 1-877-VOTESPA (1-877-868-3772). If you're not sure what you're experiencing is voter intimidation, call them anyway and talk it over with them. If you feel like you're in immediate danger, call 911 first, then also call the voter intimidation hotline - even if the police say they'll handle it.


pinkpolo t1_ivjjf07 wrote

I was #12. There was a good amount of people there at 7am. About 15 minutes in and out. They had new electronic systems to sign-anyone else have that? Not sure if that slowed down or sped up the line.


thefixxxer9985 t1_ivjmr1z wrote

Yeah, and I don't know how to feel about it. I'm concerned some "Q sent me" ass hat insisting my signature with a stylus "clearly" doesn't match my wet signature. But they definitely speed up the line.


porscheblack t1_ivk2g6i wrote

We had those too. The biggest thing that improved is we no longer have separate lines based on what letter your name begins with, which I think is a big plus. I've been stuck behind someone once that took about 5 minutes to find their name and sign the book while I watched about 10 people make it through the other line, so I'm down with the tablets.


Pendraflare59 t1_ivjy7on wrote

Can't wait for these stupid ads to be done with! Woohoo!!! (Oh yeah and I voted btw)


drunkmonkey176 t1_ivjpm74 wrote

As a veteran, I deserve to know why we sent over 7,000 of our soldiers, including my family, to their deaths fighting the war on terror so that someone like Mastriano can run for governor instead of being waterboarded at Guantanamo?


timewellwasted5 t1_ivjuys1 wrote

You can ask Joe Biden that. Correct me if I'm wrong, but Senator Biden voted in favor of all actions in the 'War on Terror', including authorizing the invasion of Iraq. Does he get a pass on this vote?


sloopslarp t1_ivjy7df wrote

Literally every Republican voted in favor of that war, so this is a moot comparison.


timewellwasted5 t1_ivjycvm wrote

So why is the guy above complaining about just Republicans if Democrats voted in favor of it as well? Kind of doesn't make sense, unless the agenda is Republicans bad Democrats good no matter what


TacoNomad t1_ivk8gmh wrote

He's not complaining about the war. He's complaining that the US voted in favor of ending terrorism in a foreign land and today there are people who are going to vote in favor of a terrorist, right here in the US, in the state of Pennsylvania.

He is asking how people can reconcile fighting terrorism elsewhere but support terrorism here in the US.

Let's not pick words and apply different meanings to what he said.


Diarygirl t1_ivjw6qt wrote

Oh you're voting for traitor Doug?


timewellwasted5 t1_ivjxnty wrote

Nope, didn't say that at all. I'm just asking if we only hold people accountable for poor decisions when it's politically convenient? You have to admit, it's fascinating to forget that Biden voted to authorize the war in Iraq.

Here: Twice in the last five weeks, Joe Biden has claimed that despite voting to authorize military force against Iraq in 2002, he opposed the Iraq war from “the moment” it began. That’s not accurate, and Biden now says he misspoke.



Diarygirl t1_ivjyx6y wrote

"Don't pay attention to the traitor. What's really important is how Biden voted 20 years ago."


TacoNomad t1_ivk83po wrote

But what does this have to do with today's election in Pennsylvania? Joe Biden was not on my ballot? Why are we distracting from the candidates on Pennsylvania's ballots by talking about issues that are not currently relevant in this very moment? We can't unelect Biden today.

Let's keep the focus on the issues ghat we have control over. We can discuss your support or opposition for president in the 2024 election.

Mastriano is on the ballot today. And Mastriano is a major threat to democracy. And as a veteran, watching people support tyrannical leadership is scary as fuck. Because I have seen first hand the implications.

Let's not blame Biden for Mastrianos actions and goals.


constantnoodling t1_ivjwrct wrote

I was the 6th person in line at my polling place at 7am.

The volunteers and poll workers at my location were very helpful, courteous, and prompt. Lots of respect to our poll workers.


chucklenuts_mcgee t1_ivk5p0d wrote

My son turned 18 last week and voted today! We were in and out.


BrainWav t1_ivjkqac wrote

Voted around 7:30, got right in with no line.


JoeyO_ t1_ivju3oa wrote

143 in Wyomissing no line ☹️


susinpgh t1_ivjfk2o wrote

I got to my polling place just a little after 7AM, and there were already people inside voting. Must have been about 20 or so.


PoodlePopXX t1_ivk7d1e wrote

Just voted in Monroe County - ESU campus polling place. No line. No unofficial watchers. Very fast and in and out in less than ten minutes.

Edited to add: if anyone in Monroe county needs a ride to the polls let me know. I won’t ask questions about how you vote, just care that y’all get out and vote. This goes for up until the polls close. Comment here or send me a DM.


delusions- t1_ivjltwt wrote

one hundred twenty something in a region of bellefonte


lank81 t1_ivjuv5h wrote

Uniontown, PA - Fayette County - I was #41 at 7:35am and my wife was #42. No line, lots of availability, only paper ballots.


cruelhumor t1_ivjxtdk wrote

Took me less than 5 minutes. Quickest, easiest vote I've cast.


NeilPoonHandler t1_ivkko8s wrote

Any reports from York County on how turnout is there so far? I voted by mail (I’m in Springettsbury Township) 2 weeks ago, so I was curious.


pbcookies321 t1_ivkqiqo wrote

Voted in York County about an hour ago. It was dead. We were in and out in 10 minutes.


lemmelurkhoe t1_ivjvtvv wrote

I did a change of address request months ago and never got anything in the mail. Today kind of snuck up on me.

When I went to check if I was registered at my new address, I was not - but I checked my old address and it says I am registered there. Both addresses are in PA - can I vote at that polling place?


mayor676 t1_ivjz8d5 wrote

If you are not on the books at the polling place of your new district, you can vote by provisional ballot and they will have you provide proof of new residence, after which your vote can be counted. (They'll give you a slip with a number to call in 7-10 days to check your ballot's status)

I myself just had to vote provisionally for a similar reason. Don't let a clerical error deprive you of your right.

Sidenote: to answer your question: yes. If you are still registered to your previous adress, your name will still be on the books for that district and you will be able to vote there. Technically, the provisional route is the correct way, since you would be voting for local representatives of your previous adress, but in reality you would have no issue if you were to go there.


Spirit_Falcon t1_ivk079j wrote

Yes, if you are still on the roll there, you can vote there if it's close enough for you to get there.


hiroshimasfoot t1_ivk6q0p wrote

I really am so upset that I got bedridden sick.


Accomplished-Tune224 t1_ivlpbvo wrote

Hope you get well soon. That’s why I vote by mail. I missed voting in the 2016 election because I got sick on my way to vote.


Libsoccer20 t1_ivk7wp1 wrote

Voted. Pretty quick in my area. Everyone was in the other line for last names.


primalpalate t1_ivkpon8 wrote

Lackawanna resident here. Just voted and got TWO stickers… does that mean I voted twice and committed fraud??


Padugan t1_ivlc1w3 wrote

Twice today already!


Sovereign2142 t1_ivjgc6z wrote

Going to make this the megathread for today.


LazyWriter2002 t1_ivk3pv0 wrote

Any disenfranchising going on in Franklin county? If it happens it'd be here lol. Kinda scared as a first time voter...


PoodlePopXX t1_ivk89xy wrote

I’m not in Franklin county but here in Monroe county they had a constable just chilling saying hi to everyone. No one being weird.


TacoNomad t1_ivk8m22 wrote

You'll be fine. Please go vote. It is quite rare.


LazyWriter2002 t1_ivk8yuk wrote

Just finished! Some old lady was telling people she hoped they voted for Mastriano. Not exactly intimidating.


TacoNomad t1_ivkb280 wrote

Glad you made it out to have your voice heard!


Nolashyper13 t1_ivk8z2k wrote

im registered to vote but with my old address. can i vote?


Spirit_Falcon t1_ivkghbu wrote

You can vote at your old polling place or request a provisional ballot at your current polling place I believe.


H4l3x t1_ivks4ar wrote

voted in Northampton County! 9am, no line. as a state employee you are allowed 2hours of administrative leave to go and vote!


ScienceWasLove t1_ivj6ra5 wrote

Let’s flip the house and senate RED!!!


Buffmin t1_ivj7lrw wrote

No thanks I'm good I don't like fascism


DoctorSteve t1_ivj9lim wrote

Imaging thinking you're a patriot by choosing to vote for a foreign agent to be in our Senate.


Mijbr090490 t1_ivjap2x wrote

There would be no benefit in doing so. Republicans don't have a plan aside from turning the country into a theocracy. No plan for inflation. No plan for healthcare. No plan for jack shit. Just constant culture wars.


nardlz t1_ivj6yh8 wrote

How do you flip it red when it’s already red


Reynard1981 t1_ivkb3pu wrote

8 out of 14 state officials are democrat. It’s definitely not red right now.


mayor676 t1_ivjx3ub wrote

I wouldn't trust these people to flip an egg.


ScienceWasLove t1_ivkn2i9 wrote

The Congress of the USA is what I was referring to… which, as we know is blue.


ghweiss t1_ivjsb36 wrote

not interested in my daughter’s future as a handmaid


dream_bean_94 t1_ivjsjmq wrote

Honestly, they’re just exhausting. I’m tired of the constant culture wars.


SucksToYourAssmar3 t1_ivkbquq wrote

For what purpose?

If you're poor, you'll get poorer.

If you're not, you'll lose your choices. That would be "freedom," the thing you claim to love so much.

The ONLY reasons to vote red are that you are 1 scared of change 2 scared of other people. And you're going to have to confront those things no matter what as time marches on.


Reynard1981 t1_ivkazr1 wrote

100%! This state and the country is screwed up because of the liberal left democrats. I was much better off from 2016-2020 until the ballot dumps after midnight Election Day.