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msginbtween t1_ixrmp6z wrote

I saw cars lined up to pay cash on my way back from New Jersey on 276 at the “start” of the PA turnpike just yesterday.


Middle_Aged_Mayhem t1_ixrn0fv wrote

Must have been the Jersey side because Pa is all cashless.


msginbtween t1_ixrnd5q wrote

Nope. Was on the PA side. Just after you get over the Delaware bridge heading westbound.


Middle_Aged_Mayhem t1_ixrnpkt wrote

I just went through that toll on Saturday. No people in the booths. No toll collection at all.


msginbtween t1_ixro3jd wrote

I don’t know what to tell ya. This was just yesterday. There was two lanes of 20 or so cars lined up to pay the toll. I was in the ez-pass lane that goes fast and around and saw all these cars lined up paying cash.


rcos152 t1_ixrrjnx wrote

I went through there too, they sometimes use that pull off for weight checks on trucks but they definitely no longer take cash at those booths. No one was in line when I passed through yesterday morning.


CodeGreige t1_ixru0p0 wrote

If you are talking about a bridge, that’s different.