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Pretty sure Trump appointing 3 judges to get Roe overturned had a major effect for lots of people.


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No, but answering your dismissive statement that both political parties are the same and that voting doesn’t make a difference gives me a smug satisfaction.


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>Like liberals don’t throw 1000x more tantrums lmao

You clearly care about one "side" more than the other.

>I just think it’s hilarious you people think and believe everything you’re told

Do you not believe that Republicans are refusing to certify elections? Do you not believe that the Oath Keepers have pled guilty and been convicted of seditious conspiracy?

>Like it’s amazing how brainwashed everyone has become to think these elections even make a difference or have any real effect on anything.

Tell that to the hungry children who were lifted out of poverty because Democrats gave their parents monthly child tax credits over Republican objections.

Tell that to the senior citizens who will save hundreds of dollars a month next year because Democrats capped their insulin costs at $35 per month over Republican objections.

Tell that to the millions of people who have health care because Democrats expanded Medicare and forbid being denied insurance to preexisting conditions over Republican objections.

Tell that to the women who get sepsis because Republicans forbid their doctors from performing a D&C.

Elections have consequences.