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Sovereign2142 t1_ivom9af wrote

Actually, while the Eastern counties did their job and held strong, it's the rural red counties that really helped the Democrats win. Check out the New York Times' shift map. Pennsyltuckians really came out for Fetterman and Shapiro in greater numbers than Biden could pull in 2020.


enz1ey t1_ivooiz0 wrote

Yeah I have had a few close friends/family who are typically straight-ticket Republicans tell me they're voting Fetterman/Shapiro.


cutiecat565 t1_ivoqore wrote

I can't access that map. When I look at CNN, the rural red counties are still red.


timewellwasted5 t1_ivorbuq wrote

It's not about them being red, it's about the margins. CNN was reviewing the red PA counties around Pittsburgh late last night. For example, there was a red county where Biden got something like 40% of the vote. Fetterman got 46% in the same county, meaning he still 'lost' the county but had better margins. That's what they mean about the red counties propelling him to victory.

So if let's say Biden lost a sample county of 1,000 people with 40% of the vote, he got 400 votes. From that same pool of voters, Fetterman pulled 46% of the vote and thus got 460 votes. It was little stuff like that all over the state in red districts that really put Fetterman over the top.


cutiecat565 t1_ivot7j0 wrote

Kind seems like a stretch to say they came out in droves. Oh look, 6% of the county was less awful that two years. The margins are still incredibly embarrassing in most of the red counties. I see tons of 60%+ for Mastriano and OZ.


timewellwasted5 t1_ivots39 wrote

Can you show me where I said they came out in droves? You said it seems like a stretch to say that, but I don’t see where I said that.


cutiecat565 t1_ivouq24 wrote

Your supporting the above post that is making it sound like Moses himself came down yesterday to open the Susquehanna and allow the democrats to vote in large numbers in the rural counties


timewellwasted5 t1_ivovloo wrote

>is making it sound like Moses himself came down

I showed where a 6% increase occurred. Your statement is ridiculously dramatic...


cutiecat565 t1_ivoxncg wrote

But at the end of the day, 6% isn't great. Pittsburgh and the eastern counties are still holding the whole state up.


timewellwasted5 t1_ivoy1il wrote

>6% isn't great

I also didn't say it was great. I was explaining how Fetterman outperformed Biden in these counties. You seriously created a whole conversation in your head and are arguing with me about it.

- I never said 'droves'

- I never said 'great'


cutiecat565 t1_ivoybje wrote

Ok. Have a lovely day. Hope the stick up your butt doesn't hurt too much.


timewellwasted5 t1_ivp00n3 wrote

You as well. Best of luck on improving your reading comprehension skills.


cutiecat565 t1_ivp0rm2 wrote

Thank you! I just got a 97% of MBA capstone project for excellence in analyzing the case study. Can't wait to get 100% the next time I get a masters degree!


timewellwasted5 t1_ivp2kuv wrote

A good score on an MBA capstone project is very impressive from someone who couldn't comprehend my two paragraph Reddit post. Good for you man.


_token_black t1_ivoupzn wrote

Allegheny County was a 7 point swing in a county with 550k votes. Westmoreland was a 9 point swing in a county with about 175k.

All those rural counties are dark red but Oz didn’t put up many 40 point swings like Trump could. It all adds up.


_token_black t1_ivou7zw wrote

I keep saying all those 7-10 point swings for Fetterman added up. Same thing he did in the primary.