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Jazzy41 t1_ivlbbwr wrote

Let’s ensure that the money is wasted. Vote for Fetterman!!


vasquca1 t1_ivlh8yp wrote

Yep. Pa is number 2 producer of Natty gas.


wagsman t1_ivlplvf wrote

in the US which is the number 1 producer in the world, but tell me again Oz that we need to drill for more for "energy independence" while energy companies rake in record breaking single quarter profits that they used to clear in 4-6 quarters.


Revelati123 t1_ivmnzr9 wrote

Wait though, if we drill enough oil for energy independence then how is Jared gonna suck off MBS so they tank production in time to sink Ds or jack it up in time to prop up Rs by fucking around with the gas prices?


wagsman t1_ivn5awi wrote

The more we produce the more OPEC cuts back. Then when Rs are in control OPEC will release more supply and the republicans will release more weapons under the table.


nesquiksand2 t1_ivkyyhz wrote

That's all?


HahaWeee t1_ivkzyz0 wrote

They couldn't use too much of their record profits!


Unparty t1_ivlc5vw wrote

As a conservative, I am also shocked lol


KW4 t1_ivl7jxt wrote

Yeah, no kidding. Do you think it would have made any sense to give it to Fetterman who is squarely against their industry? Why is this even a surprise, much less newsworthy?


PM_ME_MURPHY_HATE t1_ivlkrg0 wrote

But during the debate he said he supports fracking!

At least I think he did. Though I'm not sure he knows he did.


Cogatanu7CC95 t1_ivm5sc1 wrote

Do you know how oil is extracted? Because its not by fracking


COButterbean t1_ivmrfku wrote

The seven steps of oil and natural gas extraction

STEP 1: Preparing the Rig Site. ...

STEP 2: Drilling. ...

STEP 3: Cementing and Testing. ...

STEP 4: Well Completion. ...

STEP 5: Fracking. ...

STEP 6: Production and Fracking Fluid Recycling. ...

STEP 7: Well Abandonment and Land Restoration


3yearstraveling t1_ivmy7z3 wrote

Currently sitting on location fracking a well. Please enlighten everyone how oil is extracted.


WellThisIsFun26 t1_ivmy6h3 wrote

Besides record profits, natural gas provides a lot of jobs in PA.


rnavstar t1_ivp9p0b wrote

One bonus is that NG is the cleanest fossil fuel. Mean less impact on the environment.


WellThisIsFun26 t1_ivpiezg wrote

Agreed. If the the industry is given time to innovate it will become the cleanest and most efficient source of domestic energy.


AbigailLilac t1_ivplehr wrote

Glad to see they wasted their money.


Sprinkles_Hopeful t1_iw8wk0u wrote

Hmm. How did it work out for The Wizard of Oz LOL not so good


Woodyee101 t1_ivltrhy wrote

We need to spend for money to get inflation going. Vote fetterman


ScrapLife t1_ivmgmn5 wrote

The best part is; if you are a democrat you can vote for Fetterman. More than once. And you can easily justify it.