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Open_Veins_8 OP t1_ixeqkzk wrote

Next year, in addition to lower court vacancies, Pennsylvanians will decide who fills several appellate court judicial vacancies: two on our Superior Court, one on our Commonwealth Court, and one on our state Supreme Court. Each of these contests are significant.


PatientNice t1_ixf4zeo wrote

Absolutely. The Rs count on low turnout by Dems. We can’t let them have that. Good post.


iiiiijoeyiiiii t1_ixfrgro wrote

Is this the Pennsylvania Democrats subreddit?


PatientNice t1_ixh1aut wrote

No. But until the Republican Party returns to decency, I guess so.


ChrisBegeman t1_ixfybsf wrote

It is a general PA subreddit, it just leans to the left a lot.


BusterScrugs t1_ixg3t3z wrote

It's literally been two weeks since midterms and they're already astroturfing for the next elections.


HahaWeee t1_ixh5qnd wrote

Is it astroturfing if people are going "hey guys important elections are coming up!"

I get gop wants low turn out and all that but cmon...


BusterScrugs t1_ixhd5tq wrote

Why don't you guys all go jerk each other off about how evil the GOP is on a politics sub? Some people get tired of seeing it on state subs.

OP literally crossposted the same exact thing on Votedem and it has 10% of the engagement.

Go populate the page for shit actually related to what you're doing ffs


HahaWeee t1_ixheecl wrote

It's related to the state and important info to keep people informed and voting. The literal.only reason to be upset about it is if you find it advantageous for as few people to vote as possible. Such as if you support a miniorty party who can't win on ideas.

If you are annoyed by political stuff just ignore the threads and look at the threads you care about it's really not that difficult


Thecrawsome t1_ixh7x22 wrote

Define astroturfing you gaslighting dumbnugget


BusterScrugs t1_ixhc8r3 wrote

Manufactured grassroots movements you whistling waterbrain.


Thecrawsome t1_ixhci2s wrote

It's a bit more complicated than that you absolute ball of genius.


BusterScrugs t1_ixhdjcc wrote

You're right, it's highly complex hitting Ctrl+C Ctrl+V like that. Takes real skill, effort, and genuine care.


Thecrawsome t1_ixhfw89 wrote

"Three users organically showing interest in a Reddit thread is totally astroturfing dude" (Huffs paint)


zorionek0 t1_ixf9gwe wrote

And you can bet Abortion will be on the ballot too. It’s a damn shame that we have to beat back the GOP’s attack on rights every freaking year.


IrrumaboMalum t1_ixfxy8q wrote

I'd be much happier if the Democrats weren't also going after rights every freaking year.

It's so hard for someone who cares about civil rights to support either party in this state.


ell0bo t1_ixg9nqq wrote

Lol. What rights did dems go after?


25Bam_vixx t1_ixhfcng wrote

His right to be like Orange dump- “tElliNg like iT Is” without actual facts backing them up except their own internal knowledge lol


IrrumaboMalum t1_ixgaqve wrote

Hate speech laws with such a broad and vague interpretation that almost anything could end up classified as hate speech to violate the 1st Amendment, gun control laws that violate the 2nd Amendment, Article 1, Section 8, Clause 3 of the United States Constitution and Article 1, Section 21 of the Pennsylvania Constitution and red flag laws that are clear violations of the 4th, 5th and 6th Amendments.

If a person cares at all for civil rights in general, they cannot support either party in good conscience as each party is seeking to violate civil rights in some capacity.


zorionek0 t1_ixheu8j wrote

You know how I avoid worrying about my right to hate speech? By not being a hateful bigot.


ell0bo t1_ixhghgl wrote

Um, what hate speech laws? Surely you're not conflating a private company with the government? So... that strawman is an interesting setup for thr second half.

So, don't agree with you at all about gun laws violating the check list of of rights you've laid out, but let's say you're right. How do you handle gun violence? People just need to die so you can feel free?


IamSauerKraut t1_ixhinjx wrote

Don't worry about the 1st Amendment. The ACLU and/or F.I.R.E. will file suit on any legislation they find problematic.

Red flag laws do not impinge on the rights of law abiding Americans.


SpectacledReprobate t1_ixgaoin wrote

It’s not hard at all.

You walk into the voting booth, you fill in all the little bubbles with names with (Democratic Party) next to them.

Then you cast your ballot and walk out.

And then, you don’t try and bullshit people about Democrats being the same as people that are open about wanting to murder their way out of every problem this country has.

I don’t like Dems stance on guns either but it’s got nothing on the genocidal rage that Rs have had for decades.


IrrumaboMalum t1_ixgbc3j wrote

Why would I vote for any politician seeking to systematically undermine our civil rights?

Give me one good reason to support Democrats without pointing to the Republicans and saying "they're worse."


IamSauerKraut t1_ixhiutg wrote

>Why would I vote for any politician seeking to systematically undermine our civil rights?

Since you clearly vote republican, you already know the answer.


SpectacledReprobate t1_ixir57s wrote

> Why would I vote for any politician seeking to systematically undermine our civil rights?

Trying to sell the Dems’ stance on guns as “undermining civil rights” is gonna gut the “pro-gun” movement from bow to stern.

It’s exactly the kind of obnoxious, level 10000 dumbfuckery that all of us-even lifelong gun enthusiasts-have fucking had it with. Grow up.

> Give me one good reason to support Democrats without pointing to the Republicans and saying “they’re worse.”

You do realize that this question is you admitting to everything I just said, right?

Straight-up admitting you can’t defend R bullshit, but trying to cover it in the form of a “question”.

You’re better at making my points than I am, god damn.


_Abobo t1_ixmr1x3 wrote

The dems stance on guns is asinine and founded on emotions to appeal instead of any data. The democrats invented a scary term and completely fabricated talking points around “weapons of war”. They actively conflate stats and anecdotes to suggest as narrative that isn’t there. Top democrats actively lie and misrepresent objective facts about guns. As a life long gun owner, this should be pretty basic deduction. HR 1808 is the reason I went independent from D for the first time in my life. If The dems drop this virtue signaling facade, they’d clean up nationally and especially in PA.


IrrumaboMalum t1_ixyvioy wrote

Well for starters I'm not a Republican and I'm certainly not defending their bullshit. In fact I criticized both parties just in this thread.

I know the idea that someone can oppose both Democrats and Republicans is a foreign concept to you.


BenDanBreak t1_ixfe2f3 wrote

When do these elections take place next year? Couldn’t seem to find dates in the article


_token_black t1_ixfjv39 wrote

Same time as any other election. Spring primary and November general. Will be on the same ballot as mayoral race, plus maybe a ballot measure and a special election if somebody resigns.


raresanevoice t1_ixg50n2 wrote

Just moved here end of last year. Do I have to sign up for mail ballot every year/ every election? I believe I ticked the sign up to receive a ballot every year but don't know how to check that


SnooRevelations9889 t1_ixhhvka wrote

To add to other answers:

The date of the primary is not officially set yet.

When it is, you'll find it here:

and here:,_2023

PA Judicial primaries are especially important, as candidates can “cross file.” You don't need to be a member of a party to appear on that party's ballot.

Especially in a crowded field, cross-filed candidates “sneak through” and win the other party's primary.

Even before the primary, you can help judicial candidates by signing candidate petitions to get them on the primary ballot. By stepping forward to do this, that's one less signature those candidates need to “chase.”

There are often local “signing parties” you can attend early in the year, and if there aren't, your county party will have petitions at their office (which is typically in your county seat) or a local volunteer may be willing to come by your home.

To get in touch with your local party, Google <your county name> <your party name> , e.g., Centre County Democrats


IamSauerKraut t1_ixhifrp wrote

Major parties select their candidates in the May primary. General is on the Tuesday in November.

Important to remember that this is also a school board election year. The R's will redouble their efforts to take full control of local public education with their CRT/indoctrination/anti-kid bullshit.


IamSauerKraut t1_ixhj2rz wrote

Superior Court Judge Daniel McCaffrey has thrown his hat into the ring for the SCOPA seat held by the recently deceased Max Baer.